Act of Custy Kindness at Cracker Barrel: Waitress Receives New Car as Tip From Couple After They Saw What She Was Driving



It's not uncommon to tip your server a little extra money during the holidays. One couple in Arkansas went even further.

Gary Tackett and his wife, Roxann, often eat at the Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, KARK-TV reports. The couple soon noticed one of the restaurant's servers drove to work in an old, beat-up car. The hood was strapped down, the body banged up and the driver's window was made out of plastic wrap.


The couple decided it was time to do something special.

"You've got to be kidding me," waitress Cindi Grady cried out when they handed her the keys to a 2008 Ford Fusion. "I can't believe it, oh my God."


The couple's daughter posted the video to YouTube calling her parents "the most generous, kind-hearted, loving people" she knows.

In addition to the new ride, Grady says her insurance agent waived their fees to help get her on the road right away. She now calls it the best tip ever, just in time for Christmas.

"This was the nicest gift I have ever gotten and from barely strangers," Grady said in a Facebook post. "I'm still shell shocked."





Retail Hell Frozen Over - Faith In Humanity: Restored!

Awesome custysFrom: RHU Facebook

I'm pretty sure that hell froze over today.

I had a customer come in while he was talking on the cell phone (this is really annoying since I work at a sub shop and have to ask a shit load of questions in order to get anything done).

But before he got to the counter he hung up and apologized for how rude he was for being on the phone.

I was so stunned that I didn't even know what to say. I wish more customers were considerate like that!

He restored my faith in humanity.


Thrognar Smiled Kindly And Bestowed His Blessing Upon A Day That Could Have Gone Very Badly

ThrognarGlitterslinger here, and Thrognar was smiling today. It should have been a bad day. It had all the right ingredients.

I had to manage the store open to close, it's a big day for returns, and when I got to work, one of the inner doors was locked, and I had to call in another manager with a different set of keys to open them. But after all was said and done, nobody can say I don't work my tail off to get results.

To start: every other manager couldn't come in today, and this was reflected on the schedule. There was another store opening across town and we were obliged to send people over to help set up, and it was an all day affair. The one who didn't have to go to the opening had school. So we scheduled me for a twelve hour shift. I packed a lunch and head out.

When I got there, all seemed well until I tried to open the office door. It was locked. I don't have a key for that particular door (it's rarely shut, much less locked). I absolutely had to get in though, because the computer in the office has to be turned on in order for the registers to work. There was no way to work around this. I panicked a bit, called both of the managers at the store opening across town, and on the second try of the telephonic round robin, one picked up, sounding like she just woke up. Instead of being across town, she was down the street, at home, sick as a dog. I felt terrible for her, but she had the key I needed, so she threw on clothes and let me into the office. Sidenote: I'm going to be asking about getting keys for every damn lock in the place, now.

I get the store opened a tad late, but suddenly everything ran smoothly. The employee who normally shows up 5-15 minutes late was on time, early even. Then, our first customer was extremely sweet, and gave us a huge transaction to start our KPI's up high. It went up from there.

I never had more than 4 groups of customers in at a time. They all wanted lots of items, so our KPI's kept going up. When there was a lull (and there were plenty), I got the paperwork done, and we cleaned the store. We were able to restock items that had been sitting forgotten in the back room. When an employee would clock in, I'd explain that I was on an extended shift, and they were all super-understanding about my level of tiredness. On their breaks, they would take my credit card and run to the Green Mermaid for me. When I said I needed to grab lunch, they handled the floor smoothly.

Carolanne whootI thought I had hit a bit of a snag when I had 2 employees call in sick. But one had been added on to the schedule last minute, and I hadn't even planned on her being there, so that was no stress. And when the other called, I was able to get another employee to cover her shift within half an hour. When a third employee didn't show up, I called and it turned out he didn't realize he was on the schedule and was out with family. I wrote it off as a newbie mistake, and we never really got busy enough that we needed him.

And to top it all off, all of my customers were nice. I didn't have any screaming children (we are targeted towards youth, so it's a daily hazard), mothers were all very patient, and no dads treated me like a dumb salesgirl. I even had a mom who came in within the last 10 minutes of being open who told her daughter, "We have five minutes. Find what you need, and let's go." Then the items she didn't want, she put back.

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm going to try to put it back out there. May Thrognar bless you with such days as we head into the Christmas crush.


A Slave Goes Above and Beyond (A Few Rules)

CheersHi all, long time reader, first time poster and all that jazz.

I've posted a few times in the comments as Dhamp, so let's stick with that.

I haven't been directly involved in retail since before I went to University, but I am involved in it's Hyacinth Bucket-esque sister, "Procurement" (I'm on a hell-desk for context).

All that aside, I wanted to flag up a slave who went above and beyond for me today, with no prompting at all.

I purchased a copy of a popular OS online about 3 years ago, and, like a sensible person, promptly lost my license key, and, come hard drive change, couldn't reinstall Windows without it.

So I called up, got batted around on the phone system for what felt like a week, and then came through to the right department, irate, and looking at a large phone bill, and empty battery. The guy on the other end of the phone was absolutely stunning.

RHU kickassHe persevered through the terrible line (he sounded like a modem more than once) and, although he couldn't help (as the purchase was locked to an email I no longer have access to, and they didn't have access to the information - it would have had to been automatically resent to the same email), and had to tell me I'll be splashing out £100+on a new license, news no-one can take well. I wrote it off, and moved on.

Roll on 20 minutes later, and I get a phone call from a blocked number. I angrily answered the phone (too much PPI cold-calling lately) and got the same chap from earlier. He and his supervisor had managed to get hold of my license key, and promptly provided it (probably breaking loads of rules, if not laws).

I felt this sort of service is something that needs recognizing, emulating, and praising.


Bullshit Employee Treatment

TaxingLiberty Tax Service is officially on my shit list this week.
Here in Illinois, winter is finally being "normal" today. It's 17f with a wind chill of -2f and wind gusts of up to 25mph...and it's snowing.

And in this lovely and balmy weather, as I drove through town on my way to do some errands, I saw that LTS had one of it's employees standing on the corner by their store in a Statue of Liberty costume. (Not the one in the picture)

I know that we Illinois folks are moderatly tempered to handling cooler temperatures, but even that doesn't mean that we'd want to go prance around upon orders from our management.

I wanted to stop and give the lady a hot cocoa or something, but she was gone by the time I drove past again. 

Retail Slaves as Custys: Custy Comment Makes The Day

Storytime25Hey, my lovely slaves. It's Fluffernutter again.

This post is retail hell oriented because it mostly happened at my local S-bux- where the baristas are friendly and prompt, and my overly caffeinated needs are met- but it's in a different vein than my previous post. Sure made *my* day, though, so I thought I might share it with all you overworked folk. :]

As some of you know by now because of my various comments, I'm a single working mum-in Reception Desk Hell. As you may also have gathered from my manner of speaking- I'm also a pretty alternative, albeit well-educated, individual. I dress professionally and speak articulately, but I have a tattoo, obvious facial piercing, my hair color is pretty vibrant and changes often. Naturally, I get a lot of stigma from people who don't know about my community service involvement, reputable employment, applications to grad school for my PhD, etc, at first glance.

This story is about one of those ignorant people, and a retail slave/fellow retail customer who MADE MY DAY.

Read on:

Walking down to the coffee-shop early in the morning, I encounter an older, larger woman on the sidewalk. Smiling at her fluffy rotund dog (because it reminds me of a similarly square-butt one my grandparents have), I step aside for her to pass and comment, "cute dog, ma'am!". Scowling and jerking at the collar of her snuffling animal, she silently sidesteps so I have no choice but to scurry past her... while she glares at my leather jacket, my boots, my lip ring and wild hair.

Carolanne 070My place of employment has no problem with my self-expression because of my education, my experience, my work ethic. But this strange, bland, angry woman does- because of the giggling, freshly bathed, just fed, clothed & be-hatted baby strapped in a papoose firmly to my chest. I do not conform to her idea of What A Decent Mother Is, apparently, and so she Is Judging Me. Quickly leaving her behind, my son decides making "hee hee hebb fiiibbbb ggiibttt pppfftttt" noises is a Good Idea.

Entering the shop, I eye the menu sleepily while standing in line a dozen people deep. ~60 seconds later, I'm ordering caffeine with extra caffeine and thanking the very obviously Irish/flame-haired woman behind the counter, tipping an extra $1 for efficiency, waiting for my drink.

Behind me, a quiet, sweet voice inquires: "How old is your... um, girl/boy?"

Turning, I see a a fair woman with worn jeans, a sensible hair bandanna, and gorgeous skin.

"8 months", I say.

"His name is Arthur." Sunlight glints silver off her eyebrow stud as she smiles- "That's wonderful. Congratulations. I have a four year old."

My drink arrives. I murmur thank you's to the probably Irish lady (who pipes up to say she has a little girl as well), and this strange beautiful woman who lifted my spirits. "Have a great day", I tell her. "You too," she says. "You too." 

--Fluffernutter <3