Merry Christmas From Spain!

No shitty joke! This is a real tradtion from Spain. I posted about it last year and it's called Caganer and is a traditional figurine found in Nativity scenes there. Michelle Quevedo wrote about it on the Stuff That Makes a Gay Heart Weep blog. Why is everyone so intrigued with a man in a Santa Hat taking a shit? CLICK HERE to find out.

Here is video of Caganer - WARNING - be sure to mute - there's fucking Christmas music in the backgroud.


Holiday Hiring Hell

XmasskullGreetings RHU'ers, C-Store Jockey here.

I have been managing my little store for just over a month now. I've learned the ropes, I've got everything under control. My first two inventory audits came out better than the last four. When I inherited the store, There were six employees. The old manager got done that day leaving five. I was removed from my cashier position to be manager, leaving the cashier count at four. This would be no big deal except we are open 24/7. Cashiers were called from other stores to fill my shifts, being a full timer, there were five shifts to fill.

I hired one seemingly pleasant person "Jon", with plans to hire one more. I took on "Lizzie" from another store, she wanted off overnights and I had days available. Thus, I was back to six cashiers. Three days later, "Jean" put in her notice. Around the same time "Kathy" told me she needed the next five weeks off because she had a seasonal job that was giving her 50 hours a week.

So I was back down to four. I put a sign up in the door stating that I was hiring, applications trickled in. Most of the applications I have seen appear to have been written by a six year old. One person asked for FOUR apps, "In case I make a mistake man". OK, does he think I'm going to give him four cash drawers and hope ONE of them comes out right? Finally, a decent application comes in, and I hire the guy, call him "Mike". His sister used to work for us back in the day.

Xmas2009 178b

About a week later, "Aaron" one of my overnight guys tells me that Jon had a meltdown on shift. He had a minor gas drive-off, I was only going to write him up for it. He began swearing, kicking things, and pounding on the counter. He was so worried I was going to fire him over that, that he lost control of his temper in front of a line of customers. Another manager had led a tobacco and alcohol class the week before, he told me that when Jon arrived, he may have been high. I knew of his past weed use, I went to high school with him. I made it crystal clear when I hired him that there would be absolute ZERO tolerance for drug use when it affects work. What he does on his day off is none of my business, but he cant be high on the job.

I fired him for the outburst, I explained that if he is going to react that violently to a minor situation, how could I trust him if something major were to happen, especially where he works the overnight shift. He took the news remarkably well, which leads me to believe that this was not his first termination.


Flash forward to today, I still only have four cashiers. I have a handful of applications, none of which are worth considering. Some have lengthy rap sheets, one guy even turned in two applications with two completely DIFFERENT work histories! If the economy is really as bad as the pundits say it is, I should be having people applying who are ridiculously overqualified. It seems here in Maine at least, people would rather sit on unemployment or collect welfare than to do an honest day's work. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people who legitimately collect state benefits, but when people specifically avoid work to maintain their benefits, I get cranky. Uncle Sam takes over $120 of my paycheck every week to pay for people to come in and buy slim jims and redbull on EBT food, and bagged tobacco and tubes on cash welfare. These are often the same people who turn in applications that I swear were written by a dog.

Well, thats it from Management he--, no, limbo for now, next update in a couple weeks.

--C-Store Jockey


Grinchy Custy Admonishes Drugstore Slave For Saying Merry Christmas

Xmas2009 041xHello RHU. Amelia again.

Just a quick complaint today. As you know, I'm a dollar store whore in retail hell and of course we're open for Christmas Eve day, cause no one in corporate wants to loose a buck.  

I'm putting on my sunniest smile and generally being a happy slave even though I'm busting my ass trying to keep up with the flow of customers who decide to wait til the last minute to buy there supplies for the big day tomorrow, and telling everyone that comes through to have a nice day and Merry Christmas, even though I know some people don't celebrate it.

Btw, I LOVE Christmas. And of course some douche, who I happen to know, celebrates the holiday, decides to inform me that "You better knock off that Christmas stuff, before you offend someone."

Talk about an asshole. He totally ruined my day and made me cry. I had to ask my manager to go outside for a cig, since I didn't want to loose it in front of the other cheery customers, but that really hurt my feeling.

Here I am, stuck working cause YOU forgot to pick up something for YOUR holiday, and you have the nerve to knock me for trying to be happy about it?

Go screw yourself buddy.


Thanks for letting me vent.

Happy Holidays RHU!