Pharmacy Hell: "Do you want to see my rashes?"


Carolanne 023

From  frayedpages, Tales From Retail:

I work in a retail pharmacy.... in the retail section. On Sunday, an older woman comes in and asks me to help her find a shampoo that is good for sensitive skin. She tells me all about her skin conditions that she recently developed. Lifts her hair a little to show me the psoriasis on her scalp. Uh.

We can't find anything on the shelf, so we go to a computer to try to find an option. While I'm searching, she's telling me about her trips to the allergist and dermatologists. Suddenly, she pulls out her phone and says, "Do you want to see my rashes?"

Before I even have a chance to respond, she starts going through her gallery, showing me pictures of her bare back and undercarriage. She even told me she took those pictures after a shower.

I just tried to be polite and help her the best I could, agreeing that the rashes were, indeed, awful. But, uh, I could have really gone without seeing all that.

-- frayedpages








Rubbish Returns: "Are You Deaf?!" Yes, Actually...


3 returnhellFrom indiebuster, TalesFromRetail

I work in a large pharmacy in the UK that also sells things like toiletries, make up, baby clothes and gifts. I have hearing difficulties but wear hearing aids that are in my ear so you can’t see them unless you look inside. When I wear them I pretty much have full hearing so working isn’t a problem at all.

About a month or so into starting, a woman about 60ish came up to my till (I was the only one there and it was a super busy day) and dumped a bag of baby clothes on the desk and demanded a return, and also had a basket full of toiletries etc which she said she was buying You have to be working there for a year to be able to process returns.

(I will be ‘me’ and the angry lady will be ‘AL’).

Me: ‘Hi, how can I help you today?’

AL: ‘I need to return these items’

Me: ‘No problem, I’ll need to ring for some help as I’m not able to do returns yet sorry’.

I proceeded to ring my bell for help, and got the return and receipt ready to make it quicker. It took a few minutes for someone to come help because it was a Saturday and we are low on staff and AL started huffing and puffing after about 30 seconds.

Bitch Encounters 1AL: ‘This is ridiculous can you hurry up. I am in a rush. It’s not that difficult to understand a refund, why can’t you do it yourself?!’

Me: ‘I’m sorry, I’m quite new here and my till physically won’t allow me to process returns. However if you are buying these things I will start ringing up your other items and you can pay for them while your return is sorted’.

I was trying to be helpful and speed up her process by doing that... but as soon as I suggested it she looked at me like I was the most disgusting, dumbest human she has ever came across. She grabbed the basket out of my hands and back off the counter.

AL: ‘Are you deaf?! What did I say when I came up to the till?!’

Me, absolutely speechless: ‘’

AL: ‘Well tell me, what did I ask for?’.

Me: ‘Look, I’m waiting on someone coming for your return, I was only trying to help speed things up.’

I turned around to walk away and find someone because I couldn’t deal with her anymore when someone finally came to my rescue.

Turns out she didn’t want a refund, she wanted to exchange the baby clothes for the toiletries in the basket despite telling me she was buying them. (This was only discovered after the other employee also tried to refund her money back and she was rude to them too for not reading her mind).

I was so annoyed and a bit upset because I heard the whole thing perfectly and it wasn’t because I’m deaf at all. Looking back I wish I had just taken my hearing aids out to show her yes I am deaf haha. But she would have probably just complained about putting incompetent people on the tills or something.



Crazy Ladies: You'll be paying for my bumper!


From  DarthPaulMaulCop354, Tales From Retail:

I work at a popular pharmacy chain in the United States. Our particular store is in a retirement community so most of our clientele are sweet old people, not always but mostly. We do however have tourists during the fall to look at the leaves and this is the time of year everyone dreads in town. Que car woman. I was stuck on register so I don't know the specifics unfortunately but I have the gist. (although I wish I could have heard the whole thing myself) cw = car woman

Cw drives a new BMW sedan that's lowered. When she pulled into the parking lot she hit the curb and completely destroyed her bumper. She runs in screaming for a manager. Luckily the store manager was on duty at the time and the two went outside. I could see them through the window and even though I don't know exactly what was said cw was flailing her arms very dramatically, obviously screaming. She was threatening to sue us if we didn't replace her bumper because it was aftermarket and OUR curb hit HER car. By this point we have our manager and a very professional supervisor trying to explain that our curb is regulation height and cannot move. Cw calls the police who were not far away. After about 20 minutes of talking with the police who even measured the curb for her they finally laughed in her face and left. Only after failing to be able to explain that the curb is an inanimate object that cannot move at all as it is literally attached to the ground. Cw leaves angirly with corporates number. We never heard about the complaint so corporate probably laughed at her too.

Tl;dr: woman in a lowered car hit our curb and called the cops who laughed at her for accusing an inanimate object of hitting her car.

-- DarthPaulMaulCop354





Closing Time Hell: We're closed. Let me shop in peace.



From wyattkelly, Tales From Retail:

I work at Large Box Retail store in the pharmacy, which closes at 6 pm on Sundays. So we're shut down, my pharmacist and co-workers are already out the door, and I'm over in the frozen food section looking for dinner.

Here comes a family (Two parents, a daughter, and their very young son) that somehow has tracked me down and is asking, nay, DEMANDING that I reopen the pharmacy for them to get their scripts. The clock is at 6:15, I just want to get my frozen skillet meal and get home to cook it, watch Netflix, and ponder the existential horror that is my life..

I try to calmly explain that we are closed. I don't have keys, a code for the security, the legal RIGHT to get their drugs. Nope, that's not good enough. They hounded me all the way from Frozen Foods to the checkout line, tried to physically block my way, and demanded to talk to my manager. I'm off the clock, hungry, and have lost my patience. But I still don't scream, or yell, or fight. I tell them where customer service is, and that we open at 9 am the next morning.

The kicker? They didn't pick up their scripts until Wednesday.






Monstrous Customers: Apple Juice Murder



From Merlot_Orchid Tales From Retail:

This happened only moments ago during the overnight shift at a pharmacy.

(M) is me

(AJ) is the customer

(AJ) walks into store

(M) notices only one shoe Excuse me, but you have to have a shoe on your other foot to come shop inside the store

(AJ) I only have 1 shoe

(M) I'm sorry but you have to have shoes on both feet. It is a hazard beca-


(M) Well yes because the bottom of your foot would be protected.

(AJ) FUCK THIS. FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID BITCH. WHAT THE FUCK. THERE IS NO HAZARD. grabs apple juice that someone left off of counter


It breaks.

Sock foot gets wet.

AJ is angry.


Kicks down baskets.

Security escorts AJ outside. Tries to fight security and threatens to spit in my face.

... still have 5 hours left on the shift....