Safety Issues: "I'll Get The Manager To Make You Do It!"


Safety1From CenturionElite, TalesFromRetail

Had this type of customer come in yesterday. I work at a hardware store where we sell wood, obviously. We keep wood on the floor for customers to buy and then the overstock stacked behind it in pretty high stacks bundled together. Sometimes we get very annoying, difficult customers who think the stack of 300 pieces of wood on the floor are not good enough and want us to cut the wood in the back. We cannot do this for a multitude of reasons, but the main is safety. Here is the conversation that followed.

Me= Me. AG= Angry Guy

Me: Sorry sir. We can't cut that bundle because the lumber will fall and it becomes a safety issue. Also we have no place to put it once we open it since it can't go back up.

AG: I don't care, all of the wood down here is bad

Me: have you looked through it? I don't think you could have looked through all of that in five minutes.

AG: I don't care I want that wood. (Points at bundles in the back). If you aren't gonna do it I can get the manager to make you do it for me.

At this point I walked away and went to talk to my manager about the proper procedure. He told me to go back and explain to him exactly what I said before. When I came back however he was climbing on top of the wood cutting the bundle himself. keep in mind this is about 15 feet high.

We had to ban him from the store for safety concerns over customers safety. Some people just like being difficult.