Easter Tales: Cheery Ladies and Easter Eggs


Easter 016

From EliBloodthir, Tales From Retail:

So it was a busy Saturday but of course it was Easter Saturday, people rushing through to buy what they can because the store is closed tomorrow and everyone panics. I was on my usual spot on the self checkouts.

For the most part people are either slightly cheery or inconveniently silent to be polite, the british way. I have some really cheery friendly ladies come through. CL will be cheery ladies M for Me. X: Manager X

Me: Hello ladies, cash or card today? CL: Card please but can you assist us on these items they don't have barcodes? Me: no problem! Come this way to this till

(Products in my company often don't have barcodes but lookups and shortcodes, it's alright for me but for customers who are new it's often overwhelming )

After it's all done I wave the ladies goodbye and I think I'm done with them. Oh boy they come back five minutes later.

CL: Hello again we got more! We know what todo this time though

Me: I thought I was having deja vu for a second, did you like the sale price?

CL: Yeah for sure, can't go wrong with half price easter goodies!

Me: of course not, who doesn't love a good bargain! I left them be for them to finish their transaction before they came over to me.

CL: we would like for you to have one of these Easter eggs, we feel you were so friendly and helpful to us and because you're having to put up with people this Easter we think you deserve it.

Me: Honestly I'm flattered but I'm not allowed to take anything from customers but if you'd like to leave feedback that's on the receipt.

CL: Is there anyone else that I could talk to or give the eggs to?

Me: You could talk to my manager X?

CL: Okay! Thank you Eli have a lovely Easter!

Me: Thank you, you enjoy yours also!

The ladies went off and spoke to my manager, who usually speaking just gives a thumbs up to good feedback but she came over to me this time.

X: Well done Eli those ladies were really happy with your service!

Me: thank you...

She cut me off before I could finish.

X: Oh and they left you these...

The Easter eggs they wanted to give me.

Definitely a better easter than I imagined!

-- EliBloodthirst





Feel Good Retail Moment: Home Goods Sales Associate Makes Customer's Day


Carolanne 006

From  jack-o-lyn,  Tales From Retail:

I work at a home goods store and I had a customer interaction that I can’t stop smiling about. I was going about my business like any other day when a lady approached the cash wrap with only 2 or 3 small items, one of them being a cute salad plate. We chatted a bit about the plate and I finished up and sent her on her way. About 10 minutes later I see her at my register again with her bag from before and another of the salad plates. She looked really down so I made a face like “what’s wrong?”

Apparently she dropped the plate and broke it when she was putting it in her car and she had to muster up enough courage to come back to purchase the other one. I told her it was no problem and she could just go ahead and take the other one and I’d simply write off the damaged one. She looked at me with almost tears in her eyes and leaned over my register and gave me a hug. As I was wrapping the second plate she kept telling me how wonderful I was being and told me many blessings were coming my way.

When I have customers like her it reminds me why I do what I do.

-- jack-o-lyn










Easter Kindness: Grocery Store Customer's Kind Act Brightens a Difficult Easter



From Captain Ham:

Just a short thing but im in a parking lot sobbing right now.

I've been struggling to find another job and just dealing with a lot, and it's the first Easter without my Nana- who always made the holiday nice. 
My mom left me a bit of money for the weekend while I'm home alone and I went to get some veggies and fruit to have something healthier than cereal to eat. It cut it a bit close for my liking since I was gonna have to stretch 20 bucks for food and gas- and then this kind lady ahead of me turns back and asked me if I was buying the veggies and fruits for myself, and when I said yes, tells the cashier "I'll buy this young man's groceries today." Pulls out cash and buys my whole order for me. I didn't have to put anything back and she let me keep the change that was left over as well.
She just honestly made my day and I'm still crying in my car. I've been really stressed and was buying some healthy stuff to see if that'd help me feel less terrible and more human. And I've been trying  to not think about the holiday as it's still really raw for me thinking about my Nana.
She let me give her a few hugs as I stood there crying like a fool and just being really overwhelmed and so thankful. I just have no words for how much that meant to me right then. (And then the sweet woman looks me up and down and says "Now, I'm going to mother you, zip up your coat and stay warm. Happy Easter."
--Captain Ham






Retail Kindness: I made a man cry in the printer aisle today


Carolanne 006

From  JarDe-, Tales From Retail:

I work in a technology retailer as a technology sales associate, and have a plethora of stories about people being tech-illiterate. This is not one of them. (Apologies if my story telling sucks, not much of a writer)

Today, a man who earlier today bought ink for his inkjet printer, was looking for laser printer alternative. I went up to him and asked what he was looking for, in hopes of finding the best possible printer for him. After roughly 10-15 mintues of friendly back-and-forth, we pick-out a few that would work perfectly for him. I assumed this new printer isn't a top priority considering he'd bought ink earlier. Since none of our printers were on sale, I told him I'd write down some dates the printers will most likely be going on sale on.

He looked pretty happy about that and thanked me.

I proceeded to write down all the printers we decided would work for him, every possible sale day in the next month, prices of toner, and what each of the important notes were for each printer.

I go to hand him my note, and he's wiping tears off his face.

Me: Are you alright, Sir?

Him: Yeah, wipes his face, I just haven't felt cared for very much recently... I went in for surgery earlier this month, and nobody so much as gave me a phone call. Thank you for spending this time with me today, I appreciate it.

I took my break right after that because I was about to start tearing up too.

-- JarDe-







Groomer Kindness: The Matted Dog



From  MissBitch25, Tales From Grooming:

A woman comes in the other day with her dog wrapped in a towel. It's busy, so I tell her I'll be with her in a moment and finish up with the other customers while she waits quietly on one of our chairs. I call to her and she tells me her dogs name and that he has an appointment. She looks upset, so I walk over and kneel down next to her while I get the usual information.

Me: What are we doing to Mr. T today?

She looks at me sadly.

Her: Whatever you can.

Okay. That's odd. She tells me her dog is in rough shape. I laugh. A lot of customer tell us that. She slowly pulls back the towel and my jaw drops. I have never seen a dog so matted in my life. Matts that had to be at least six inches thick if not more. Matts wrapped around his legs, his tail, his face.

Me: Oh my fucking god.

I couldn't help it. It slipped out. She bursts into tears. She then begins to tell me how she had had to leave her ex's place at the last minute after a bad break up. She had left her dog with the Ex and he assured her he would take care of it. He didn't. She had been couch surfing and frantically trying to find a place and get back on her feet. She had been sending her EX money for the dog, for grooming appt. For food and vet appts. He had done none of it. He hadn't even brushed the dog. He had let it get like this as revenge for her ending the relationship. She takes my hand and begs me to help her dog.

I rub her hand and calmly explain to her that I don't know if we can, but we'll try. I am honest with her.

Me: He might need a vet to take care of him. He might need to be sedated for this. We will certainly try, but he might be beyond our help.

She nods and hands me his vet paperwork. She had gotten him every shot they could give him. She continues to sob while she tells me how much she loves this dog and how furious she was when she saw him.

Her: I know he's in pain. I know he won't look very good. I'm not expecting show quality or anything. Just please help him! I don't want him in pain.

Me: We will certainly try, ma'am. I'm just telling you worst case scenario.

I go tell my boss and she gives the woman a paper talking about the side effects of being dematted. She tells her what I had told her. That we would try, but it might not be possible. She asks if the woman would be okay with keeping the dog here for a while so we could go slowly and not hurt or stress him.

Her: Anything! Anything you have to do, do it. Anything you need me to do, I'll do. I don't care what it costs. Just tell me and I'll do it! Please! Help him.

Boss: He's going to be naked, you know?

Her: Whatever you have to do. Just tell me what you need from me. It'll be done.

She hands over the dog and leaves. We all stand around the table looking at this dog, not knowing where to start or how. Finally the dematting starts. He's pretty good for it, but it takes two people to get through it. Three people are working on this dog. Two dematting and one grabbing stuff from the table to toss away or running and getting things the other two need. Two ours later, we call the woman.

He's covered...COVERED...in fleas. His skin looks like it's moving. We need to douse him in flea shampoo, but it's going to dry out his already irritated skin. Can we use a conditioner on him?

Her: Do it!

It'll cost...

Her: I don't care. Do it.

In the tub he goes. We wash him three times in flea shampoo, then soak him in the best conditioner we have.

We call her to come get him.

She walks in the door and we hand her the bill. We didn't charge her as much as we should have, but it was still pretty high. She pays it without batting an eye lash. The dog trots out happily, jumps around, yips and she bursts into tears again. She picks him up and hugs him tight.

Her: He looks great! Oh my god! MY baby! Thank you so much!

We tell her how he was, that he was surprisingly very good, though he did have some tender areas. We point them out, give her some advice and things to watch for.

He's cute, but obviously he's shaved. When his fur grow's back we'll clip him again and make him cuter. Bring him back in six weeks and we can trim up his face and everything.

She says she will and how thankful she is. She can't believe we were able to get through all that. She leaves and the whole place gets hosed down with flea killer but everyone is happy.

We helped a dog in dire straights and made her day. The poor puppy can now run and jump like a normal dog without being weighed down by tons and tons of matts.

-- MissBitch25





Heartwarming Retail Moment: The Lost Photo


Carolanne 020

From General_Gator, Tales From Retail:

This happened today. I’m just doing my job during the slower times of the day and cleaning up some of the shops and running clothes and accessories to where they should be after customers move them around.

In the midst of me doing the running I spot a photo on the ground, it looked like an older photo, like it was taken years ago. I pick it up and take a quick look: it was a older man, looked to be in his 70s at the time, and he is laughing and looks to be very happy, upon this I radio to my manager and inform him I’ve found someone’s lost photo and I’ll be leaving it at the registers.

Couple hours go by and I’m now in the fitting room, getting clothes ready to go back to the floor to be put on display after people have tried them on and said no, when this lady (L) with her son comes in.

Me: Hi! Are you looking to try anything on right now?

L: Oh, no actually, I was here earlier and am just wondering if I can check the rooms to see if a picture I lost earlier is here.

Me: Oh, was it a picture of an older gentleman laughing?

L: Yes! That’s exactly it!

Me: Yes I found it earlier today, let me grab it for you!

I quickly go and get the photo for her

L: Oh my goodness thank you so much!

Me: You’re very welcome! It is a very lovely picture.

L: Thank you, It’s my father, he recently passed away and this is on of my favourite photos of him, I was hoping to get a new copy of it to put in my wallet.

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you can get the wallet photo.

L: Thank you.

The lady left with her son and she seemed to be tearing up. It made me smile to know that I possibly saved a cherished memory for someone and made someone happy.