The Race Card Backfires


PET13From Steph

I actually saw an absolutely hilarious encounter in my pharmacy of the race card being pulled.

Pharmacist, who is black: "Unfortunately, your insurance won't cover your prescription. I'm afraid you'll be charged the full amount for the medication. It's going to cost you $$$. Do you still want me to fill it?"

Customer, who is also black: "You're a filthy liar! You just won't give me my prescription because I'm black!"

Pharmacist stares at her like she's the biggest idiot in the world. Pharmacist slowly raises her hand, and points sharply at her own face, still staring.

The customer started to squirm, then quickly left without another word.



Crazy Lady Encounter: I'm leaving call the cops.



From u/GoldPlatedMilk  Tales From Retail:

So I work for a large pharmaceutical company as a manager. When I was first starting out we had a lady who came into the store obviously tweaking.

Now I'm used to dealing with people like this, just not this early in the day (it was like noon). She proceeds to grab two hand baskets and browses the store, no big deal. All of a sudden she takes one arm and scrapes a whole 4 foot section of cosmetic shelving into one hand basket. She then turns around and proceeds to wipe a whole shelf of cold medicine into the other, then beelined it directly to the front of the store and tried to leave through the front door.

This is where my Cashier stepped in front of the door and told them they couldn't leave without buying the product. This is where I stepped in,

CL = Crazy Lady

Me = Me

Me: Ma'am I can't let you leave my store.

CL: screaming Call the cops on me, I'm leaving stay out of my way.

Me: laughing No your not grabs hand baskets out of her hands Have a nice day!

CL: lets out wicked battle cry and leaves

I proceed to put the baskets behind the counter and head to the office to file a report. According to my cashier she came back in a few minutes later walked around the store looking for me and then screamed and left.

People are great.








Cashier Hell: Why do you always ask that!?



From Foamtastic, Tales From Retail:

I work at a pharmacy/convenience store with discount cards. This just happened to me. It's about an hour before we close and some guy comes in and I say hello and he greets me back. In a minute or two he comes to the register with baby stuff (diapers and wipes I think).

I do my scripted:"Hi did you find everything ok? Do you have a discount card?"

He responded:"Yes I did an no I don't."

Me: "Alright then it'll be X dollars"

Him: "Why do you guys always ask that? I fucking hate it! Is there any way to get you to stop?"

Me: "Unfortunately no. That's our policy to ask for the card."

Him: "Well it's annoying, goodnight."

Me: "Alright goodnight."

Sorry man, didn't know having to answer a single yes or no question was so annoying.







Pharmacy Drive Thru Cashier Gets a Sweet Surprise From an Appreciative Customer



From SamuraiJack365 Tales From Retail:

This is gonna be short but it made me happy so I wanted to share. 

I work in a large chain pharmacy. Today we had a customer come in through our drive through. I had been on the window but I was starting to walk away and my manager took over so I could grab something for her that she had trouble getting. Before I could she opened the window and he hands her a big thing of smallish York peppermint patties.

Manager: What's this for?

Customer: For doing such a great job.

M: Oh, well thank you! Are you picking anything up?

C: Nope, just wanted to give you this. Have a great day!

People like this and the last who regularly brings us fudge make the job not so bad!