Electronics Hell with: Get me a fresh one!



From  u/TheFascination Tales From Retail:

I work in electronics. Older people can understandably be confused by technology, so I normally go out of my way to be accommodating to the elderly, but this lady was something else.

Old Lady: I’d like to buy these wireless security cameras. My friend got them for $100 off last week, so I want it for the same price.

Me: The sale is over, so unfortunately we can’t give you that price. All I can offer you is a price match if a competitor has a better price.

OL: You’re the only store that sells these! [Not true, but why argue?] I’m old and people get robbed in my neighborhood! You need to be nicer to old people like me. I don’t have this kind of money!

Predictably, she asks to speak to my manager, who tells her exactly what I said. She concedes grumpily.

OL: I don’t want the ones that were sitting on the shelf. Go get me a fresh box from the back.

Me: But they’re the same thing....

OL: Please, just to make me happy!

I go to get another box.

OL: [snatching the new box] How long has this been sitting back there? Where’s the expiration date?

At this point I realize she thinks electronics are like perishable food and will go bad on the shelf. I crank up my salesperson persuasiveness to Full Throttle and, after a long conversation, manage to get her to the register to check out. (She makes me push her cart of course.) I’m about to wish her a good day and escape when suddenly...

OL: How do I power these cameras?

Me: The batteries are rechargeable, and they last several months on a charge.

OL; Wait, you mean I have to recharge them? I’m 82 years old, I can’t get on a ladder to take them down!

Me: Well we have cameras that can be plugged in instead.

OL: So then the burglars will just unplug them, and then what good will they be? That’s why I want wireless!

Me: How would you prefer them to be powered?

OL: I don’t know!

So not only does she think her cameras will rot on the shelf like last month’s mangoes, she also would like them to draw power directly from the cosmos.

She bought them anyway.






Monstrous Customers: You're a minor I'm your senior, now count my change scum



From u/TheRealPlatypus Tales From Retail:

This just happened at the small retail store I work at. OL represent old lady and M represents myself TL;DR at bottom

FTP,LTL blah blah blah

M: Hi Welcome to the store! How are you today?

OL: (no response)

M: how many gallons of water do you have?

OL: Oh, i have 4

M: No you have two 3 gallon bottles

OL: Oh no they already had about a gallon in them (spoiler alert, they didn't)

M: *rings her up for 6 gallons* your total will be 2.94

OL: Ok here you go *drops all her change on the counter*

I count up the change and she is like 2 dollars short so she says I'll be right back

*OL walks in like 10 minutes later*

OL: here you go

M: can you count this for me please?


M: I'm sorry ma'am but I need you to count it for me

OL: *starts counting* Young man you are very rude (I have been calm this whole time)

M: I'm sorry you think that ma'am

OL: You know, you're a bully, whats your name im gonna report you to the police.

M: I don't know, can you tell me?

OL: Oh you know what, I'm gonna YELP you, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?

M: I do, but since you are being rude to me I'm going to have to ask you to leave my store

OL: are you the owner?

M: No


M: *I count it really quickly* sorry ma'am you're 14 cents short.

Now normally I would spot the customer 14 cents but since this old lady was trying to pull a fast one on me and being a bitch I wasn't having it


M: sorry ma'am I can't do that


and then she proceeds to walk out and slam the door. I totally forgot about security so called my boss and he was like CALL SECURITY so I did but they couldn't find her.

Keep in mind I am a 15 year old male working alone in a retail store and this 70+ year old lady was verbally assaulting me and calling me immature, bully, etc. I don't remember all the interaction but it was very foul mouthed from her end while I tried to remain calm the whole time. I had a good laugh about it with some of my regular customers shortly after she left.

TL;DR Old lady tries to pull a fast one, I'm not having it, she threatens me, yells at me etc. and after she gives me her change she is 14 cents short and tells me to shove it up my ass.






Monstrous Customers: Getting violent over soda prices



From u/Sunbrojade  Tales From Retail:

I work at a gas station/car wash, had the weirdest encounter with what seemed to be a nice old man.

He drives up in one of those charity trucks, with all the stickers promoting the cause, this one happened to be promoting better treatment for vets. Which would make me think he is a decent human being, I was apparently very wrong.

It was a fairly busy day, this (thankfully) happened during a period with no customers in the store.

First he parks horizontally, right in front of the doors blocking my view of the pumps and taking up as much room of the parking area as possible. (not sure if anyone else hates when people do this)

He walks in and we exchange pleasantries, asking how his day is going ect. Normal friendly customer service stuff. He looks to be in his mid 70's. Covered head to toe in the Veteran charity stuff.

Then he walks over to the fountain soda area, our prices are posted in the corner on a TV screen. He comes up to the counter with his 32 oz soda.

Me = Me

Angry old vet = AOV

Me: "Good afternoon sir, will this be all for you today?"

AOV: "Yes, thank you."

At this point he has only one dollar out of his wallet waiting for me to tell him his total. Internally well this is going to end well.

Me: "Your total will be $1.80 today!"

He looks at the screen, stares at his wallet, shakes his head really dramatically while reaching into his wallet for another dollar. Then hands me the two dollars.

Me: "Thank you sir, that will be $0.20 back for you, have yourself a wonderful day!"

AOV: "I'm surprised your owner has not been beaten."

Me: "Uhh, I'm sorry?"

AOV: "If your owner tried that in [names large city an hour away] someone would have come in and beat him with a baseball bat, someone should really do that, the price is absurd!"

Me: (so shocked someone could get this angry over a soda price) "I am sorry you feel that way sir, but we keep prices pretty competitive with the other convenience stores."

AOV: "Well if paying that price for soda is what it takes to live in [clearly inferior town to the one with cheaper soda] then I wont consider living here any longer!"

Me: Internally,Oh thank goodness, please don't live in my town."Okay, sorry you feel that way. Have a good day!" /s

Thankfully haven't seen him since.

Tldr: Old man comes in expecting soda to be a dollar or less, it isnt, says owner should be violently beaten for charging that price.







Optometry Hell Memories: But I Don't Want Anti-Reflective Coating!


Carolanne2 119


From  u/ChrDav Tales From Retail:

We were having a promotion where whatever pair of frames and lenses you want will be $249.99 (as long as the price of the items together exceeds $249.99 of course). This was allowing quite large discounts, as most combined retail costs would be over $500 (everything was overpriced and we always had some sort of promotion, but that doesn't matter for this story).

One day a Lady walks in, I help her out and we sit down to finalize her costs, it goes something like this.

Me: Okay, so your total for today will be $249.99.

(I then show the customer the itemized things she will be receiving and the total cost of everything. It was well over $500)

Lady: I don't want the $30 anti-reflective coating, please remove that.

(I remove the coating from her order, which, for the sake of argument, brings her before promotion total down to $470 or so. Still well above our promotional price of $249.99)

Me: Okay, I took it off for you. Your total for today is $249.99

Lady: No.. I had the anti-reflective coating removed. So it should be $219.99

(I look at her, dumbfounded by the stupidity of the statement but remain calm)

Me: No ma'm, since the total costs of your items still exceeds our promotion price your total is still $249.99

Lady: But I don't want the anti-reflective coating! You're charging me $30 for something I don't want!

Me: Ma'm, this is the promotion price regardless of what add-ons you've selected or opted out of. Since your total still far exceeds the promotion, you're getting the best price I can offer you at $249.99.

She then goes on a rampage about how it was false advertisement and I was unfairly charging her for something she didn't want. She then threatened to make a complaint to the corporate office about this. Whatever, I thought.

The Next Day

I arrive at work with a fax waiting for me. The customer made the complaint and corporate gave her a $30 refund.






Retail Hell Memories: "That's odd, your coupon won't work..."



From u/iamhoppi Tales From Retail:

To put things into context, I used to work for a major retailer. Frequent coupons were a big part of the company's business model. On this occasion, they had handed out sealed coupons for various amounts between $10 and $100. I believe each store only got 1 $100 coupon, and most of the rest were for $10. These days were typically stressful as they seemed to attract some of our worst customers.

While I'm at the register, an older lady (OL) walked up to purchase a few fashion jewelry items so she could use the $10 coupon that had been handed to her. I went through the transaction in a normal fashion, scanned her items, and then picked up her coupon and scanned it as well. I looked back at my screen, and for some reason, the system said that this coupon didn't qualify. I went through the items to make sure none of them were restricted and double-checked to make sure her total before tax is above $10. Everything seemed okay so I tried scanning the coupon again and got the same error message. I decided to check the coupon to make sure it was legitimate and what not. That's when I realize that the coupon was actually for $100 off.

I informed OL as to why her coupon wouldn't work. She was shocked, and incredibly happy about it so I told her to go pick out some more items. She came back with a handful of items, and I added them to the transaction. To our surprise, several of the items rang up lower than what they were marked at so she headed back out again. After a few more trips with similar results, she finally got her total over $100, and I finished out her transaction.

As I rang up her items, OL started to tear up, and thanked me for all of my help with her. She then asked me to call for a manager so she could give me a good review. As we waited for my manager, she began to tell me why she was crying. It turned out that she had just come from probate court where she had been dealing with the estate of a loved one who had recently died. On top of that OL's grandson was undergoing open heart surgery. The only reason OL came to the mall was to keep herself distracted from how stressed she was about the surgery. Eventually, my manager showed up, OL took a picture with me, and hugged me to thank me for helping her and talking with her. She went on her way, and I went back to work, this time with a real smile on my face.






Monstrous Customers: WHAT'S HER NAME?!



From u/da_bae Tales From Retail:

At work today and an older lady comes in, right to the counters for a return. She asks my associate for the customer service number.

Associate asks me if I know what it is. I do and write it down for the customer.

Associate: “Anything wrong with the items you are returning today?”


points to me

Associate: “Her name is Bae....”

I hand the number to the customer and she scribbles my name next to the number and storms out of the store.

My associate and I are confused. I was instantly sweating and wondering what I possibly could have done wrong. Did I accidentally ignore her? I don’t even remember waiting on her!

We look up her order because we can see what time she signed for the items and which associate signed her out. And as it turns out, I WASN’T EVEN AT WORK AT THAT TIME. None of my coworkers that day look similar to me except maybe having brown hair?

How she was “treated” was she wasn’t allowed to cut people in line to check out. Why are some people so miserable?