Retail Slut On The Verge

RetailSlutDiary-004azaDecember 27

Hi there all! It has been a while!

That's because I slammed my head in a fitting room door and knocked myself out!!

I am here to complain about the nasty rude ass bitches we call customers!

If I hear one more person tell me its my job to clean up their fucking mess I am going to flip dick!!

I have never wanted to beat a person to death so bad in my life! I am not here to be a fucking maid to your ever so widening ass!

So tonight I am cleaning out the fitting room.

I walk in minding my own business and I pick up a pile of cloths that someone has decided to piss all over... I have never wanted to walk out soooo bad in my life.

Fuck I don't get paid enough for that shit!!!

Then I am walking out of the fitting room with both hands full of shit and I politely say excuse me to this wanna be biker...

Can you believe this asshole just stood there like a fucking douche bag!

So as I walked passed him I was like Well you can just stand there too!

These fucking people! I will go fucking postal SOON!!

Happy New Years!

2009 is here! We're beat to shit.Time to sleep.
Unless you have to fuckin work today like Carolanne and Freddy.
In which case you can sleep when you get home.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, successful, Retail Hell-free 2009!
Make this your best year ever!