A Call From Insurance Company Evades Actually Offering The Job

Bookstore SlaveWow, waving our red flag high are we?

So I get a call this afternoon from someone who saw my resume on careerbuilder.com, and he wants to set up an interview tomorrow. It's from the agriculturalist's market insurance in Dublin CA: which is about a 30 minute drive one way, and that's WITHOUT traffic of any sort.

I told him from the onset that I am looking for an administrative job. I ask him directly if he actually has that sort of job for me to apply to.

Him: *being evasive* Oh we have lots of positions.

Me: Well I am specifically looking for an administrative job. I need to know whether you do have those positions available for me before I make the actual drive.

(I've got a quarter of a tank left and the only way to drive anywhere is to ask mom and dad for money. Needless to say unless it's an actual job that I'm actually applying for, any trip is just a waste of gas and money.)

Him: *still evasive* Well we have lots of positons including retail and manager positions.

Me: So you're not even going to tell me that the position that I'm looking for is even available?

Him: My supervisor didn't tell me that, he was just interested in your resume and had me call you.

Me: Yeah I think I'm going to pass. My resume was very clear on what I was looking for, and I don't want my time to be wasted again.

(If you remember, the last time I got called in, it was a bait and switch for door-to-door selling of AT&T upgrades.)

Really? REALLY? I can't be more in-your-face obvious than my clearly stated objective as well as the link to my resume stating "receptionist or administrative assistant."

This was Farmer's Market Insurance. They do NOT read your resumes online. And they will bombard you with "opportunities." I just cleaned out my professional e-mail of 15 of the damn things since Christmas Eve... goddamn.

Grrr. These people suck.

May all your job offers be on topic with your resumes,