Phone Store Hell with a crazy Lady: You won’t open 3 hours early?



From mjw5000, Tales From Retail:

I️ manage a cell phone store which is open 9-7 Monday through Saturday and 1-6 on Sundays. It’s also has a large grocery store right next door. I️ typically do my inventory counts on Sunday, way before the store opens. This allows me to not be interrupted and research variances etc. I️ also have large windows in the front of the store so you can see the entire store from the outside.

Sunday morning comes around and I️ get there at 9 to start counting. All is well no one pulling on my door which does happen but they soon realize we aren’t open. They normally will look at the hours, which is clearly visible on my door, and then walk off.

10:00 am rolls around and someone pulls on the door, it’s loud so I️ look up and watch them read the hours then step back. She waits about 5 seconds and pulls again, this time I️ walk to the door and say I’m sorry we don’t open till 1pm. Granted I️ didn’t unlock or open the door because you can easily hear through it.

Crazy lady: You are going to open this f***ing door right now I️ need to pay my bill.

Me: Mam we don’t open till 1pm it’s 11am you can come back when we open.

Crazy lady: If you don’t open the f***ing door I’m going to call corporate and file a complaint.

Me: You can do that if you want to but I’m still not going to let you in, I️ then gave her a thumbs up just for fun.

Crazy lady: Flipped me off and just F*** You and went off.

What makes it even worse is she works next door at the grocery store and was in full uniform. I️ likely could have told her manager and got her fired or written up. I️ figured she might be insane and come shoot me or something.




Movie Theater Hell: Yanking On The Door Won't Magically Make It Open


4 movie theatre hellFrom ChipotleBurritoBowls, TalesFromTheTheatre

I clean the theaters every morning before managers get to the theater to finish opening, and when I'm done cleaning I drink my morning coffee wherever I decide to hide.

Well today I was hiding in the candy room and I heard the door being pulled repeatedly, and then I heard knocking so I decided to peer out and check, just in case one of the managers forgot their key or something. Nope a customer.

I guess they saw me and started knocking on the door harder, but I can't answer it - there's no money in the drawers, no projectors are turned on & if I open the doors to tell them when we open it's always a confrontation. ("Why can't I just buy a ticket??" etc.)

I let it go and decided to just deal with the obnoxious knocking. When my manager got here this woman was pissed that I didn't open the door for her and told the manager I'm rude, after all that bullshit she proceeded to buy a ticket for a movie TONIGHT.

What just really gets me is when customers try to pull open a locked door, over and over again, stand around waiting outside, and try to open the door again 5 minutes later. I don't understand how hard it is to understand that the door won't magically open if you pull it again.



Opening Nightmares: Nice try, dude


Jason 004

From  winter_storm, Tales From Retail:

This happened yesterday, and I'm still laughing about it.

So, it was 5:00 AM, and I had just opened my store. Like, the doors hadn't even finished their open-then-close-then-open-then-close thing they do when first turned on for the day - and this stranger comes in.

This is odd, because I work in a gas station/convenience store in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, WA. I know nearly everyone that comes in. About 96% of my customers are regulars that come in every day. The other 4% are people who, durning the summer months, are on a road trip to the mountains or somewhere, and we happen to be on their route. But the road trip people nevershow up before 8:00 AM. Never.

So this guy is an anomaly, right off the bat.

I stop heading towards the coffee pots (the first mission of the day, of course, being to make coffee), and divert my course to take my position behind the counter to help this guy. I'm irritated by this interruption in my routine - but what can you do? Customers come first, right?

I greet him with my standard, "'Morning!" (I don't say "good morning" anymore because of all the customers that come back with "what's so good about it?!?")

He doesn't respond at all. Whatever.

When he reaches my counter, he delves deep into his pockets, pulls out 5 rolls of dimes (Seriously?!?). and dumps them on my counter.

I give him my best customer service smile and ask, "What can I do for you today?" He mumbles "25 on 4" as he's walking away. No eye contact, no polite banter - nothing. Just dumps rolls of coins and marches out the door.

Fine, whatever.

Except....hey, I've been at this cashier thing for over 25 years, and I can tell when a "roll" isn't really a roll.

So I count the first "roll". It's supposed to be $5.00, right? Well, it's only $4.60. Second roll? $4.80. Third roll? $4.70. Fourth roll? $4.60. Fifth and final roll? $4.70. So he's $1.80 short of the $25.00 he wanted on pump 4.

O.K, dude...

So I put $23.20 on his pump. And stared at him out the window the whole time he was filling up.

The look on his face when the pump stopped at $23.20 was priceless!

I don't think I've ever seen anyone get in their car and leave that fast before.

-- winter_storm



Chocolatier Complaints: Open Up Early For Me! It'll Just Take A Minute!


Chocolate 3From onomatopoeia-ia, TalesFromRetail

Basically, I work at a chocolate shop/cafe. The day before Good Friday and the Easter long weekend was going to be a big one. Most people go away for the weekend, so it was the last day many could buy their easter eggs.

As we were setting up our outside area we had a few people come up and ask what time we opened, keen to get in and buy their eggs. Our front door was open, as I was moving some chairs outside, and a woman entered the shop 20 minutes before we open.

Customer: Hi, would I be able to really quickly buy a few chocolates?

Me: Hello, sorry but unfortunately we're not open, we open at 9.

Customer: It'll just be really quick, this is the last chance I have to buy them.

Me: Yeah, unfortunately we can't process any purchases until we open at 9.

Customer: But I have to be at work at 9.

Me: I'm really sorry, but it would take about 10 minutes to open the tills, and with all the other tasks we need to do before we open we can't interrupt other jobs to open the tills for you.

Customer: So I can't buy my easter eggs?

Me: No

Customer: That's bloody disgraceful

Yeah, it's really "bloody disgraceful" that we can't open 20 minutes early for you just because you left your easter shopping until the last minute. When I think about it, I just know if we let her buy hers, then other people would complain if we didn't let them buy theirs early, and it would have turned into an even bigger mess.

On a brighter note, most other customers were actually really nice and understanding that we would be having a busy day, and I even got a few compliments on my hair!

(Note: I don't have the authority or knowledge to open the tills, and my supervisor who did was currently doing other jobs in the back. I don't actually know how long they take, but I know that the other jobs were time specific, so they couldn't just drop what they were doing)



Halloween Store Hell with a Chronic Returner at Opening Time



From daniejean, Tales From Retail:

I work FT at one retail shop and PT at a seasonal store for Halloween. The way our registers are set up, we only have a certain amount of cash in them until the store opens and people buy stuff (obviously). I personally think its a very low amount to start off with, but I work with what I have.

We do returns up until a certain time frame. With cash refunds, depending on what time of day a customer comes in, we won't have enough in our drawer to cover a large cash refund until we get busier and have more cash transactions.

A lady comes in trying to return a costume that was originally paid with cash. She came in 15 minutes after we opened. Her return would have cost us all our drawer leaving us screwed if another customer paid in cash and needed change. She was pissed when I told her I couldn't do the return yet as we had just opened and didnt have enough to cover her. She has been in three times, each time 15 minutes or so after opening expecting us to be able to return her item FIFTEEN MINUTES after opening. We told her if she came during the afternoon when we were busy, we would then have the cash to refund her.

Instead of listening to us, however, she complains to corporate and then I get to deal with that phone call. Why can't customers just LISTEN?!?