Retail Hell Memories: No, I Will Not Break the Law for You



From jasm0714, Tales From Retail:

I made my escape from retail a couple years ago and have a multitude of stories from the 15 years I spent there. This is one of my favorite stories from when I worked at a video game retailer.

We sold, bought, and traded video games. In the state I operated in, you needed a state ID to sell games for cash (It was the law). It was a medium sized town and because I ran this type of business, I knew a lot of the town's police officers and some were regular customers at my business. This particular gem of a customer happened to be in my store at the same time as one of our local detectives was doing his holiday shopping. I was scanning his games in to sell at the register while the detective was behind him waiting in line to make his purchase. I'll be: Me, clueless customer: CC, and detective will be PD.

Me: These games are worth $$$ in cash, I just need a state ID or drivers license to complete the transaction.

CC: I don't have either.

Me: I'm sorry sir, state law requires this for cash. I can wait while you retrieve it from your car. (I watched him drive up, alone, and get out of his car before coming in).

CC: No, I didn't bring it with me. My information should be in the computer.

The detective is now paying attention to this convo since the CC has admitted he is driving without a license. My spidey sense is tingling now because this usually means the items are not his and he doesn't want his personal information tied to his sale.

Me: I'm sorry we do not store that type of personal information in our on site computers and I would still need an ID to confirm your identity if we did.

CC: I don't understand why you are being so difficult, just give me the cash for what I'm selling you.

We go back and forth like this a few more times before I lose my customer service voice.

Me: Sir, I need the ID or I cannot complete this transaction and I need to help the next person in line.

CC: Why are you getting upset with me! It isn't that difficult to just give me the money.

PD: (His eyebrows raise and I see the unspoken question, "Do you want me to handle this?")

Me: I am upset because you are asking me to break the law for you. This jeopardizes my job, and my business. If you don't think it is that big of a deal, why don't you ask the officer behind you how big of a deal it is.

CC turns to look at the officer I motioned to.

PD: (pulls the bottom of his jacket to the side so his badge on his belt is visible and nods his head in affirmation of my statement)

I watched CC's mouth drop. He turns to me, now white as a ghost and without a word, grabs his games and b-lines it out the door.

PD: (Shakes his head and pulls out his notepad to write done CC's license plate number) Going to have to look into this one tomorrow.





Former Teacher Customer Caught On Camera Screaming Racial Slurs at a Dollar Tree Worker

From Mail Online:

A former teacher who was filmed screaming racial slurs at a Dollar Tree employee, says she is too educated to be racist.

Pamela Sharma was recorded calling staff member Alise Fowler a 'black b***h', a 'black wh**e' and a 'black slave' during her foul mouthed rant at the Lawrenceville store, in Georgia, on Wednesday.

The hysterical shopper, who was with her sister, continued to shout profanities before turning to someone filming her and ordering them to: 'Keep recording black Momma.'

'Jesus was white, not black,' she yelled out, as she was finally encouraged to leave the store following the confrontation. Fowler is still reeling from the verbal attack, telling WSB-TV: 'Talking to somebody like this is never OK. Being evil, is never OK.'

Since video of the incident went viral, Sharma has come forward to claim she's not a racist - and that she was in fact the real victim.

During the clip, Sharma, who is of Indian descent, was approached by a man, and asked 'where are you from?' and 'why don't you go back there?'

It's not clear if the man was an employee or a shopper. 

Sharma also claims that Fowler threatened to 'beat her a**'.  

a Sharma was recorded calling staff member Alise Fowler a 'black b***h', a 'black wh**e' and a 'black slave' during her foul mouthed rant at the Lawrenceville store, in Georgia




Millennial Customers Solve Electronics Store Dilemma with Uber



From trevuori, Tales From Retail:

So I’ve been working seasonal at this electronics store mostly the inventory/merch side of things. Also if people buy big things (TVs, fridges, washers, etc.) and they’re taking them home with them I help bring them up and load them in their vehicle.

So I get a call that this young couple wants this TV in their car, and they’re pulling up right now. So they pull up in this car and I have a feeling it without laying it down. (We avoid laying them down due to the risk of the screen cracking, if they want to they can, but we cannot). When the guy realizes that it won’t fit in the trunk, they move their groceries to the trunk so we can try to just slide it in the back seat. They asked me not to judge them for the large amount of alcohol they had bought. I laughed and said no judgment, it is New Years and I was already wishing I was drinking. The girl joked that maybe they could spare a ginger beer.

We try sliding it in the back seat but the TV is 55” so the extra inches from the box and the styrofoam packaging make it too long to fit without one of their doors being slightly open.

So we slide the TV back out and start discussing options. I mention we could deliver it, but they need the TV today. The guy calls a buddy to see if he has a bigger car, he doesn’t. They mention going down to a certain hardware store and just renting a truck real quick. Then the girl goes ahead and just asks “can we just get an Uber?”

So the guy orders an Uber XL and says he’d be really impressed if it works. We were joking around about how they should tip him pretty well and maybe he’ll do it. The girl laughs and says “we are sooo millennial.” The driver pulls up and the guy goes up and is like “uhhh we have a strange request...” and explains the situation. The driver is more than willing and puts down some of his back seats to slide the TV in and then the guy rode in the backseat with it and the girl drove the car back to their place. I laughed and wished them a happy new year and thought it was just a funny scenario.

TLDR: Couple buys a tv that doesn’t fit in their car and use an Uber to get it to their house.