Magic Kingdom Hell: Passing Out While Working The Parade

Redheadactress2aHey guys, it is Redheadactress again. 

Yes, so soon.

Well my health issues are really starting to take a toll on me. In fact for the first time ever, I passed out right in front of the Adventureland bridge during the parade. I woke up to a coworker trying to get me to wake up and sit up. I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. Apparently I was dehydrated, had low blood sugar, and a 101 fever which I didn't know about. I was taken away by the paramedics and was in the hospital. My bag was left in the tunnel with my cell phone and other belongings. I asked the manager to contact my father who was also working that night. 

I get to the hospital, they give me an IV and Tylenol. Four hours later I am cleared to go home but my father still is not there. They never contacted him. It took me another two hours to get a hold of him because my bag was still in the tunnel and I couldn't remember his number. 

I am home now and I am still struggling with fevers, throwing up, and abdominal pain. My father thinks I am faking this whole thing even though he is not home to see everything. My mother and boyfriend know the truth since they have seen me cry because of the pain and not want to get out of bed because I am dizzy and cannot keep food down. I don't know how to handle this. Every time I try to talk to my dad about it, he gets angry with me. I can't afford to move out right now and my mother is very sick.  

What do I do RHU? I am starting to shut down and get really depressed. I am at my wit's end. 



Bookstore Slave's New Year's 2Fer: The Dumbass DVD Custy and Entitled Dog Lady

BookstoreslaveBookstore Slave with a pair of Hoarders memories.

So, I had been coasting along at 4 years straight employed and was just trundling through yet another evening shift when we received several custys in a row of dumbfuckery. In order to give yourself the appropriate understanding of my evening, kindly read the story in its entirety, and then simply replace "Dumbass 2, 3, 4 and 5" and re-read the story 5 times in a row.) Or just, y'know, facepalm because you know that custies are that stupid.

Dumbass 1 arrives with a DVD in its "anti-theft" clear box and puts it on the counter. Bookstore Slave rings up this brand spanking new DVD still in its plastic and all appears as normal until Dumbass opens his mouth.

Dumbass 1: So when is this movie due back?

Me: Uhm, you have 30 days and it cannot be opened.

Dumbass 1: But how can I watch the movie if I don't open it?

Me: You don't. If you want to watch the movie, you keep the DVD.

Dumbass 1: What?

Me: Sir... you are purchasing this DVD. If you don't want this movie, don't open it and we can return it for you.

Dumbass 1: Wait, you don't rent movies?! Dumbass

Me: No... sir... we do not. We are a Book STORE, who happens to also sell movies and CD's.

Dumbass 1: Then I don't want it!

Come to find out the Yellow Pages listed Hoarders under the heading "Buy/Rent Movies." In other words, our book/music/movies/cafe store was listed right along with Blockbuster and Hollywood video. This would have been worth nothing more than a mildly exasperated eye roll if we hadn't gotten five Dumbasses in a week, each crusty asking how much we charged to rent DVD's and throwing tantrums when we replied that we SELL, not rent. Managers had to be dragged into a few of them.


Hoarders used to have these big black mesh shopping bags that customers could use to carry large purchases in. They had the Hoarders name on the sides, and the little tag saying "Made In [Insert Country here]" None of them had price tags. Most of them were shop worn. And we had to intervene a number of times when owners of yappy little rat-dogs tried roaming the store with their precious little pee bags stuffed inside. No lady, mesh bags do NOT conceal your snarling, yapping, squirming little "angel."

Lady: What do you mean he can't come inside?! It's 100 degrees out!

Manager: Ma'am, we handle food in our cafe, and it is unsanitary to have any animal in the store.

Lady: I don't plan on going into the cafe! I don't understand why my dog is banned if it doesn't go anywhere near the food!

Sept09 007

Manager: Because whether you go into the cafe or not, it's part of the store and therefore the ban on animals extends to the rest of the building.

It's at this point that a heavenspawn passes by, minding her own business and aimimg for some point past the scene. She is not running, screaming in a shrill voice, or taking any notice at all of the situation, but instead is calmly rummaging through her small plastic purse to see if she can afford her selection. It is at this point that the rat-dog takes exception to the situation and launches itself half out of the black Hoarders carry bag, yapping and snarling and snapping violently at the very startled little girl, who begins crying.

Manager: Ma'am, please control your dog and remove it from the premises.

Lady: HOW DARE YOU! *she catches the dog before it wiggles free of the bag to have a go at the child* You provoked my precious, sweet little Muffin didn't you?

A fellow employee intercedes and gently pries the terrified, sobbing girl away from the shelf that she's backed up against, risking being bitten by the little beast in an effort to put some distance between her and the situation.

Manager: Ma'am, that girl was just walking by. Your dog is the aggressor. I suggest you remove that animal before we report it as being vicious for its unprovoked attack.

The dog stops snarling and snapping and settles for incessant, shrill yapping.

Lady: Fuck you! *bark! bark! bark!* My precious little *yap! yap! yap!* Muffin is the *bark! bark!* spirit of gentility! That little bitch *yap! yap! yap! yap!* provoked him somehow!

Ironically, security escorted her off the premises, not because we called them, but because the dog's shrill incessant yapping could be heard OUTSIDE by the passing security guard, who was well aware of our no-dogs policy. The little girl was ultimately all right and we managed to calm her down with a cup of hot chocolate from the cafe (on the house). I can only imagine that the dog would have become a bony little football if Momma Bear had come into the scene during the situation.

May all your customers be nice.

--Bookstore Slave


Fitting Room Hell: Entitled Custy Demands To Use Handicap Room


From Denim Bitch:

Some people are so fucking entitled it kills me. Like, literally in the sense of emphasis (lol to anyone who has ever looked up literally in the M-W online dictionary smh). I feel like I'm going completely bonkers sometimes that people think it is okay to act this way!

Okay. So. This lady comes in, seems perfectly nice as I count her items for the fitting room (FR). I put her clothes in the standard room.

(side note: we have three room sizes. Basic size for one person (this is the majority of the rooms), slightly larger for mothers with strollers (about 1.5 fitting rooms, if you will, and we only have two of them), and a large handicap fitting room which I reserve for large families and handicap (duh) people that come through).

She commences to bitch.

I wish I could transcribe the dialogue, but I really only remember the tone of her voice. It was so fucking awful, but I will try to describe it.

She asked for the handicap fitting room and I said "I'm sorry, that is reserved for families and handicap(ped?) people." 


The tone of this woman's voice as she said "I'm a big girl, I need to move around. There isn't even anyone in there now. Not cool." (Or something like that) was deplorable. 

Now, when she said not cool, she said this directly to me as if it were an admonishment for bad behavior (almost like a child tbh). The tone of her voice truly threw me. It was as if she genuinely thought it was just completely unprofessional of me to not give her the handicap fitting room. To be clear, she was not handicapped in anyway that I could see. She was not obese, though tall and maybe slightly overweight. But she was genuinely angry that I had attempted to deny her the handicap fitting room.

Side note number 2: I try to leave the handicap room open because we have a TON of mothers with strollers coming through, and all total we have three rooms that they can fit in. Add in the families (3+ people with young kids that want to room together) that come through, it is necessary to leave the handicap room open and not let one entitled person hog it for 20 minutes.

It kind of ruined my mood for the day, especially since I immediately had another bitchy customer that seemed completely oblivious to the fact the I, as an associate, don't control the stock of items in the store (go figure). 

Thankfully! I had some incredibly nice customers come in that were fantastic and made my day much better.

To Shelly and Jerry, thank you so much for brightening my day and reminding me that not everyone has the manners of an caveman. I truly appreciate and remember people like you! So I give a big thumbs up to the people that, over the last year and half at Cold Gravy, have not only treated me like a human being, but have treated me on par with a friend. Thank you guys, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

--Denim Bitch