Wedding Hell: Momzilla Busts Out A Racist Tirade


Bridezilla 2From RHUer

I'm a wedding planner, and agreed to do my best friend's wedding. Holy FUCK what a ride! His mother is a raging alcoholic but seemed to be keeping it in order on the day and all was going well.

The pair had forbidden anything stronger than champagne to even be present at the reception, due to this woman. And I made sure that SHE was specifically singled out to every caterer on the premises not to let her have even that, by couple's request. Nobody, not food caterers, not the bartender, was to put anything harder than Martinelli's sparkling apple cider into this woman's hand.

If she threw a fit at them, they were to come to me and I would take the nutjob by the ear and throw her out of the wedding entirely. The wedding couple told me flat out that throwing mom out of the wedding for the tiniest infraction was perfectly acceptable, and Momzilla was fully aware that we had that authority. We thought this would minimize fuss. We forgot one little detail...

Halfway through the reception, we hear a ruckus and notice the bride (a lovely Japanese girl he'd met through work) was nowhere to be seen.

Carolanne chugPeople scatter to try to find the bride. We find out that she's locked herself in the toilet, in tears. She's so distraught that it took some cajoling from her to-be-hubby at the door for almost half an hour before we could get the story out of her in some coherent form.

Turns out the mother of the groom had SNUCK in something in... something that was almost identical to jet fuel in composition if the smell was any indication, and had then launched into a verbal racist tirade at her accusing her of 'stealing her son,' and 'doing it to get a passport,' (despite the fact the bride was already a British citizen and had been for a few years before she even met her hubby...) and all sorts of other horrible things.

I've never seen a grown man punch out his own mother in public, and never before have a seen a person so deserve it. Surprised the shit out of me as he was such a placid guy, normally. We all have our limit, I suppose. I don't know the details of what was going on in the run up to the big day, but this seems to have been the last straw.

Anyway, she was immediately ejected from the wedding, and as far as I know now (it's a topic we know to avoid) she no longer has any contact with them.

It's sad really: she was afraid of losing her son, yet she was the cause of it.



Angry White Man Compares Bullseye Garbage To Mexico


JanitorgirlHello, It's Janitor girl and I have had one heck of a weekend.

Saturday; my store has been out of MY toilet paper (the large rolls that fit in the dispensers) for days, so when the overnight manager said I had 2 pallets of supplies. I was ecstatic. The day-side manager said, in passing, "Make sure you get the outside trash cans."

And usually it's not a huge deal, 99% of the time the cans are empty because the store JUST OPENED. But not Saturday. so around twenty minutes into my shift she calls me over the walkie- I need to do out side trash and I need to do it NOW.

Ok, fine. I grabbed my trusty rolling can and headed out. The manager was there and she was being followed by Angry White Man (AWM).


Me, in my head - (It's 2 full/overflowing trash cans, not a parking lot full of dead bodies....)

Manager- "I have my one janitor clearing them right now."


Me, in my head - (WTF. The manager is a small woman in a suit-dress and heels.)


Me, in my head - (Because Mexico is covered in trash?- Not ok.)

He left and I looked to the manager, all she said was "This is why you always need to check trash first."

BullseyeThis pissed me off, because 1. I have asked several times to start before the store opens so I can check trash- the answer was always no. 2. Although it was my fault for not checking trash first she needed to at least acknowledge the fact that AWM was being an psycho.

I went straight to HR. "I'm Hispanic, my grandmother actually crossed the boarder from Mexico: I know you can't make 'Manager' apologize but please tell her to stay away from me."

I have told this story to almost every co-worker. Now it's an inside joke.

Receiving dock manager said, "Hey Janitorgirl, you might want to mop up by the registers, the tiles are looking a little too Mexican." We laughed.

May all your managers be sane.



Toxic Managers: Boss Has A Conniption Fit Over Having A Black Higher Up


01 manager from hell

From gnujack

My first boss managed a gas station. He was good in most ways--efficient, fair, disciplined, ran a tight ship. Just one drawback.

He was racist.

I don't mean that he was insufficiently outraged by Dukes of Hazzard reruns. I mean that he used the N-word often and loudly. He resurrected other racist words that would have sent Bull Connor running for a thesaurus.

The truck driver who delivered our tankers of fuel every week was a black man, and they almost came to blows over this.

His comeuppance finally came when the corporate office hired a new third level supervisor who was a young black man out of business school.

That boss just could not take orders from a black man.

When he quit, he trashed the office and tore up every floppy (it was the 80's) disk in the office so we couldn't do our accounting for a few days.



Bad Customer Service: General Manager Uses Derogatory, Racist Language



Some family came over to visit from Spain and while out and about we decided to hit a sandwich shop named after a train that travels underground. It was their first visit to the United States, and didn't speak very good English, so I was the go-to translator, explaining the menu and ingredients.

Obviously, we were hanging around for a while before going up to actually order, but we were hanging back, waving people on ahead of us and I was scribbling orders on a piece of scratch paper and reading it back to my family to make sure it was right. So although we were in a big chattering group, we were in no way hindering business or other customers.

One girl at the registers did a lot of eye rolling, breath huffing, and "ohmagawd"-ing at us under her breath. This was the start of things going south. (Girl 2 was assisting other customers at the time we got things sorted.)

Girl 1 huffed and puffed and snapped that they didn't have a requested bread. When I asked which breads they did have she threw her arms up like I was asking her to peel a grape and hand feed it to me and said, still rudely, that they had every bread except that one.

She punched in the order like a sulking child; angrily stabbing buttons with one finger as hard as she could, and blowing out angry breaths every five seconds.

I decided that I had enough and told her to stop, and that we would be helped by Girl 2.

Girl 1 spun on her heels and stomped into the back, stage muttering a very derogatory word for Mexicans. (Never mind that my family is from Spain and it's technically the wrong derogatory word, but to even use a derogatory word at all...)

Me: "EXCUSE ME?!" 

Girl 1 laughs loudly and doesn't even turn around to face me as she continues out of sight.

Girl 2 is very nice, takes our orders, agrees that they are out of the requested bread, but suggests another that is pretty similar and might serve as a substitute. Agree, pay, request a manager.

Girl 2 suddenly grimaces. Looking very pained, she subtly jerks her thumb over her shoulder and leans toward me. "That was the General Manager. She's the highest ranking person here, and anyone you complain to here doesn't have the authorization to do anything to her."

Freddy2 089Me: "What?? Are you kidding me?? Who hired a racist, aggressive and rude person to be a manager of a business that serves people?"

Girl 2: [Sigh]. "Who else? Corporate. She's here on a 'training' mission and the lot of us are just dotting our i's till she moves on. Corporate only sees that she runs a tight ship, and that's enough for them to offhandedly dismiss the complaints they get."

As I stand, flabbergasted, she leans just a smidge closer, "I don't want to discourage you, but I don't know how successful your complaint would be. My advice? Complain anyway and pray that yours will be the straw that breaks the camel's back... And yes, I heard what she said. Maybe discrimination is the last nudge?" She gives me another awkward, pained grimace, then loudly and cheerfully wishes us a good day as she hands our bags to us.

We had ordered "for here" but perhaps with wisdom beyond her years, she gave them to us in "to-go" bags so we didn't feel obligated to stay in the building.

I was left with food and increasingly concerned family members, who didn't understand all of that but saw our expressions well enough. I had to explain the situation, half in tears because I didn't want to repeat what was said.

It took me some time before I could talk coherently enough to be able to make the call to corporate. They'll 'look into it' and 'get back to' us at a later time.



Job Search Hell: The Exact Opposite Of "How To Get A Job"


Jason 050aaFrom 11Petrichor, TalesFromRetail

So we're in the wonderful time of "seasonal hiring". Which means I have to give out applications to anyone that wants one. Enter Surprise Bigot Face Tattoo Man! SBFTM for short.

I am doing some manger-y type stuff, actually, I think I was 30 seconds from phoning my DM's boss at that point and letting everyone in corporate have it. But that is another, less funny, more rage inducing story.

So SBFTM walks up and the following conversation happens:

SBFTM: Are you guys hiring?

Me: Yup.

SBFTM: Is it permanent positions or just seasonal?

Me: Just seasonal. All our permanent positions are filled right now.

SBFTM: Cool! Can I get an application?

Me: Yeah, give me like 3 minutes because our printer runs on unicorn dreams and jams if you look at it sideways.

SBFTM: Can you fill it out for me too?

Me (Complete with "suck my dick. you aren't funny at all" face): No.

SBFTM: But I don't like doing work.

Me: Then you probably don't want this application.


Me: Because we fucking work while we're here, guy. This is a job.

There were probably lasers shooting from my eyes at this point. Fucking seriously? Come in to my store looking for a job, and tell me, THE MANAGER WHO WILL PROBABLY MAKE THE DECISION ON YOUR EMPLOYMENT that you don't want to do the level of work of filling out the application much less the work we do all fucking day????? Get the fuck out guy, right the fuck now.

Carolanne 041As expected, my printer took 4 tries to print the single page job app. SBFTM took this opportunity to save his ass with a joke.

SBFTM: Why do all the ladies love Jesus?

Me: Um. Jesus is none of my business.

SBFTM: But why do all the ladies love him?

Me: I have no clue, because I don't know anything about Jesus.

SBFTM: Because he's hung like this!!!!!! ROFLCOPTER 11!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALAWL

SBFTM spread his arms out as if on a cross. You know the dumb ass joke, and you know on how many levels that's not the joke you tell to get a job. So before I have even printed his application, he's not getting the job. Ever. In a million years. But I print it anyway, hand it to him and expect him to leave. Nope. He needs a pen. Because if he "doesn't fill it out now, he'll forget and never will".


About 45 minutes passes. I forget about SBFTM. But he comes back, with the app, no pen (steal a pen from me and still want me to hire you? Might be super petty at this point but I had my mind made up about him and hated him at this point.) and a NEW JOKE!!!

SBFTM: How do Germans tie their shoes?

I respond with no more than a raised eyebrow and an "Are you fucking kidding me right now" face.


I about-faced, grabbed my biggest marker, and wrote NO on his app before putting it in the reject pile.



What's the Worst Thing You've Been Called at Work: Racist Custy Encounter



From: RHUer

It started out as a typical customer experience, then jumped off a cliff and past the moon on a bicycle.

I say, "No, I'm afraid I physically cannot do that."

They say: "Manager!"

I say to manager, "They want--"

They say, "Baa, Baa, Black Shit. She's refusing to help me because I'm white and she's black."

Manager: "... SHE'S the one with the race problem!?"