Sacramento Homeless Man Hands Out His Resume in Front of Smart and Final and Lands a Job and Help Thanks To a Kind Custy and Facebook



From The Daily Mail:

A homeless man in California landed a job after handing out his resume to passersby instead of begging for money. 

Frederick Callison, 52, has been sitting outside a Smart & Final store in Sacramento for two years passing out his resume while holding sign that read 'need work and food'. 

On February 24, shopper Michael Marteen saw Callison outside the store and approached him, finding it refreshing that the man was trying to find work despite his difficult circumstances. 

The father-of-two said Callison had his food handler's certificate, Social Security card and ID with him to show he was serious about trying to find work. 


'When I asked if I could see his resume, he hopped right up to hand one to me and then started telling me all about his experience as if it were an interview,' Marteen, 25, told

'I've been in situations where I had nothing and had to bust my butt to get work, and there he was doing that, so I have a lot of respect for him,' he added. 

Marteen took photos of Callison and his resume and uploaded them to his Facebook page, where the pictures quickly went viral.  

Callison, a former line cook, moved from Washington to Sacramento two years ago in hopes of becoming a cook for the Salvation Army. 

When it didn't work out, he ended up living on the streets. Smart & Final allows him to stay on their property because he helps push carts at no charge. 

After Marteen posted the photos, someone reached out and offered Callison a job at a downtown restaurant called Pizza Rocks.


'He was ecstatic about landing a job and very grateful for the opportunity,' Marteen said. 'He was up the night before studying the menu for hours.' 

The restaurant gave him clothes to wear and a friend gave Callison a place to live until he can get back on his feet.


'It's easy to look at someone and not see anything but a homeless man, but after talking to him I realized he's so much more than that,' Marteen said. 'He's a well spoken, cool and friendly guy who knows what he wants and is going after it.'

A GoFundMe was set up for Callison, and the page has raised more than $2,600 for him. 

Marteen has helped Callison use the funds to buy a new phone, clothes, toiletries and other necessities. 

Marteen wrote in a Facebook update: 'You all should know, today Fred got treated like a King. Thanks to all of you! 

'Fred got a brand new phone with ‪#‎CricketWireless‬. His last phone charger for his old phone was stolen last night while he was sleeping. 

'We then went to ‪#‎Target‬ and purchased over $300 in new clothes, toiletries (body wash, soap, toothbrush etc) Brand new rain coat, brand new pants, socks and underwear. 

'He also has a new bus/regional transit pass. And a storage unit. But to end the day, with how bad the weather is, Fred will be in a Hotel the next 2 nights along with a full Pizza to himself. 

'He was beyond happy, thankful and greatful. Fred is getting there. He's adjusting to all this and for once he's not invisible. Because of all of you! Let's hit that Goal so we can get him a trailer to call home.' 

via TThe Daily Mail


Classic Retail Hell Frozen Over: The Guilt Trip That Wasn't


This story was originally posted on December 02, 2009.


Xmas2009 193From: Online Retail Hellion

Working for an online-only retailer may not have the piggy messes to clean up at the end of the day (and I have worked that terror before), but it does have the wonderful combination of everything else retail related, with the added bonus of phone-based customer service, where customers can be even more abusive because you are only a faceless voice on the other end of the line.

With the holidays here again, I thought I'd share my favorite holiday story from working online retail. This story happened to a former coworker:

The setup: It's 5 days before Christmas, delivery companies worldwide are in overdrive trying to get people's stuff delivered on time. Delays inevitably develop (last year we had to deal with an entire 'brown' delivery truck full of our stuff catching fire, burning all the presents inside inside to slag. Really!).

My coworker "Dan" gets a call from a customer who had just checked the shipping company's website, and found that her son's XBox 360 wouldn't be delivered until December 26th. Therefore, since we were the company she had handed the money to, she called us to bitch. Though we had handed the XBox to the shipper in plenty of time to get it to her (it f-ing left the warehouse the day she ordered it), delays in the shipper's overloaded system had caused the package to be bumped to the day after Christmas. But, it was, of course, all our fault.

Xmas2009 170"You've ruined my son's Christmas!" she screamed so loudly that I, a few desks down, could hear her. "I want you to personally tell my son that his present isn't going to get here on time, and that he's not going to have a present under the tree on Christmas morning!"

Dan stammered, tried to reason with her, but it was too late, the child was on the phone.

"Hello?" a voice said, sounding about 12 years old.

"Hey there buddy," Dan said, as up-beat as possible, "I'm really sorry, but your XBox 360 isn't going to get there until the day after Christmas."

"I'm getting an XBOX 360?!" the boy yelled, exploding with excitement.

"Yeah, but it's not going to be there until the day after Christmas," says Dan.

"I don't care! I'm getting an XBox!!" the boy shouted, and handed the phone back to his mother.

Shouts of "Yes! Wohoo!" could be heard in the background as the mother mumbled something about "Yeah, well, it better show up..." and hung up.

What I've always loved about the story is how obsessed she was about making the whole "presents on Christmas Morning" thing just perfect, and the kid couldn't care less, he was just excited he was getting the thing.

Also, it's fraking hilarious that the mother spoiled the surprise herself.

--Online Retail Hellion


Retail Hell Frozen Over: Crusty Apologizes For Her Behavior


Xmas2009 197From: Timekeeper's Twit

I had my first ever custy apologize to me about two weeks ago now.

She came in with an expired receipt and wanted a battery change under warranty, which I very politely explained that the warranty had expired so I'd have to charge her.

The last person who had changed her battery wrote "Final change" and the date meaning that was her last change before it expired, but she took it to mean she got one more. She got all pissy, but then took out another watch asking how much that one would be.

When I told her she went ballistic on me! "This is ridiculous!"

You know, the usual.

I tried to explain the warranties, and told her she could use her coupons for the new batteries, but she wanted what she wanted. Then she left saying, "I hope you get a lot of business," really snippy.

My co-worker and I were like "WTF?"

She came back an hour later, a completely different woman. She apologized over and over and said she had thought about what I had said and realized I was right, and she was in a better mood now because she had eaten.

Then she tried to make small talk while she waited. She heard me say something about being pregnant to my co worker and was all, "Oh when are you due!"

It was the strangest thing ever, though only because it had never happened before. I wish it happened more often.

--Timekeeper's Twit


Barnes and Noble Kindness: Customer Buys Stack of Gift Cards and Gives One To The Cashier


From Kra92:

Thank you so much to the amazing woman who came through my line at Barnes and Noble, bought a bunch of gift cards and, before walking away, handed this to me and said "Merry Christmas". It changed my whole scroogey retail outlook on the holiday season.


What an anwesome idea to make a retail worker's day.

If you can afford it, buy an extra gift card to give to them!






Random Acts Of Retail Kindness: Owning Up To Her Mistakes


Xmas2009 031From: Punkybrewster

Yesterday I denied a lady's return, and she apologized to me for not having read the policy and for having wasted my time. Then she asked me if I liked candles.

I gave her a confused/hesitant, "Yes?"

Then she reached into her bath and body works bag and handed me a candle and told me to enjoy, and have a nice day.

I was super confused, but I appreciated it. I may have acted awkward at the time, but she has renewed my hope in customers and I can't stop smiling!

So even if it's weird and awkward, soldier on kind shopper! Once they get past the confusion and fear that it is a trick they will be super duper happy!