Classic Retail Hell Moment: "Are the walnuts raw?"


Grocery hell 1

From Existential_Fluff, Tales From Retail:

I work in a bulk store. We have many types of nuts. Some are roasted, others are dry roasted, and some are raw.

Cx: Hey! Are your walnuts raw?

Me: Hmm, I have never heard of roasted walnuts. If it doesn't say whether it is roasted or not on the sign, it is raw. It only happens when we have only one type of those nuts.

Cx: [snark] Well, I could just guess too... Roasted walnuts exist. [/snark]

Me: Haha, I'm not guessing. If it doesn't say whether it is roasted or not, it's raw.

Cx: I want to ask someone else.

Me: [buzzes employee] Sure thing.

Cx: Are the walnuts raw?

Employee 2: They are raw... and if it doesn't say whether it's roasted or not, it is raw.

Cx: Oh, ok.

Classic retail experience. Strangely, though, (in a new twist) Employee 2 is actually a few years younger than me.