Retail Hell Memories: You stole my ID!



From u/Quickbrownkitten  Tales From Retail:

This happened a few years ago back when I was a cashier at a small grocery store.

The owner had a rule that you had to keep busy, no matter what so between working the checkout counter I was washing the sliding glass doors (relevant later).

Cue Jack Wagon (JW) bringing up beer and some other stuff with his Idiot Girlfriend (IG). I stopped cleaning and went to the counter and gave a polite greeting.

I checked out the groceries and when I reached the beer I asked for his ID. He gave it to me and I double checked it.

I handed it back and he put it in his wallet. He paid and I wished them a good day. That’s when he flipped out on me.

JW: my ID?

Me: oh I already gave it back to you!

JW: No you didn’t I would have remembered

IG: yeah I didn't see her hand it back

Me: no I gave it back and you put it in your wallet

JW: no you didn’t you still have it

Me: why would I keep it? Cuz we look a lot alike (side note I’m very sarcastic. This guy was a guy and maybe in his late 20s, tall, red hair. I am a female, barely 110 pounds, mid teens, blonde)

This guy did not like my answer.

JW: So you are trying to steal my ID!

IG: just give it back before you get fired!

Me: I don’t have it, you put it in your wallet!

JW: no I don’t see it! (Pulls out wallet and what do you know! The ID is in there!) whatever let’s go.

So the guy and his girlfriend leave and I think that’s the end of it. I go back to washing the windows (on the outside of the building). A couple minutes later, a car pulls up next to me and yells “stupid bitch!” And throws an empty plastic water bottle at me (they missed).

Ah the days of the grocery store.

Tl;dr : ring a guy up for alcohol look at his ID and give it back. He accuses me of stealing it, doesn’t like my sarcasm, his gf tries to get me fired, they later throw trash at me with horrible aim









Bitch Encounter: "I hope one day when you have to piss someone doesn’t let you and you piss all over yourself!"



From u/Tinydancer1004 Tales From Retail: 

I work retail. Yes, we do have a bathroom, and no we don’t have to let you use it. We let them use it usually but only if someone is able to stand back there with you. C will be customer and I will be me and co will be coworker. (The 2 of us behind the register helping clients with clients behind them as well)

C: runs through the door I have to pee! I have to piss so bad! tries to run into the backroom 

Co: ma’am if you give me just a minute to finish up here, I have to be back there with you.

C: what?! This has never been an issue before! I’ve always been allowed to (no) if that man was here, he’d stop what he’s doing and walk me back there! (Definitely no) She then looks the other customer in the face and says “is it okay if she stops helping you so I can piss????”

Co finally is able to let her use the restroom and all is well or I so thought. 

C is now at the register to check out 

Me: not recognizing her did you find everything you needed today?

C: scoffs and rolls eyes 

Me continues checking her out 

C: I have NEVER had this horrible of customer service before! I’ve shopped here for 13 years! I have a card! I’m calling corporate! I could have pissed on the floor and sued you! I hope one day when you have to piss someone doesn’t let you and you piss all over yourself! All you did was look at me and continue helping your client!

Me; I’m sorry you feel that way ma’am but we have rules to abide to.

C: I don’t want an apology I want both of you fired! as she walks away 

Co: and I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and thank you for shopping with us!!!

C: scoff and laugh as if she won I called my manager and she said “were you busy? Okay then she could have gone to the grocery next door.”

Customers think we legally have to provide a public bathroom because this isn’t the first time this has happened.





Shoe Store Hell: The Time I Didn't Let a Customer Keep Bleeding on the Carpet



From u/MyAlterEgoIsTaller  Tales From Retail:

I worked in a shoe store and we had a policy of not letting customers use our bathroom. (That was partly because we kept stock in the bathroom - so next time you buy shoes just consider that they might have been living in the employees' bathroom for a few months!)

A customer was sitting on a bench trying on shoes and all of a sudden he yelled some profanities, so of course I rushed over to see what was going on. He had cut his finger on a staple that was sticking out of the shoebox. It was a pretty good long deep scratch, and was profusely dripping blood on the carpet, the bench, the shoebox, etc. as he waved his hand around yelling. I said I'd grab our first aid kit, and he asked if he could wash the cut out in the bathroom, and I thought that would be the right thing to do from a first-aid standpoint, but also so that the bleeding would be happening in the bathroom where it would be easier to clean up and out of view of the rest of the customers. So I let him use the bathroom, and I handed him some bandaids, and I went to get the manager.

The manager was super apologetic to the customer about the staple, and gave him a discount, and asked him if he needed paramedics, which of course was a little overkill but we wouldn't want to get sued for not doing that. The customer was fine by this point, and seemed to understand we're not the ones who assemble shoeboxes and can't be expected to know about every dangerous staple, and he was happy because he got a discount (and I don't think this was the case, but who knows, he could have cut himself on purpose just for that purpose!).

I thought all was well with the world again. But as soon as the customer got out of the store my manager called me into the office and threw a fit because I let the bleeding guy into the bathroom, and I ended up getting fired. Oh well, at least I didn't have to clean up the blood.