Grinchy Custys: "If my card numbers get stolen I'll know where to go.."



From unicornlvr, Tales From Retail:

I am no "special snowflake" when it comes to rude customers. I have been working retail for over 7 years now but this customer struck a cord with me. She will be RC for rude customer and ill be UL for (unicornlover)

UL: your total will be 76.85, please!

RC: you seriously don't have chip? Even Canada has that get with program..

UL: I'm sorry about that! A lot of stores don't have chip yet but we are still PCI compliant. We actually just got our certificate renewed a couple weeks ago.

RC: HA! Thats what they all say..Well let me tell you right now if my card numbers get stolen i know where to go.. RIGHT HERE. Seriously can't believe you don't have chip...

I just killed her with kindness the rest of the transaction. The rudeness of some people it shocking. I thought she was joking at first! Definitely a bit of shock in the morning.-







Cashier Hell with a Dumbass Custy: "I hate this chip thing! It's so confusing and takes so long!"



From robertdowneyjrjunior, Tales From Retail:

We have the chip and pin system pin pads at every register. We have a nice little infographic next to the pin pad that explains how to use it. The pin pad even tells you exactly how to use it. But literally every single day I'm on register I have to explain how to use it correctly but last night just really rustled my jimmies.

I go through a normal transaction with a customer and he goes to pay with his card. He swipes it and the pin pad makes an angry beeping noise and has a pop up that says PLEASE INSERT CARD FOR CHIP or something like that, I can't remember exactly what it says. He swipes the card again so I say, "Sir, you just need to insert your card for the chip, swiping won't work."

So he shoves his card into the chip slot and immediately pulls it out. The pin pad beeps angrily because that's not how the chip works. He then puts the wrong end of the card into the chip slot and yanks it back out. Pin pad does the angry beeps again.

Me: Sir, you had the card in the chip slot correctly the first time, you just need to leave the card in until it prompts you to remove it.

Customer: Oh so I need to swipe it?

Before I can say no, use the chip he swipes the card again. He then puts the card into the part you swipe through (can't think of the proper term for it) and aggressively swipes up and down super fast while the pin pad does the angry beeps. I can feel the back of my neck tightening up from trying to not take the card from him and put it in the pin pad myself.

Me: Sir you're going to ruin your card if you do that. You just need to reinsert the card for the chip and leave it in or your card won't work for this purchase.

Customer: I hate this chip thing! It's so confusing and takes so long!

He jams the card into the pin pad so hard that it makes the angry beep and prompts for him to remove the card. Instead of doing that he stares at me while the pin pad continues to beep.

Me: The card was put in a little too hard and you just need to remove it and try again, you just need to lightly push it until it clicks.

Customer: But you said leave it in.

Me: I did but there's been an error.

Customer: If I get charged for this more than once I'm coming back.

I reassure him he won't be charged multiple times and he FINALLY manages to put the card in correctly and leave it in. The entire time this was happening he had this pleasantly oblivious look on his face, like somehow this was entertaining or not extremely frustrating.

I want to say "I can wait for people to figure out the chip cards" but then I remember that once a week I have to explain to an adult that's at least in their 30s how to swipe their card through the pin pad.



Cashier Hell: When Customers Shop at the Check Out




From  iamtobs, Tales From Retail:

I work in retail and I'm the only one on the register because it's a slow night. A nice looking lady comes up with a cart full of about twenty pairs of socks and a few pairs of shoes.

Already dreading this transaction due to everything having hard tags, I start ringing up all of the items.

While I'm ringing everything up she's telling me about how they don't have socks at home and that's why she's getting so many. Wtf but okay.

Everything was done when suddenly she said she only has $100 and her total was about $150. Great.

She then proceeds to empty her bags on the counter and ask me her opinion on everything, and handing things she doesn't want anymore back to me.

By now, my time is at about ten minutes because we get timed and scored on our transactions.

She keeps going through each pile and asking me her opinion and changing her mind until, twenty minutes later, she's satisfied and under $100.

Then the next night, she's back at my register and returning everything.

-- iamtobs



Techtyger: Credit Card Companies Make New Rules Involving Tipping



From TechTyger:

Saw this at work... I work for a credit card processing company. The card companies have gotten together and made some new rules about tipping. 
“Based on the card brand rules the tip tolerance must not exceed 20% and depends on the merchant category code. If the final transaction amount does exceed the set tolerance amount the merchant must obtain an additional authorization and process a separate transaction for the amount that exceeds the tolerance amount."
And merchants -hate- to run multiple transactions, because each one costs them money... a few cents, mainly, but they're as bad as soccer moms with coupon binders... 
There was more to it, but a lot of technical jargony stuff, for different industries.  Not sure how it'll work in the terminals, whether it'll automatically do a new transaction, or prompt for 'excessive tip' or something... some of them will currently require a password to put in a tip over 25%.




Labor Day Weekend Gas Station Hell: Transaction Cancelled


Carolanne 002

From Tales From RetailMetroidOO7:

I’ve been working pumping gas for a fairly large grocery chain and I really had my first TFR moment yesterday.

So it’s labor day weekend, pretty busy for the station I work at, we get rushes that last anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the time of day.

At the start of one of them in the early afternoon I encounter perhaps one of the longest interactions just setting everything up for a customer that I have had.

The customer is an old man, and a rather slow one at that. He pulls in at a regular speed, stops and gets out of the car.

M (me): Hi how are we doing today?

OM (Old Man): good, can you check the number for my rewards card, it’s XXX-XXX-XXXX.

M: Alright.

So I go, punch in the numbers and no discount shows up.

M: So there wasn’t a discount, do you want me to check again to make sure.

OM: Ok.

Transaction Cancelled

I punch in the number again and still no discount.

M: So there still isn’t a discount.

OM: Ok, but it is the number for the account right.

M: It seems to be.

Transaction Cancelled

Carolanne 003So, with full knowledge of the customers lack of a discount I continue on, i run his card and get to the next screen when he notices it.

OM: Why is the price higher on here?

M: It shows the highest possible price that the gas could cost by law, which is the credit price, you shouldn’t worry about it you’ll be fine.

OM: ok.

I press the button to continue on to the next screen when out of nowhere.

Transaction Cancelled

So I run his card again, and lo and behold, it is credit.

M: So as it turns out, you will be getting the higher price because you are paying with credit

OM: Oh no, I don’t want to do that I’ll pay with cash instead.

Transaction Cancelled

M: So how much would you like with cash today?

OM: fifteen dollars.

M: Alright.

So I get it all set up and get the gas pumping. It’s at this point when at the end of my patience I go to help another customer and I don’t have to interact with OM again.

A few minutes later I see the cashier take him his change, after which he stares at his receipt for a minute and then drives off at what seemed to be a leisurely crawl.