Crazy Entitled Customers: Woman demands to open product, won’t buy it afterwards because it’s opened




From u/TheNovelleFive Tales From Retail:

I remembered this story today while browsing through the sub.

Lady (L) comes into my craft store to buy a calligraphy set as a gift. She picked out a €50 all included set. Then the following occurred:

L: I’m gonna buy this, but... it’s hard to believe everything pictured is in this little box.

Me: if it says it’s in the box it should be. If not you can bring it back for a refund.

L: But it’s a gift! I want it to be just right. Are you SURE? The box doesn’t look big enough for that pen.

The pen is in fact small. So at this point I pull out my two personal fountain pens from the apron and show her the one that’s the same size as the pen, compared to a more regular sized one. She still insists it cannot all fit in the small box.

L:If I could just open it to make sure...

Me: I’m sorry but I cannot do that, because if you don’t buy it I cannot sell an opened box.

L: But I will buy it! I just need to confirm that it’s all in there.

Me: I assure you it’s all in there.

L: it’s for my grandson...

We went back and forth until I studied the box, realized it wasn’t sealed and I could probably very carefully open it. Besides, 18 year old me believed she would buy it once I proved this... so I very carefully opened it.

L: huh, it’s all there! Well excellent, I’ll take this one here then, I don’t want to gift my grandson a used item.

She then grabs a new one from the shelf and Bolts to the register before I could protest. She obviously knew how rude this was cause she got out of there as fast as she could. I ran for my favorite manager, who got pissed, ran after her, but she had already paid and left...

I ended up selling the used set to the cutest couple, who saw the whole thing as they waited for my help choosing pens. The boyfriend was really experienced and probably didn’t need a beginner’s kit, but they sure made my day lifting my spirits afterwards.






Discount Rats: The Almost 100% Discount -- How a Customer Basically Robbed the Store of over $300, and did it Legally



From  u/faezeldaag Tales From Retail:

The store was super busy -- midday on a Saturday, busiest time of the week. Almost every employee was working that day -- a few had been called in because of how busy it was. We were having a sale on all clothing items: 50% off their original prices.

There was a group of women who'd been shopping for hours, totally cleaning out the clearance section. They had so many items, it was crazy. One of the women asked my co-worker if the 50% was off of the original price or the clearance price. My co-worker answered her clearly saying, "The original price." The girl who was with the woman spoke over my co-worker and said "It's off the clearance price!" My co-worker and I both corrected her and told her that it was 50% off the original price, again. She nodded, said 'okay', and went back to shopping. Thinking we'd answered her question thoroughly, my co-worker and I went about handling our busy store.

About an hour later we hear someone yelling at the registers and both of us look up to see what's going on. It's the woman we'd spoken to in clearance and she's irate. We both just go about hanging clothes, not wanting to get involved because we're already stressed enough with how crazy busy we are. But to our dismay, we get involved anyway.

Walking towards us, with our manager at her side, is the woman who asked us about the sale. She's pointing at us, so angry she's red in the face. My manager walks over and says "girls, this customer is saying that you two told her that our clearance sale is 50% off the clearance price". We look at each other in total confusion. We'd told her the exact opposite -- we'd corrected the girl with her when she'd said it was 50% off clearance! Both of us immediately tell our manager this, but she's pissed and she's only worried about what the customer is claiming.

All of us go up to the registers to 'take care of it'. The woman told the story again -- in her version, we'd reassured her that the sale was 50% off the clearance price and, we'd corrected her friend when she'd claimed otherwise. Her friend vouched for this version of the story and, they demanded that they get the discount they'd been promised. For some reason my manager gave in, claiming (to the customer) to believe their story over ours -- she told the customer that we'd probably misunderstood her question, but that in the end, we'd been in the wrong.

As the transaction was completed, my coworker and I were made to stand behind the registers. We felt like we'd been totally put on the spot -- the women were glaring at us over the counter and, they snickered at us when my manager decided to give them their discount. It was super unfair, especially when we'd given her the correct answer in the first place.

Let me just get all these details straight before I tell you how much money these women got off their purchase. The sale our store had going on was 50% off all clothing items. The clothes in the clearance section had already been marked down from their original prices by 50%. They were already on sale -- the promotion our store was having extended that sale to all other clothing items. If you read the fine-print its obvious, it was written like this: 50% off all clothing items (original prices).

So all in all, this woman and her friends got off with the marked down clearance prices (which were already 50% off the original prices), 50% off of the marked-down prices and, an additional 30% for the inconvenience. So here's an example of how this discount worked: most of our clearance tops were $16. Half of 16 is 8, 30% off $8 is $5.6. This woman had at least thirty tops. $16 x 30 is $480! She got 50% off of that and, an additional 30%. That means that this woman literally paid $168 for a transaction that should've costed her almost $500. It's like she robbed the store of $312!

It totally blows my mind that she got $312 worth of free stuff. But hey, the customer is always right, folks.






Bakery Hell: Why can’t I take just one out of the bag?



From u/Constant_Rookie Tales From Retail:

I work in a grocery store bakery part time. Because I have the closing shift, most of my job is packaging up buns and unsliced bread, then labeling them and putting them out on the shelf to sell them the next day. I was in the back slicing some bread when I hear a lady call for me. “Hello, is anyone there?”

“Hi ma’am, how can I help you today?”

“Can I just get one hamburger bun?”

Now I was a bit confused at first because we had packages of hamburger buns (of 6 and 12) out on the rack. Who buys just one hamburger bun? Did she want 2 for just one burger or actually just one bun? I had already emptied and packaged the ones left in the bulk case.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but the bulk case is empty. We have packages of buns right here though!”

“Yes. I can see that. But I want just one. You don’t have any in the back?”

So I explain to her that we don’t keep any in the back and if they aren’t in the bulk case than there’s no more singular buns available until tomorrow. She’s asks a question about why the bulk case is empty, so I turn my head to look at it while I answer her question. And she has the auDACITY TO SAY

“When you are talking, you LOOK at me.”

So at this point I don’t feel like helping her at all anymore. I just tell her once again that because the case is empty she has to buy the bags. She just rudely huffs and walks away from me, and I stand there for a few seconds kind of shocked.

I later found out from a coworker that she wanted to take one bun from a already PACKAGED AND LABELED BAG and was very pissed off that she could not. Why are people like this?