Crazy Ladies: "There, now it's undecorated!"



From adventurehunter9876, Tales From Retail:

I'm at a closing store. We are coming up near the end of our time though, but the crazy isn't. On to the story!

We recently got the go ahead to sell displays. This extends from tvs, to furniture, and now that it's after Christmas, trees. However, as many may be familiar, some are decorated, some just have a strand of lighting. Since decorated ones contain various types of ornaments, each one has to be given a UPC in order to be scanned in the system and then sold. As trees are up to 80% off however, we ran through most of our stock. Naturally, people want to buy the displays.

Now, 99% of people understand we can't sell displays when we say so. Especially when we say they can put their info down to have a chance at buying it. Like fixtures, it'll be first come first served. But it is not that time just yet. Most try to ask us once, but just accept no. Shockingly enough however, not everyone can accept this simple, one syllable word. Crazies.

This lady asked, and those of us in the area (we're condensing product closer to the entrance) said we cannot sell displays, but she could put her name down. She then asked my buddy if the one next to the first one, a non-decorated one, counted as decorated since it had lights. He cheerfully said no, that she could buy it if she wanted. She asked him for any boxes from the back to pack it up in. Off he went to the back.

Now, she doesn't wear a name badge, but our hr manager was out on the floor with us. She has quite the biting wit. She comes up, and this is after being told no, but as soon as my friend was out of sight, the crazy lady starts picking the ornaments off of tree number one. HR lady goes up to her and asks why take off the ornaments? Crazy lady replies that my friend told her it was okay, that she could buy decorated tree. Full stop.

HR lady, who was close enough to hear the conversation, says nothing like that happened. Crazy lady demands a manager. I suppose she thought manager would overrule and sell her the tree, but as a closing store, all fucks have been thrown out the window, from floor associates all the way up to store manager. And for our liquidation manager, he's seen and done it all, it's far from his first rodeo. He does walk the floor, but he seems to me to be a numbers guy, always trying to eke out the most profit from the remaining product.

So HR lady says she is a manager, and no, crazy lady can't have decorated tree. They exchange some words, crazy lady taking more ornaments off all the while. More of us come over, and we try to prevent her from taking more off. Store manager comes up, but is unnoticed by customer, for now.

Crazy lady "Kiss my ass!"

HR Lady "Should I report that threat?"

Crazy lady throws her hands up in the air "What threat?!?!"

HR lady "kissing your ass. Cause the only way I'll do it is if you force me down there"

Guys, guys, we lose it. Crazy lady gets red in the face and throws ornaments down on the ground. How dare you laugh at me she says. Then whirls around and starts ripping ornaments and ribbons off the tree she wanted. Moves fast, but I suppose the crazy is aiding her. Gets about half of the stuff off the tree before we can block her. And I kid you not, she actually says "there, it's not decorated. You better sell it to me."

Manager comes to the front and tells her to get out, that she's not allowed anymore. Next time we can call the cops, but I doubt she'll be back. She leaves, but apparently a guy standing off to the side was her husband. I don't know how he viewed things, but for whatever reason, he actually asked about the tree. Cue what the fuck from all of us. Manager said she'd do it, but his wife was still unwelcome and cops would be called if she tried to come back.

Guys, he actually starts picking at the tree. As we stare at him (group had grown to about six store workers), after thirty seconds he stops and just leaves. Guess he came to his senses. Or he figured that his wife would kill him for not leaving with her. Whatever, end of encounter. We cleaned up, and promptly moved all display trees to the side stockroom under the guise that vendors wanted them back until we can do the upc for the ornaments.

Hopefully the biting cold and lack of product will keep the craziness to a minimum for the last days of the year, and our last weeks at the store. sigh Who am I kidding, they never stop.

Happy New Year everyone!






Fitting Room Nightmares: White jeans and a fresh spray tan do not mix


From Meldonyx, Tales From Retail:

So, it's a busy day at my store and I am running through the fitting rooms making sure everyone is being checked on and getting help. Out comes this lady wearing a pair of our white jeans, looking at herself in the three-way mirror and frowning. The pants, as far as I can see, fit her just fine. But she was unsure, and I offered to bring her other sizes - I think I brought her a total of like 3-4 other white pants that were all similar in size.

She finds one pair - the pair she had on originally - and happily checks out. I clear out her fitting room and, to my horror, notice that the inside of EVERY white jean is now BROWN. You know how a makeup smear looks like on the collar of a white shirt? It was like that x1000 and inside three fucking pairs of white jeans.

I was shocked. Like, what was she thinking? Who, after JUST getting a spray tan, goes out and try on clothes?? Not just anything, but WHITE JEANS???

The lack of thinking on the part of some people is astounding. We had to damage out every pair she tried on. Ugh!

TL;DR - A dumb lady tries on white jeans and rubs her fresh spray tan all over the insides. Didn't even seem to notice she was staining them.





Coworker Hell: It's All Fun And Games Until You Sleep With Several Company Bigwigs


2 Coworker HellFrom everythingispurpAskReddit

Probably the worst co-worker was one of my many supervisors at this big bar I worked at. She was so belittling and rude.

She would tell you off for "not holding the menu properly" or for not "standing straight enough" all while she was (illegally) selling tables, fraternizing and sleeping around with married, big-name men affiliated with the company that obviously didn't care about her.

So she would run around telling everyone about how her "new boyfriend" is such an asshole (and the more people she would complain to the more ridiculous her stories became) when really it was about 5-10 different dudes.

Not only, when the managers weren't around she would leave randomly and come back coked up as fuck (even told some of her 'friends' about actually doing it with some of these big-namers).

This woman would invite her jerk friends, give them the best tables, comp their food and liquor (shots on shots on shots) and they wouldn't even tip.

Just overall one of the most cruel, insecure, bitchy people I have ever encountered. Thankfully she was fired not long after, as she crossed way too many people and after one person complained, all her dirty laundry came to light.



Grinchy Custys: I'll Be Happy To Make You Sit On Hold For A While


5 GrinchyFrom LP970TalesFromRetail

It is another post-Christmas super slow night here in the appliance department of $BigBoxHomeImprovement. I'm surfing Reddit and texting the new girlfriend when the phone rings. 'Sweet! Something to do!' I think to myself. I answer the phone cheerfully.

Her tone can only be described as 'bitchy'.

Me: You've reached the appliance department, How can I help you?

LostItemLady: Do you have a lost and found?

Internal Me: Ahhh, that explains the tone... but why did she dial the appliance department

Me: Uhhh, small pause Did you loose it this department or cut off by LIL...

LIL: Can you get to a manager or someone who actually knows something?

Me: I was just trying to determine where best to send your call. Had you lost your item in my department I was going to look for you. But, if you are asking for a more general purpose type of lost and found I shall transfer you to the service desk. This is most likely where you item is. One moment.

I then proceeded to flip the phone off and waited 30 seconds before transferring her call.