Christmas Eve Flirtation Part 2

TLA1The Last Archimedean again, with a follow up to the story of my brain shutting down on Christmas Eve due to a cashier's beauty.
With my conscience nagging at me, I decide to go back, after work today, to the same store where the goddess of a clerk was. With the intent of apologizing to her if necessary.
I pick up an item I can use, and get in line. Sure enough, there she is. Mid-20's, body type of Pam Ferris, facial structure of Marianne Sagebrecht, skin color of CCH Pounder. A goddess in human form, to my eyes anyway.
I put my item on the counter and, blushing furiously, manage to look her in the eye. "Um... I... uh..."
She obviously recognizes me. Her eyes give me a smile, and I visibly relax. She lowers her voice to where only I can hear it. "No need to apologize. I don't mind being called beautiful."
I pay and gather my item. [Whispering] "Thank you." [Normal volume] "Have a good day, miss!"
I leave, feeling very relieved that I dodged a bullet. Lesson learned, though. Always think before speaking.
-- TLA

Holiday N.A.T. Encounters in Grocery Hell

Xmas2009 166aFrom Banja:

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season.

Things were a...tad crazy at the grocery plug last week.  Long story short, two days in a row we had shoplifters.  These were my first shoplifters, too, and I was pretty at a loss for what to do.  These are long, so I apologize...

The first came on a Thursday.  In the morning, I had a friendly custy come through and buy some drinks and snacks.  We chatted, and she explained that she was at the nearby clinic with her nephew, and they were just waiting for him to finish there.  I said that I hoped her nephew felt better, and she said that she would be back later.  I bid her a good day, and went about my business.

A few hours later, my manager came up to me and asked if I had sold a certain type of perfume in the last few minutes.  I told her no, and she looked quite upset before all but running off.  Not long after that, my first customer came back. She was all smiles and had her nephew and another woman with her.  I began to ring her purchases up, when suddenly my manager and the grocery manager came up and blocked my lane.  My manager softly asked the woman to open her bag.

Xmas2009 040Suddenly, the customer's attitude changed completely.  She snapped, demanding to know why.  My manager reminded her that we have a policy that states we are able to check bags, and the woman growled that we weren't checking anyone else.  The grocery manager assured her that she was not the only one who we had checked, but that wasn't good enough for her.  I quietly suspended the order, feeling that this wasn't going to end well.  When she was informed that we were missing some perfumes, the customer suddenly stormed for the door, yelling for her family to follow.  My managers tried to ask her again to open her bag, but she bodily shoved past them, screaming that we couldn't hold her and that she was going to call the police.  I think she even managed to elbow my manager in the ribs!

I didn't actually see what happened next, but I heard pieces of it later and put the story together.  The lady continued to make a beeline for her car, while my managers followed (never touching her, though).  The lady, still screaming that she was going to call the cops, suddenly yanked her bag off of her arm, opening and revealing the missing perfumes.  My manager quickly reached in and snatched them back, the grocery manager got the license plate number, and the police were called.

The story has a bit of an anticlimactic bang.  While the police were at the store, the phone rang.  The lady was trying to call and apologize!  When asked if she wanted to apologize to the police, she quickly hung up.  What a strange story.


Xmas2009 050aThe next day, I was covering for a coworker.  The same manager from the previous day came up to the cashiers, warning us that she had seen a man switching prices.  The man and hisgirflriend came into my line, and my manager came up to me to "bag" my order (really, to check the prices).  The couple were chatting away as I began to scan things.  It quickly became clear that there were many things that the man had switched prices on, and he wasn't even very subtle about it.

For example: 

- There was sticky residue on one box where the old sticker was
- Frozen meat was marked down to two dollars
- My personal favorite: a box of grape tomatoes (normally with a green produce sticker) suddenly had a plain grocery sticker.  The price change?  50 cents.  Seriously, was it worth it?

The woman quickly realized that we were checking almost everything in their order.  The woman sneered at me before saying to her husband that we could put everything back because they were leaving.  As I suspended the transaction, my manager followed the couple outside and told them that they were no longer welcome.  When the woman demanded to know why, my manager told her to ask her companion.  She told them that she had caught them switching stickers, and the man simply threw his hands up in defense.  The only thing he had to say?  "Whoops!"  Before turning and running off.

So it's been a strange week at work.  I was almost afraid to go into work after that, lol! 

Thanks for letting me vent, RHU, and I hope you're all doing well!