Strangely Specific Custy Requests


Barista hellFrom: Cid

I am a barista in the Seattle area and going light on ice cubes is no big deal. People come up with insane requests here on a regular basis.

One lady gave me a ten step process on how to make her frappucino; telling me it should have the texture of "freshly fallen snow."

One guy routinely comes in and asks for four breve bone dry cappuccinos and will verbally abuse you and make you remake every single one if they are heavier than a feather. It takes forever.

Also if someone is asking you to put her own ingredients inside her drink you should say no. No matter what, say that it is against policy. So many people add their own ingredients, then try to blame the store when something goes "wrong."




YouTube Rewind 2015


From Viral Viral Videos:

The end of the year is the time when everyone reviews the best and worst of the past 12 months. The best pop music, the best in sports, the funniest memes, the most outrageous news stories… Even though there are countless wrap up compilations by many talented video editors, few can compete with YouTube themselves. So here is YouTube’s official rewind compilation for 2015. It’s no surprise it has instantly gone viral. Did your favorite YouTuber make the cut?