Fitting Room Nightmares: White jeans and a fresh spray tan do not mix


From Meldonyx, Tales From Retail:

So, it's a busy day at my store and I am running through the fitting rooms making sure everyone is being checked on and getting help. Out comes this lady wearing a pair of our white jeans, looking at herself in the three-way mirror and frowning. The pants, as far as I can see, fit her just fine. But she was unsure, and I offered to bring her other sizes - I think I brought her a total of like 3-4 other white pants that were all similar in size.

She finds one pair - the pair she had on originally - and happily checks out. I clear out her fitting room and, to my horror, notice that the inside of EVERY white jean is now BROWN. You know how a makeup smear looks like on the collar of a white shirt? It was like that x1000 and inside three fucking pairs of white jeans.

I was shocked. Like, what was she thinking? Who, after JUST getting a spray tan, goes out and try on clothes?? Not just anything, but WHITE JEANS???

The lack of thinking on the part of some people is astounding. We had to damage out every pair she tried on. Ugh!

TL;DR - A dumb lady tries on white jeans and rubs her fresh spray tan all over the insides. Didn't even seem to notice she was staining them.





Coworker Hell: It's All Fun And Games Until You Sleep With Several Company Bigwigs


2 Coworker HellFrom everythingispurpAskReddit

Probably the worst co-worker was one of my many supervisors at this big bar I worked at. She was so belittling and rude.

She would tell you off for "not holding the menu properly" or for not "standing straight enough" all while she was (illegally) selling tables, fraternizing and sleeping around with married, big-name men affiliated with the company that obviously didn't care about her.

So she would run around telling everyone about how her "new boyfriend" is such an asshole (and the more people she would complain to the more ridiculous her stories became) when really it was about 5-10 different dudes.

Not only, when the managers weren't around she would leave randomly and come back coked up as fuck (even told some of her 'friends' about actually doing it with some of these big-namers).

This woman would invite her jerk friends, give them the best tables, comp their food and liquor (shots on shots on shots) and they wouldn't even tip.

Just overall one of the most cruel, insecure, bitchy people I have ever encountered. Thankfully she was fired not long after, as she crossed way too many people and after one person complained, all her dirty laundry came to light.



Grinchy Custys: I'll Be Happy To Make You Sit On Hold For A While


5 GrinchyFrom LP970TalesFromRetail

It is another post-Christmas super slow night here in the appliance department of $BigBoxHomeImprovement. I'm surfing Reddit and texting the new girlfriend when the phone rings. 'Sweet! Something to do!' I think to myself. I answer the phone cheerfully.

Her tone can only be described as 'bitchy'.

Me: You've reached the appliance department, How can I help you?

LostItemLady: Do you have a lost and found?

Internal Me: Ahhh, that explains the tone... but why did she dial the appliance department

Me: Uhhh, small pause Did you loose it this department or cut off by LIL...

LIL: Can you get to a manager or someone who actually knows something?

Me: I was just trying to determine where best to send your call. Had you lost your item in my department I was going to look for you. But, if you are asking for a more general purpose type of lost and found I shall transfer you to the service desk. This is most likely where you item is. One moment.

I then proceeded to flip the phone off and waited 30 seconds before transferring her call.