Retail Balls Awards: Instead of Returning Shopping Cart to Storefront, walmart Customer Throws it In a Ditch and Gets Confronted By Another Customer




From December, 2010

This Newbie Slave and their mother get a Retail Ball Award for their amazing Random Act of Retail Kindness when they did something about a misbehaving parking lot crusty:

Haven't worked in retail for a VERY long time, but I'm a big fan of the site, so my sympathies stay fresh.

I live in Northern Canada, and right now, it's freezing outside. I feel sorry for a lot of people in this weather, but the poor minimum-wagers who have to run around collecting shopping carts from Walmart and the grocery stores... well, they're at the top of my list. People seem to get really entitled and jerky around the Christmas season, and yes, we're all stressed out, but those people behind the counters and cash registers are people too!

Last night, I was waiting for my father in the parking lot of Walmart, and this man and his girlfriend push their cart full of bags to their truck and load it up. Then, in front of my very eyes - I couldn't believe it - he THROWS THE CART INTO THE SNOW-FILLED DITCH NEXT TO THE PARKING LOT.

Yes. He actually threw it. Picked it up, turned it upside down and threw it into the ditch. The ditch that is 2-feet deep of snow, and it's -30 outside. To make matters worse, there was an employee walking around the parking lot collecting carts at that exact moment. I don't know if the employee saw it, but he sure couldn't have ignored it - he (or someone) would have had to wade into that snow in their cheap uniform and dig it out.

So, having nothing to do at the moment, and my mother with me, as pissed and indignant as myself, and egging me on, I decided that if that guy was going to be an asshole, I would make him (and his girlfriend) feel like crap about it.

So I walked over to the truck, where they were now comfortably sitting, and waved at them.  When they looked, I gave him the finger, and walked into the ditch and wrestled the cart out of the snow.

I called "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you know that there are actual PEOPLE who have to deal with this crap?" and he stopped the truck as he was pulling out of the parking spot. 

For a second, I thought he was going to get out and come help me, yell at me, or something, but then he started reversing again, and clearly meant to high tail it out of there.

JcAt this point, I'd (somehow) managed to get the cart out of the ditch (and the bottom half of my pants were soaked and freezing quickly), so I pushed it towards the main entrance of the store, cutting in front of his truck on my way and giving him the finger again.

I have never seen a girlfriend look SO ashamed to be with someone.

I swear, she sunk so low in her seat I thought she was going to end up on the floor of the truck while they were driving away. Even my mother flipped them off.

I don't really mind if people don't put their carts in the exact right place every time - I'm totally guilty of shopping-cart-abandonment. But I always make sure that it's in no one's way, not blocking anyone's driving or parking, and won't cause any employees a major hassle to get to it. I can't even IMAGINE why someone would think that it was alright to do something like that.

Retail slaves, I don't tell you this to blow my own horn (even if making that entitled prick look like an asshole in front of his girlfriend felt AWESOME).

I tell you this so you know that even in the chaos and stress of the holiday season, there are still people out there that are really, really grateful for the work that you do to help make Christmas (or your gift-giving holiday of choice) happen for us all.

Happy Holidays!

--Newbie Slave



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Customer Kindness: Restaurant Customer Buys Homeless Man a $100 Gift Card and Leaves Server a $30 Tip



From u/CopeH1984:  Just want to mention this lady that came into my bar tonight. I'm not sure what her name was but she met a homeless man outside of our restaurant tonight and bought him a $100 gift card for food. She also tipped 30% on it when I would have been fine with a zero. This bud's for you nice lady!





Mistaken Identity Kindness Makes a Difference



From u/builtbybama_rolltide I Don't Work Here Lady:

Yesterday I was browsing a box box store while waiting for a prescription. I wandered over to the hair color aisle and was looking at the different colors debating on switching up my hair color. Noticing a woman debating between 2 colors on a brand I knew that turned out really dark I recommend she use the lighter of the 2 colors and told her they ran really dark. She was appreciative as no woman wants a home hair color disaster.

Just then an older gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and asked where he could find mousse. I smiled and asked what kind he needed. He had no clue. His wife just said mousse. Ok no worries. I grabbed him mousse that I use and told him it was a good product and I hoped she would be happy with it. Then he asked about facial wipes. Since I wasn't doing anything besides waiting I took him over to the cosmetics section and helped him find the facial wipes.

At this point my name was called over the speaker to come to pharmacy. I excused myself to go and told him I'm sorry but my prescription is ready. He had a moment of realization I didn't work there and apologized profusely and thanked me so much for my help. He had tears in his eyes y'all. I asked him why he was crying and he said his wife was just diagnosed with cancer and he was out of his element buying lady products. That my kindness to him was so unexpected and how grateful he was. I hugged him and said it's the least I could do and besides he helped me pass the time waiting for my prescription. Just a story that shows not every customer that makes a mistake is going to be a jerk. He was the sweetest and most polite gentleman and I truly enjoyed helping him even if I didn't work there.







Retail Kindness: It’s okay, I’ve been there


Carolanne 005

From u/okayellie  Tales From Retail:

I was working the return counter today and had a woman and her two children approach. She sheepishly asked if she could checkout here incase her newly issued store credit card didn’t work as she didn’t want to be humiliated.

Immediately my heart felt for her because I’ve been in her shoes many times before. All she had in her cart was school clothing for her children.

Her new store credit card had not been mailed yet so she did not have the cvv. She was unable to use it. I advised her to call our corporate office and see if they could help. We are not allowed to hold items but I promised to save the clothing for her. I took down her name and tucked them safely away.

She called about an hour later and said she was only able to use it online until it comes in. She was really bummed as she found a lot of great clearance deals and her kids had already tried everything on.

I asked her to grab a pen and paper and told her I would give her the numbers for every item so she could order everything she picked out online.

I spent about 45 minutes on the phone reading item numbers off to her. She was so thankful and I felt like I did a good thing. This woman just needed to get school clothing for her children and I’m so incredibly thrilled I was able to help.

It’s nice to have a happy story for this sub!









Awesome Customers: The Case of the Missing Three Bean Salad



From u/reddeadtabbart Tales From Retail:

So, yesterday sucked. Majorly. I woke up with a migraine but forced myself to go to work because I need money for my wedding. My coworker left at 6, since he didn’t want to be in on his day off, leaving me to do all the closing. It was busy all damn day, and when it was finally time to close I started packaging up my hotcase. I’m about halfway done when this gentleman approaches me. I’m dead tired and my brain is trying to explode, but I put on a big smile.

M(e): Hello there sir! How can I help you today?

G(ent): I was wondering if you knew where the three bean salad is.

M: well, if it’s not across the way it may be in our case next to Chinese. Let’s go check.

I lead him there and lo and behold it’s not there.

M: Apparently it’s not here but I know that salad bar sometimes has it if you want me to check.

G: That’d be great.

So I go to the back and check. No three bean, but I do have four bean with very similar ingredients. I take it out.

M: I found this. It’s not three bean but it’s pretty similar. Would you like some?

G: Yes. A pint please.

I take him back to kitchen to weigh up a pint and hand it over.

M: have a great day sir!

G: you too.

As I put it in his hand he slips something in mine and vanishes. I look down and he’s given me a fifty dollar tip. I cry a bit to our dishwasher and give ten to the salad bar guy for helping me.

To whomever you are, thank you. Fifty might not be much, but to a girl who’s struggling to pay for her wedding it means the world.

Tl;dr- Man wants three bean. I find four bean and get him some. He gives me 50 dollars. Good man