Awesome Customers: Pitching In To Help with Piggy Shopper Mess


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From SweenyToddsAssistant Tales From Retail:

I work in a franchise retail store here in the USA. As I was walking to the front of the store to retrieve items that customers give second thoughts, I spotted shish kabob sticks scattered all over the floor.

Me: Yaye, pick up sticks!!! ( nah, I didn't really say that)

Me ( For real): Really?

So I get on the floor and start picking up the sticks when a male homosapien customer comes to me.

MHC: Excuse me, miss? Sorry to bother, I know you're busy

Me: ( internally ) Not really, just picking up crap off the floor ( no sarcasm )

MHC: Do you know those juice pouches that infants drink out of?

Me: * Nods* Yes, sir

MHC: Do you know if ya'll carry the refillable pouches?

Me: Ummm, I don't know. Let me turn on my phone so I can look on our app ( my store has an app)

MHC: * Gets down on the ground and starts picking up the sticks* Thank you

Me: * Surprised* Oh, thank you, sir

MHC: So someone just makes a mess and walks away

Me: Yup, I witnessed a man spill his drink when I first came in and he just walked away

MHC: * Something about humans being indecent *

Me: Yup * Typing up the item he's looking for and trying to figure out how to spell refillable cause that's me for you*

Turns out we didn't have the item, but after I finished helping him he opened up the bag for me so I could put the sticks back in and he tried helping me up, but I got up myself cause I'm an independent woman who needs no man! Nah, I'm kidding, sheesh, take a joke.

Anyway, I told him he was the first customer to do something so nice. I wanted to post this on here cause I read too many rude customer stories on here and there are good ones out there, too.







A breath of fresh air in the craziness of the Father's day rush


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From  amazingkace Tales From Retail:

I work at an American retail store, famously known for its "hassle free/no receipt, no problem" returns.

I usually work at the registers on the far side of the store, but was unexpectedlyoved to the customer service registers due to a malfunction with my printer. I was thrown into a system I didn't entirely understand with a line I wasn't accustomed to.

Eventually I was doing a return for an older woman and her mother. While printing out the receipt, the woman suddenly asked me what my name was.

I wrote it on the receipt, and she leaned forward and said.

"This really is a thankless job and I'd just like you to know that we appreciate you and everything you do."

It really brightened up my day :)

I wanted to share a little nice something.







Retail Feel Good Moment: The Lost Photo



From General_Gator,  Tales From Retail:

I’m just doing my job during the slower times of the day and cleaning up some of the shops and running clothes and accessories to where they should be after customers move them around.

In the midst of me doing the running I spot a photo on the ground, it looked like an older photo, like it was taken years ago. I pick it up and take a quick look: it was a older man, looked to be in his 70s at the time, and he is laughing and looks to be very happy, upon this I radio to my manager and inform him I’ve found someone’s lost photo and I’ll be leaving it at the registers.

Couple hours go by and I’m now in the fitting room, getting clothes ready to go back to the floor to be put on display after people have tried them on and said no, when this lady (L) with her son comes in.

Me: Hi! Are you looking to try anything on right now?

L: Oh, no actually, I was here earlier and am just wondering if I can check the rooms to see if a picture I lost earlier is here.

Me: Oh, was it a picture of an older gentleman laughing?

L: Yes! That’s exactly it!

Me: Yes I found it earlier today, let me grab it for you!

I quickly go and get the photo for her

L: Oh my goodness thank you so much!

Me: You’re very welcome! It is a very lovely picture.

L: Thank you, It’s my father, he recently passed away and this is on of my favourite photos of him, I was hoping to get a new copy of it to put in my wallet.

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you can get the wallet photo.

L: Thank you.

The lady left with her son and she seemed to be tearing up. It made me smile to know that I possibly saved a cherished memory for someone and made someone happy.










Inspiring Customers: "What does the six stand for?"


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From anotherknockoffcrow Tales From Retail:

I do a lot of cashiering, and while customers watch me ring they frequently ask about my tattoos, specifically several low-quality stick n pokes on my left arm that I did myself. They are all very personal and I did them all very drunk with the exception of a tattoo of six tally marks.

Today I was ringing out a middle aged couple when the man asked me what the six stood for. I don't always tell customers what my tats mean because too often they think I'm looking for a rude opinion but this guy had been polite so far, so I said, > "I did it on my sixth day sober. It helped me get to seven."

Immediately the guy lifted his left arm to show me a tattoo of roman numerals and said, > "This was for four years sober."

It really took me surprise as the coolest part of my day. As yall can probably relate to I go into a lot of interactions with customers dreading what they're going to say to me so it's awesome to have a moment like this instead.









Retail Heaven: Brightening a Customer's Day


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From  Amezzeray, Tales From Retail:

So I'm a supervisor in a smallish grocery store. There was only 2 of us on so during a quiet period I took my colleague off for a break and manned the till. This exchange happened as I'm scanning and bagging (M = me. C = customer). This lady, a customer who IS NOT one of our regulars, had 3 small children with her.

M: So how are you today?

C (while trying to stop the kids touch the counter stock): Not my best day today.

M: Oh no! That's a shame.

C: People just won't stop hassling me today. I have 3 kids, my fella is away for work and people just won't stop calling me and knocking on my door and... do tell me if I'm boring you.

M: Never you mind (I hold my arms out) rant away at me!

C: It's just... Do you know what it's like to try and please everyone? To smile until your cheeks hurt? (Voice raising quite a bit now) To be polite to absolute inconsiderate... ignorant ... IDIOTS?!?!?!

I look at her and look down at the till, look up at the shop...

M: Well... (Pointing at the surrounding area)

She bursts into laughter, then after a couple of seconds I can't help but chuckle.

As she's paying:

C: Oh thanks for that! I needed a laugh and you've brightened up my day!

M: Glad to help (big effing grin on my face)

Thought this was a worthy one to use as my first entry onto this sub. Exchanges like this are few and far between in our circle. And it's lovely. It's days like this that make me realize that working in retail isn't that bad (most of the time)

-- Amezzeray





Retail Hell Memories: "You didn't have to do that.."


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From Lawsomepossom, Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a "bakery" in the mall that mostly sold cookies and cookie-cakes. We only make the cakes by order (although it only has to be 15-30 minutes in advance), and keep all of the completed order forms for about a week in case there are any issues, discrepancies, etc.

One day, I am helping customers as usual, and this nice couple hands me a $50 that they apparently found in front of the cash register. I was pretty stunned that not only a) did someone drop $50, but b) that this couple didn't just snatch it and run.

I took it to the back, and noticed it was triple folded in a strange way; not enough to be done on purpose, but too creased to be from a tri-fold wallet. I remembered one older gentleman who had just payed for a cookie cake about 5 minutes earlier with a card from a money clip, so I went to the completed order box, called the number and got his Wife on the phone (W).

Me: Hi, this is Name from Store, could you ask the gentleman who picked up this cake to come back, we think he left something at the counter.

W: He's still in the mall, I'll go ahead and let him know!

[couple minutes later, gentleman (GM) arrives]

Me: Hello Sir! Have you happened to noticed anything missing?

GM: Well, I got a call from my wife saying I had, so I checked everything, my keys, clip, phone. I'm pretty sure I've lost a $50 bill actually.

I pulled it out of my back pocket, and he is completely dumbfounded.

GM: That's incredible.. You know you didn't have to do that..

Me: [something trying to sound noble, can't quite remember]

He ended up handing me a $10 as a Thank-You, which was my largest tip over the 2 years I spent there. I felt obligated to find the money's rightful owner because of that selfless couple who didn't take it to begin with because I know 100% that I would have snagged it immediately.