Crazy Coworkers: Smoke Break


3 Coworker HellFrom this_is_ballsTalesFromRetail

One of my first jobs was at a fast casual restaurant. Our standard staff consisted of 2 people preparing food, and 3 people serving food / cashiering. Since I was a minor at the time, I wasn't legally allowed to prepare the food (safety issues).

One day we get a huge dinner rush, probably around 30 people in a restaurant that seats 20 at most. At that point there was only one woman (preparing food) and myself (serving / cashiering). I went to the back to grab my coworkers to help me, but no one was there. I look in all the back of house spaces, the seating area, and even the front parking lot. No dice. There should be 5-6 people working, but only 2 seem to be here.

So I head back to the counter and do my damnedest to serve everyone, but there are just way too many people for 1 person to serve, and more keep coming in.

And then about ten customers in, my coworker, who was preparing the food, drops what she's doing and says "I can't deal with this right now." She then goes to the back room and just sits there. When I go back to tell her I still need help, she says nothing. She flat out ignores me. So I'm on my own now.

Fast food hellSo now I'm doing everything. Slicing up the food (which I wasn't technically allowed to do), taking orders, serving food, ringing people up. With about 15 people left in line, I run out of prepared food. I have no idea how to use the appliances to prepare more food (wasn't trained to use them), and even if I did, I'm not legally allowed to. My coworker still refuses to help me, and the rest of the staff is still MIA.

I have no choice. I tell the customers that I can't prepare the food myself and that there's no one else here to help me, so I can't serve them. They're reasonably upset, but for the most part they didn't blame me personally. They leave.

I go back to tell my coworker what happened, and then she decides that, since the rush is over, she can start doing her job again.

The rest of the staff shuffles in a half hour later with bloodshot eyes. THEY WERE BEHIND THE RESTAURANT SMOKING WEED WHILE I WAS WORKING LIKE CRAZY TO COVER THEIR SORRY ASSES. 

Needless to say I didn't come back to work there the following summer.

At 16 years old, I was still in the "don't be a tattletale" mindset, even when I got dicked over. If I could go back, I'd do it in a second.



Grinchy Custys: Well I Say I Did Buy It Here, So Give Me My Money Back!


1 GRINCHYFrom ThexGreatxBeyondx,TalesFromRetail

A bunch of years ago I was behind the register at Clothing Store. Not the best place to be, but I was a college student in need of funds.

One day, not long after Christmas, a woman comes into the store and to my register with a return. So far, so good.

She lays a green winter coat on the counter and tells me she doesn't have her receipt, but she wants her money back anyway.

I picked up the coat and saw that it had an Apparel Store label. To be fair, this coat did look similar to coats that we sold, but it wasn't Clothing Store merchandise.

Me: "I'm sorry, this is an Apparel Store coat, not Clothing Store. I can't return it as it wasn't bought here."

Repetitive Woman(RW): "No, I'm sure I bought it here so you need to give me my money back."

Me: "See this label? This says Apparel Store, not Clothing Store. We only sell Clothing Store merchandise here. You'll have to take it back to Apparel Store to return it."

RW: "I'm sure I bought it here so you need to give me my money back."

C32Me: "I can't. This isn't a Clothing Store item."

RW: "I'm sure I bought it here, so you need to give me back my money."

Me: "I'm sorry ma'am. I can't do that."

RW: "Get me the manager!"

Finally! She said the magic words. I paged a manager to the front and filled her in on what had been happening. Manager picked up the coat and inspected it thoroughly, in case it was a chameleon coat or something I guess. She then turned to the customer and told her that this coat was an Apparel Store coat and could not be returned to Clothing Store because it wasn't purchased there.


RW: "I'm SURE I bought it here so you need to give me my money back!"

Manager: "I'm sorry, but you didn't buy it here."

RW: "Yes I did!"

C2sManager: "No, you didn't."

And there followed what amounted to a third grade level "yes I did, no you didn't" argument that lasted over an hour. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the store was otherwise dead so I got to sit back and watch the whole thing unfold.

Finally, long after a sane person would have realized that repeating the same phrases over and over wouldn't change reality to suit her whim, Repetitive Woman got fed up, grabbed the coat and stormed out while yelling that favorite phrase, "FINE! I'M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN!"

After the doors failed to hit the woman in the butt on her way out, Manager turned to me with a tired look and said, "She didn't shop here in the first place."