Old People Hell: Does falling over get me a refund?


From  SquidRuby, Tales From Retail:

Yesterday I had a gem of a level I've never seen. For reference I work in a pawn shop, mostly in our retail department.

So an older gentleman (50-60y/o) walked in with his wife, and a television, wanting a refund. Reason for refund being power cable feels loose, then that his signal kept dropping out. I had time so I decided to test it with him there.

Cable was fine, so I plugged in an aerial to test the picture. Picture was flawless, even whilst wriggling the 'loose' power cable and the aerial. After that I suggested to the customer that perhaps his outlet at home was playing up, as it was fine here. He of course got pissy saying he had a new aerial installed only 2 years ago and that his house is only 80 years old(?) so it couldn't be that.

I went and asked the manager what she would like to do, as the TV was fine, and she said to offer him an exchange, but not a refund as the product wasn't faulty. Of course he didn't like that so the manager eventually came out to back me.

Now, the tvs are across from the counter, with a row of sports equipment in between. People could walk through it, or walk around it like a normal person. To get to the tvs, the gentleman started walking around the normal way, then stopped and grabbed his wife. After whispering in her ear, she walked around the normal way and he stayed put.

After that, he did the most ridiculous thing I have seen a human do. He carefully tip-toed his way through half the stock, then ever so delicately hooked his foot through a piece of stock. What followed of course was the most dramatised face-plant I have ever seen a grown man make. Full on sprawl, groaning and carrying on.

Seeing the whole set up, the manager and I simply stepped out of his way so he could get up. After getting up, he simply looked at us and said 'so can I have my money back'?

No, no you can't. He ended up leaving with an exchanged tv so no doubt he'll be back, but watching back the camera footage brightened my entire week, and even now I can't stop laughing thinking about it.

-- SquidRuby