Retail Robin: No, You Don't Get a Discount Because You Want One



From Fuck Yeah Retail Robin:
  • I don’t care how big the pile of merchandise you’ve placed in front of me at the register is.
  • I don’t care that you rushed off and left your coupon on the kitchen counter, or used it yesterday and didn’t expect to be coming back.
  • I don’t care that you identify as male and are used to operating in a world where normally no one who identifies as female (like, say… me) naysays you.
  • I sympathize with, but cannot do anything about, the personal tragedy that led you to make this purchase.

If you do not have a coupon, and do not chose to take either of the ways I offer you to garner yourself an instant discount, then I cannot and will not just give you a discount out of the kindness of my heart. That gets flagged by the system, and I’ll be forced by much higher-ups to give a good reason or GTFO. That ability is there to make sure exchanges of sales items come out even, not to line your pocket, and I refuse to lose my job to ease your wallet.