Out of Control Customers: Angry Chinese Woman Caught on Video Throwing Wads of Cash at Saleswoman


From Youtube:

The wealthy have once again become a hot topic on Chinese social media platforms, after a woman was caught on camera throwing piles of cash into the face of a sales girl at a jewellery store. In the footage, captured by a bystander in a shopping centre in Hebei Province on Friday, the female customer can be seen taking out wads of notes from her handbag and throwing them while shouting at the assistant. The sales girl stays silent during the row. No further information has been gathered about the rich lady, according to local media.




Two Custy Stories From The Other Side Of The Counter


Freddy and HagGrammarNazi here. And these are just two things I noticed while out in retail/food establishments recently.


The first was just today, in the register line at a supermarket.

I was buying something, just waiting for my change back and two ladies behind me, with their things on the belt and the ‘Register Is Closed’ sign behind the last lady’s items. Of course, another lady comes up and puts something onto the belt, despite the RIC sign flat in her face.

Cashier tells her to please not put any more items onto the belt. This lady rolls her eyes, like it’s the biggest inconvenience to her, to go the two steps aside, where the next and open register was.

Like, aside from not seeing the sign (or blatantly ignoring it), her gestures act like using another line will destroy her whole day’s plans.


Carolanne Argh 2The other was at a McD.

There was a group of three pre-teen/young-teen girls, sitting at the table close to the entrance. And they were loud.

I mean it, it felt and sounded like watching monkeys in the zoo. (I would say, we are descended from apes and associate them with said apes, but… these girls were monkeys.) They laughed and giggled over nothing at a high volume.

I was waiting for my order and realized this must’ve been going on for quite some time, because the woman behind the register (I somewhat know her, she often takes my order) mutters loudly to her co-worker, “I’m gonna go over there and put a stop to this.”

I left with my order less than a minute later and the girls were still loud… I was thinking of saying something myself, but then that would likely have resulted in a screaming match. (And I’m sure having a decade worth of more practice with my voice than those girls, and a bigger lung-volume, I would’ve won.)

Poor workers at McD. I wonder if the girls even realized how obnoxiously loud they were.

Probably not.



How To Get Banned In Three Easy Steps


Jason ninja hangersFrom: machenise

The only person permanently banned from my store is also a guy that tried to get a job with us.

He wanted a full-time management position that was already filled, and wanted way too much money for the position with what originally appeared to be no experience. (He apparently had experience, but he neglected to put it on the application.) To be fair, when he applied, the position was open.

Needless to say, however, he did not get the job.

He then came into the store with his parents (did I mention the dude was in his 30s?), and all three of them proceeded to threaten the operations/hiring manager and store manager, trying to bully them into giving the guy a full time management position on the spot. They threatened to "take it outside," and then the guy brought up the fact that he was sleeping with one of our associates (which is against the rules if he had been hired).

This humiliated the associate, as everyone knew she was married and this guy wasn't her husband.

Strike one: Apply for a job that was literally filled the next day. Not his fault. But failing to mention important info on the application and not being willing to be flexible about other positions that are open isn't great.

Strike two: Attempt or at least threaten to physically fight the people responsible for hiring you. Bonus: Have both your mother and father try to tag into the ring.

Strike three: Send your girlfriend running back to her husband because she hates you now.


Dumbass Custys: Calling The Cops... On Himself!


Dumbass 4

From: hostile__17

I've been working in a grocery/clothing/general merchandise retailer for about four years. Mostly I work up at the customer service desk, which entails printing up money orders, processing wire transfers, selling all the tobacco products, cashing out lottery, and primarily, returns and exchanges.

A year or so ago, during a slower part of the day, a man (probably in his mid-late 50's) comes up to me at the desk with an xbox 360 to return. He said that he bought it a couple weeks prior (which was true, as he had his receipt still and I checked the date) for his son who decided that he wanted a PS3 instead. He said that they already purchased a PS3 somewhere else, and he just needed to return the xbox.

Unfortunately, even with a receipt, gaming consoles (in addition to all computer software and hardware, CDs, DVDs, video games, etc) are non-refundable once they've been opened. I've always thought that this policy was completely reasonable, especially since my store only deals in brand new products, not used. And we can't ship it back to the manufacturer unless there is some kind of manufacturer's defect, which in this case, there was not.

I calmly explained to him that once a console has been opened, we can do nothing but exchange it for an identical product (and that's only in the case of a defect). He scowls at me and demands a manager.

Fine, AWESOME. I can see where this is going, and I don't get paid enough to deal with the brewing storm of attitude. So I call up the electronics manager, and he comes over to talk to the customer.

CrustyThe customer explains that he doesn't want the xbox anymore, and wants his money back.

In return, the electronics manager disclosed our return policy basically verbatim for what I said.

He demands a different manager, this time much, MUCH louder.

Wow, okay. So I give my direct manager a call and ask her to come over. She comes over, gets the spiel from the customer about how he wants his goddamn money back, and how we're stealing from him by not giving him a refund.

She asks the electronics manager (who is still standing up here) what our policy is, he informs her, she looks at the customer and says something like, "Sorry, this is our policy. If there's anything else we can do for you, please just ask hostile __17."

The man explodes. Yelling and screaming about how he doesn't want this fucking thing, and it's ours and we have to take it back. There was some more screaming about how we're dirty thieves and we're stealing money from him, and how it's illegal. Lots of yelling.

I called the store director. The boss's boss's boss. HE gets paid enough to deal with this bullshit.

The director (who is actually a completely rational cool dude) comes up and (after patiently listening to this guy's ranting for about 10 minutes) gives him the same answer that he's gotten from the rest of us. (Don't you love it when your managers back you up after you've said no to an asshole customer?)

Jason BaggieThis is the last straw for unhappy customer guy. He claims that if we aren't going to do something for him, he's calling the police to arrest us all for theft. Yep. Theft.

I'm stoked to see if he does, and apparently the managers are too, so they tell him that he is free to call the police if he wants to.

Dude picks up his cellphone, calls his lawyer (or at least claims to), and leaves a message detailing the situation. Apparently his lawyer didn't have time in the middle of a work day to answer a call from one of her clients.

He makes a second call to the 6 o'clock news. He wants EVERYONE to know how shitty [undisclosed retailer] treats their customers, and screams at us about how we'll all be out of jobs and that no one will ever shop here again!

It's a nationwide chain, bro. I'm pretty sure we're going to be fine, but thanks.

He makes a final call to the police. They were the only ones to answer the fucking phone. Hah. He says that the customer service bitch from [retailer] has stolen hundreds of dollars from him, and is being backed up by all her dumbass managers. He's screaming at the cops over the phone. (I'm almost surprised that the police didn't hang up on him, but, I mean, they are the cops. I don't think they can legally hang up on anyone who's dialed 911).

It takes the cops about 30 minutes to show up, during which time my managers have gone back to their jobs, and I'm filing away some paperwork, and this crazy dude has plopped himself on the floor in front of my desk (having some kind of sit it or something). Every time another customer starts heading my way, he yells and screams at them, "Don't shop here!! They steal your money! Bunch of fucking thieves!!!" I'm fine with this. It's hilarious, he looks like a bridge troll and I have paperwork to catch up on.

Freddy and HagEventually the police show up and the dude brings them over to me and has the most smug look on his face. It won't last.

He declares to the nice officers that I took his money and refused to give it back, which obviously puzzles them, as I'm a fucking employee and covered by like five cameras at all times.

I clarify that I didn't take anything from him. He bought an xbox a couple weeks back, opened it up and played it, then wanted to return it. I also explained our return policy to them. I showed them the copy of this policy which was hanging by my desk, by the desk that the xbox was purched at, on our website, and on HIS receipt.

I can tell that the poor cops are just dreading dealing with this guy, but they give him an ultimatum.

He can either:

* Not get a refund from us and go home.

* Not get a refund and go to jail.


I don't think he was getting it. So the cops handcuff him and start heading towards the door, when I realize that his xbox is still sitting on the counter. I grab it and run after them.

Me: "Wait, sir! You left your merchendise at the counter."

One of the cops takes it from me.

Me: "Have a wonderful day, sir! Thank you for shopping at [retailer]!"

I'm pretty sure he would have strangled me if he hadn't been handcuffed. Haha.

Oh, and while they were cuffing him, he was like, "Wait! I have a bad back, and a bad neck, and bad knees, and you're going to pull one of my muscles and...."




Classic Call Center Hell: Tale Of Two Nightmare Retail Hells


This story was originally posted on: March 27, 2011


Call center 1Hey everyone! First time submitter here. You can call me FuckYouForCalling, as I've always wanted to answer the phone like that.

I've worked several jobs in Retail Hell, including movie theater cleaning, cashier, bagger, door to door sales, and now a call center. I have hundreds of crazy custy stories, but I'm going to start out by giving out 1st and 2nd place for the Who Fucking Raised You Awards. Because we all end up wondering way too often if our crustys were raised by wolves to think this shit is acceptable in civilized society.

Second Place is from when I was doing 3rd party door to door sales for a telecomm company. You can imagine how intense things can get when you are actually at the customer's house. Sigh.


So I go up to a door for a custy who already has our internet, so I have their name, and knock on the door. His wife answers, a Tiny Asian Lady (TAL), with a Pomeranian in her hand. I do my bullshit intro and ask her how the services are working.


ME (way too used to this): Wow okay what's wrong with the internet?


Me: Well maybe I can get someone out to check on it if you tell me what's wrong. And maybe I can save you money. What are you doing for TV and phone?

(Yes I will still try to sell. Straight commission pay is a life or death scenario)


ME (losing patience): I'm not trying to sell you anything *lies*. I'm trying to help you.


(She continues to abuse me verbally for a few minutes while I just stand there like O_o)


I shouldn't have said fuck, but I wasn't going to take her shit and my boss was awesome. I knew he'd have my back. Crusty didn't like that though.


ME: Fuck this noise.

So I walk all the way down her gigantic rich bitch front steps, out of her driveway, and am on the SIDEWALK, when I hear her throw her dog inside, slam the door, run down the steps, and next thing I know she KICKS ME IN THE ASS. LITERALLY. KICKS. ME. WTF?!

ME (astounded): Did you just..? Did you just fucking KICK ME?! WHAT THE FUCK?! THAT'S ASSAULT! I'M CALLING THE COPS!


Really? How is that okay?! Yes I came to your door, but you are ALREADY a customer and I hadn't even MENTIONED the word "sell" or anything like it. Plus its YOUR fucking house. If you don't want me to keep pushing you (and I will. I'm a good saleswoman) SHUT YOUR GODDAMN DOOR. Not that hard. Open, close. Open, close. Bitch.

I decide not to call the cops and just keep selling as she didn't hurt me (it was weak and hilarious. I was a bit shaken up though) and I hadn't been doing well in that area. So I kept going, only to be stopped by cops a half a block away. Turns out SHE called the cops on ME. So I got chewed out even though I'm the one who was assaulted. (Cops hated us.) Filled out a statement, but of course never heard back.


Creepy custyFirst Place is a lot shorter. It's from my current job in Call Center Hell for the competitor of my previous company. Not third party. Great pay. Not great enough for this though.


ME: Fuck you for calling Pest, my name is blahblahscript how can I help you?

REALLY ANGRY GUY: Hi. I just called to let you know that YOU. ARE A BITCH. YES. YOU ARE A FUCKING BITCH. You work for a FUCKED UP company. You're company is SHIT. You are SHIT for working for the company.

He goes on. We aren't allowed to hang up on crustys so I decide to try ask him what the problem was. Of course he doesn't. He pauses. Then shit gets bad.

RAD: Do you have a wet pussy? I bet you do. I bet you have a nice, warm cunt. I bet you like to get fucked hard in your nasty wet cunt by your company, you stupid cunt. How do you like getting fucked you-"

*CLICK* I hung up. FUCK that. If they find out and want to write me up, go for it. I WILL NOT take that.

SERIOUSLY?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Commit yourself, asshole. That is not okay on sooo many levels. I still can't believe he thought that was an acceptable way to talk to a stranger. WHAT?!

Some people's kids.

It actually DID get brought up during my personal performance meeting. I had mentioned it in a group chat with some people I went through training with (which is when they reminded me I could get in trouble) and my manager heard about it.

Awesome managersShe said she looked through all of my calls from that day, but "couldn't find it," and then told me since I'm still fairly new, its okay and "just don't do it again because the policy is very strict and taken seriously."

I wouldnt repeat the convo to her for obvious reasons but assured her it was bad. She said she knows the policy is hard to follow and next time put them on hold and go get her and shell take the call.

My manager is pretty awesome, and thinking about it now there's no way the call could have disappeared or been missed. I'm now willing to bet she DID find it, agreed with me, then said she couldn't find it to cover my ass. Maybe even erased it. Aww.

I've read stories on here were other companies let you hang up if they swear or they have 3 chances, etc and I'm jealous. Haha. My company is pretty huge and I guess they think its better customer service or something. Its weird because they do take REALLY good care of their employees, I don't think they think this kind of verbal abuse happens.

It hasn't been a pproblem for me any other time though. I'm extremely good at de-escalating pissed of custys and most of them calm down pretty quickly once I assure them I want to be the last one they talk to about the problem. Honestly, if I hung up every time someone swore I would have missed out on a few sales. But some people take it too far. This guy was unbelievable.

Our company is "merging" with another company (more like the other company decided to omnomnom on ours) so maybe the policy will change. It'd be nice to just KNOW I could hang up if I wanted to.

Anyway, sorry that was kind of long. I'll be writing often. Until then, stick it to the man any way you can ;)