From Restaurant_Slave, March 2010:

Hello RHU world!

Today I bring you a tale of vouchers and gift certificates.
(The following story includes idiot custys trying to use two 10% off meals vouchers on the same bill. And balls of steel to tell them no.)

Roll back to January '11, we offered vouchers to customers for 10% off their meals, to be used before January 31st 2011. It clearly states on the vouchers that they were for one food bill only and one per customer, they also have no monetary value.

Now, every time I offered someone one of these vouchers, I always told them the rules so they knew. Most people were fine and remembered...some didn't.

Cue a table of 4 that were booked in, had their meals and drinks, everything was fine for them. Here's the kicker, they were friends of the boss (bossman told me himself he knew them personally). Now I'm pretty sure all of you fellow slaves know how entitled custys can be when they know the bossman/woman. These people were no different.

They come up to my little desk to pay their bill, ask what their total is, I tell them and hand over their copy of the bill so they can see for themselves. Instead of nicely putting the voucher in my hand, they toss 2 vouchers in my general direction without so much as a "oh, by the way I have a voucher". For some inexplicable reason my temper is pretty short these days (must be the years of dealing with idiots), and I may have been a little bit rude back to them.

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but you can only use one of these vouchers, it does clearly state on the bottom one per food bill" (I had moved slightly backwards at this point nearer the telephone as the guy's face had gone from happy to 'you fucking what?!' in seconds)

Idiot: "but we've come as couples and we want to pay separately with these vouchers. You should have made us separate bills!"

Jason 026a

Me: "I'm sorry, but because you did not tell me when you first came in that you wanted separate bills, I did not write out separate bills, I do not write out separate bills unless I am asked. I'm not a mind reader. Now I will accept one, and only one voucher. You will have to pay the rest of the bill in money."

Idiot "Well I don't like your attitude. I know Bossman he said I could use both of them, and he will not be happy that you will not accept our second voucher."

Me: "Go right on ahead with that, I'll just go get him" (he was in the kitchen, I went and explained the situation to him and he said to just keep telling them only one voucher)

Me: "Bossman has told me he has not said anything of the sort, and that you can use one of the vouchers, as I have repeatedly told you. So please hurry up and pay, you're holding up my restaurant, I have customers waiting to be served which I cannot do at the moment."

Idiot "Chuntering away under his breath - something about 'stupid idiot girl, doesn't know what she's doing' "

I ignore his chuntering and steady stream of swears, make him fork over the money and voucher for the bill (I had deducted the 10%), I see him trying to make a grab for both of the vouchers back, so I grabbed one of the vouchers and scrawled in huge black letters VOID. Gave him a sickly sweet 'I secretly want to kill you' smile, handed him back the still valid voucher, put the money in the till and went to serve my customers.

Jason 023

As I was serving customers, I thought he was finally gone, he shouted from the doorway "I'm not giving you a tip, you're a stupid uneducated cow".

I tried to resist the urge to shout back, it failed.

M: "I'm not uneducated, I have 7 GCSE's from A to C, and 5 A Levels, and I'm going to Oxford."

His face dropped.

Sorry that it was so long, I felt that everyone should laugh at his incompetence.


BTW RHU'ers...

I'm not really going to Oxford, I told him that for the funsies :)

--Restaurant_ Slave


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Retail Balls Award: Restaurant-Scamming Customer Gets Told



From Jeni, October, 2009:

This happened to me a few years ago in a small town, locally owned restaurant.

I was working the night shift with a cook and another waitress. We don't have a supervisor or manager on duty at night because it's such a small place and there are usually no complaints or issues. The restaurant is dead and we are closing up for the night when a woman strolls in and orders a hamburger. Easy, the other waitress working that night serves her and goes back to dish duty.

Halfway through the burger, the customer stops the waitress and complains that she ordered a cheese burger not a regular and there is a hair in her food. (cheese burgers are 50 cents extra) the waitress apologized, sincerely thinking she got the order wrong.

The customer then pulls the bun off and sitting neatly on top of her half burger patty is one long, blonde hair. The waitress is black and has short hair, our cook is bald, and I am a red head.

The customer demands that she get a free cheese burger and demand that she doesn't have to pay for this one either. I quickly call the owner and fill him in on the situation and he agrees to let her have the free meal.

I worked with the same two people the next night, when the same blonde woman comes in and again, orders a hamburger and tries her little scam out on us thinking we've got amnesia.

As soon as she insists that she ordered one with cheese and that there's a hair in it, I quickly rush over and act, knowing that if she gets away with it tonight as well, my coworkers and I will be docked another collective $10 for two burgers we had to give away from our already tiny paychecks.

OCTOCAROL 217CI walk up to the counter and ask the woman what the issue is and she immediately starts screaming that we're poisoning her by putting our "bodily parts" in her food.

She shows me the long blonde hair and claims she also asked for cheese.

I informed her that no one who is working has hair like that in her burger. She insists and throws a fit, expecting us to give in just as easily as last night.

I call the cook out and she sees that no one working that night has long, blonde hair.

She comes back with,"You must not clean well, this hair is from people on the morning shift and is in my food!"

I lose it, slam my fists on the countertop, get real close to her and whisper, "Listen to me, you cheap bitch, you came in here last night and pulled the same shit. It costs me money to give your ass free food. I'm not stupid."

She gasps and tells me that she knows the owner and won't stand to be cursed at by the likes of me.

Not wanting to call the owner and confirm, I was pretty confident that she didn't in fact know the owner and was playing me for a chump.

I shot back with a hasty, "Oh really, we've met? Because I don't seem to recall you!"

She shut her mouth and searched for something to say while I got closer to her and told her "Get the fuck out of my restaurant. If you ever come back, I'll have you arrested for theft."

She grabbed her purse, dug for her wallet and slammed a fist full of cash on the counter.

As she walked out the door, she turned around and gave me a look.

While I screamed, "OUT!" at the top of my lungs.

The wad of cash contained $56.

We rung up the amount of her bill and split the change, counting it as a well deserved tip.








Hellspawn Tales: "Does THIS belong to you?"



From Joe The Cigar Guy, August, 2009:

Observed in a local (Washington, D.C.) restaurant:

The place was sparsely populated. Only three tables out of twenty-five were occupied. At the front of the place was a party of four: a couple of 30-somethings and a couple of 60-somethings. They're talking, talking, talking and having a good time. But wait...they're actually a party of five. The fifth member of their group was a boy about five years old. And he is very methodically going from table to table, unscrewing the tops of the salt and pepper shakers, and dumping the contents on the tabletops. When one of the female servers tried to stop him, he yelled, "You're not my mommy!" He then ran into the bar area. When he came back into the dining room, he started chanting, "I wanna go home, I wanna go home, I wanna go HOME!"
And the whole time, neither Mom, Dad, Grandpa nor Grandma even looked in his direction. They didn't take any notice when he plowed into a server carrying a full tray of food. When he walked up to my table and announced, "You're UGLY!", I'd had enough. I took him by the shirt and frog-marched him up to his family's table. 
"Does THIS belong to you?  If it does, you better get him away from me, 'cause I'm this close to kicking his ASS!"
All four of them looked at me like I was from Mars. I pointed out the damage he'd done. They all continued to stare at me. Then Mom reached into her purse and brought out a candy bar. "Here Michael, come sit by Mommy."
No apology, no discipline, nothing. Little Michael got a REWARD!
I thought to myself, "Start saving up the bail money; you're gonna NEED it!"

--Joe The Cigar Guy