Cashier Hell: Customer's card broken = our incompetence



From Eatenplace7439, Tales From Retail:

Background: Fuck background, it's retail.

Customer complaint:

Chip reader at the register did not work and I was not given an alternative way to pay. Left the store with over $100 sitting on the counter. The manager at this store should be fired for not maintain infrastructure to conduct normal business. (competitor) thanks him for providing them with a new customer.

Her card was visibly chewed up and unable to be inserted into our chip reader. We asked if she had any other payment to use, yelled no. I was called up front. I refused to type in the credit card manually because I couldn't even read the numbers as well as company policy. Was told I wouldn't have a job tomorrow and stormed off.









Black Friday Nightmares: A Wall Of People, Followed By... Horror



From Itorres89,  AskReddit

Two years ago... We had just let the doors open. Customers rushing in.

I'm working the customer service desk with two other employees. One, a grizzled veteran like myself. The other, a new girl. Fresh out of register training. We're hunkered down in our semi-circular service desk area like it's a foxhole in Vietnam.

Shirley (the veteran) casually breaks her change in the register while the new girl fumbles and fidgets with the shopping bags, trying to get them ready for quick bagging. I'm on the radio making sure everyone on the floor is ready with an RMU(Telxon) to do price checks.

First, we hear the register in electronics start beeping like mad as the team over there starts ringing up electronics deals. Then we hear the beeping coming from Layaway. Electronics is on the radio calling for support. We passed out tickets for the large TVs going on 60% off sale. Limited supply, they were already running out and it's only been 15 minutes.

OCTOCAROL 348Shirley speaks up. "Here they come.."

And a wall of customers comes rushing in and our registers are overrun. Already a customer is berating the new girl for not moving fast enough and daring to ask the customer for their rewards card. Shirley is busy bagging 5 (yes, FIVE) electric kettles... I'm trying to assist the new girl assisting the rude customer and I hear something coming from the cashiers needing assistance too. One at first, then two more... then all of the sudden...


We had to call in each. and. every. single. credit. card. transaction.

The horror......... The horror......




Cashier Hell: ...OH and my DISCOUNT!!!


Carolanne 024

From Galanube, Tales From Retail:

So I work in a retail store that sells things for cheaper than the normal price. Every Tuesday we do a discount for our customers aged 55 and up, sometimes it's too hard to guess and too rude to ask so I usually just rely on the customers telling me their age to avoid awkward situations.

One fine Tuesday evening I had a lady I guessed was maybe 40-45 ish buying a TON of stuff for herself and some gifts for her daughter she wanted to know what our return policy was just in case her daughter didn't like the gifts, I explained the policy and that she could also do gift receipts but it would only go back store credit. So she decides she gonna pay with a card and to save her the trouble I let her know that anything she buys with the card must returned on the same card.

She SAYS: "No, you're wrong. I went to the other store and they said if I run it as debit it's like cash"

To which I replied "Well that may be other stores but that's our policy here"

Again with the "No you're wrong"

I tried telling her again and again I couldn't fathom how she didn't believe me when I'm the one who works here.

So I give up and I'm grudgingly bagging the rest of her stuff I total her up she swipes her card and the receipt prints out...

Then she says "OH! And my discount!"

I just looked at her with my most "I am so done" face ever

I had to return $150 worth of stuff scan it all again and give her the discount

She even commented saying something along the lines of how I thought she was old and that she was annoying in a attempt to lighten the mood, and other things. I just gave her dead silence until she was done when I said "Thank you have a good one" out of obligation for my job




Cashier Hell: Yet another person who doesn't understand sales tax



From occipital_spatula, Tales From Retail:

Some people yesterday bought a cartful of groceries, including meat and a cake, both pretty expensive. Her total was $54

Lady: $54??? What the hell did I buy???

The cashier (I was bagging) reminded them of the meat and the cake, but she insisted something was wrong. He went through every item and told her what it was and the price of each item, and added it up with a calculator as he went.

She just shook her head.

Lady: I wanna see the receipt 'cause there is no way in hell this stuff is 54 dollars. This is why I don't shop here, you guys are crooked.

She paid with her food card and there was still a dollar and a few cents leftover.

Lady: And what the hell is this?? Everything should have come off, what didn't it cover?!

Cashier: The birthday candles.

Lady: Those should be a dollar, right??

Daughter: The sign said 99 cents.

Cashier: It's sales tax...

Daughter: But they're 99 cents.

Lady: Not here they're not.

They finished paying (meaning she threw two dollars and a nickel at the cashier and told him to keep the change) and left. You heard it here, folks, we are the only store ever to have a sales tax! We are the sole backbone of this country!