Dumbass Custys: "Don't lie to me, you've done it before"



From Getlucky12341, Tales From Retail:

I was training a new cashier on a register, mainly just standing there incase the trainee had a question, when this mother came in with some groceries and her kids.

She says that she needs us to look up her store credit card, and I inform her that our store doesn't do that and that she's probably confusing us with another store.

Lady: "Well you've done it before so figure it out."

I offer to get a manager, and she says that the store has never had the ability to search for the store credit cards. This angers the dummy and causes her her her to say "Don't lie to me, you've done it before" before leaving her groceries on the belt and walking away.




Safety Issues: Asshat Boss And Coworkers Just Salt The Wound


Safety3From Banj


It's been a very long time since I posted, but with the new themes I had to share my story.

Back in 2010, I was a fresh high school graduate and worked at the burger chain that made it hip to be square. I spent many nights closing the front of the store, which meant I would have to mop everything up at the end of the night.

One night, early in my working career, I forgot my non-skid shoes. Let me tell you, it made that night awful. I slipped around trying to go back and get fries (which I had to do frequently because, if I remember correctly, our fry person that night would only run for drive-through) and in my attempts to just get orders together. But the worst was at the end of the night.

Boss told me to mop up once we'd closed. I pointed out that I didn't have my non-skid shoes, and boss essentially told me, "Tough." So I brought the mop out, doing my best to only stay on dry patches and work my way backwards. But of course, this doesn't work, and I end up taking a step, slipping, and falling flat on my back. I swore I could feel my lungs rattling from the force of the drop.

My boss and my other closing coworker laughed hysterically at me, rather than offer any sort of assistance.

Thanks, asshats.

I'm so glad I got out of there eventually.