Discount Rat: I'd Love To Let You Use That Coupon, For The Actual Product It's For....


Discountrat0002From u/isobaneTalesFromRetail

This happened about a year ago but I just remembered it.

I'm a fresh Low rank supervisor at a national pharmacy chain. Every couple weeks we have amazing deals on certain things in the store and of course the coupon ladies come out big for these sales.

So one time we had half gallon jugs of Clorox Bleach on sale for $1.99 (This is just a guess, I can't remember the exact price.)

A woman comes up to the front register with every bottle we had on the shelf, along with a coupon for each valued at $4 off one bottle.

She's arguing that we had to give her the overage in cash back, my manager's trying to explain that that's not how it works, that she's only supposed to use one coupon per transaction etc etc.

In the meantime I noticed that the coupon was printed at home, and the ones she had looked like photocopied ones at that. Mind you I use to print my own coupons and I'd NEVER seen one this good. Then I saw that the coupons had a QR code on them and on a hunch I pulled out my phone's barcode scanner.

Me: Ma'am I'd love to help you redeem this coupon, mind letting me scan it to see if there's something here that can help us?

DC (Dishonest Customer): Sure go ahead.

I scan the QR code which brings up a coupon verification website

Me: Well it seems I found the problem, while this barcode is indeed a coupon for $4 off, it seems to be $4 off Jennifer Lopez Perfume and not Clorox Bleach. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to accept these coupons at this time.

Of course here comes the inevitable diatribe about poor customer service, calling her a liar, calling her a thief and this one was fun it devolved into her telling me that I was racist. Yep that's it 100%, I protect my stores assets with my amazing racist powers. Not my ability to see that some things that are too good to be true usually are.

BTW: My store manager was in the process of manually applying every coupon to her bill before I discovered the malice involved.

Anything to not get a complaint with this guy. No spine at all.



Realizing What Your Entire Life Has Come Down To


Carolanne 007From Puppies In Prada

Working at the Animal Shelter Thrift Shop is close to heaven on earth when it comes to retail jobs. No, really. Our manager treats us like adults, and things are fairly lax around here. We can do our own speed, as long as we keep our department, and our part of the back room under control. Honestly it's a job I would probably stay at if only it was full time with benefits.

We are on our own recognizance. Most of us get an hour on the donation door, and an hour or two at registers. (The few who don't tend to be either taking larger furniture pieces, delivering them, or picking them up. Heavy labor stuff, so they're freed from registers.) Otherwise you're entirely on your own for your entire shift. Take your breaks any time outside of paying your dues on the two alternate places you have to help out at.

I handle shoes and purses, going over them as they come in, choose to keep or discard, pricing (75%-80% off the retail price) and putting on the floor. It took the better part of the first week and a half to get everything re-sorted (men's, women's; sneakers, heels, sandals, flats or boots?)that my predecessor had in storage. (Banana yellow high heels that seem to be made out of plastic? Really? You think that's going to sell? Discard pile!)

Overall, "your own recognizance" is basically working on your department. as I have said before, I am the Purses/Shoes/Luggage person. The ONLY one handing this department, mind, but 'department' is a loose description for my tiny 6' x 18' section of floor with shelves and purse hooks) I get the donations of these, keep or discard, sort and stash.

I have a bunch of sandals, which I have emptied out an entire display rack and stocked with them. It's summer. Now is the time to get the damn things out of my inventory. Otherwise I'll have them all winter. Nobody buys sandals in winter in snow country!

I have quite a few boots on hand, which I'm hoarding. Come September, when the weather is on the verge of turning wet and cold up here, I'm going to put them out for people to buy.

I get all this under thumb, and the manager comes by to ask how things are going. I tell her my plans.

Manager: "Oh good, you have a good plan. It sounds like you know how retail works."

Me: (squirming internally, feeling mildly offended and rather soul crushed by the realization of what my entire adult life has come down to) "...Yes. Yes I do..."

*pained grimace*

--Puppies In Prada


Religious Freak Pervert Update: Triumph!


Asshat bossesFrom RHUer

The responses on my story surprised the heck out of me, so thank you to RHUers who leaped to my defense and offered advice. (Thanks especially to Google and TenebrisVenator! Fortunately they DID respond in a timely manner, so even though I was prepared to paper trail the hell out of the company, it wasn't necessary.) Here's the update about the Religious Pervert incident you guys asked for:

The next day, I walked in to see what my duties were. (Register, stocking, etc, we cycle through those as scheduled duties, but it's flexible enough for those of us stocking to walk a custy to the registers and ring them up personally if there's a free register and no line.)

Nothing. Nada. I'm not on the list of employees today. I look at the weekly schedule, and yes, I'm supposed to be here, but the DAILY schedule doesn't know I exist. Aha. Okay. I see how it is.

Playing nice, I ask my coworker where the Boss is. Not in. [Other manager] is in today for my scheduled shift. [Other manager] has a set of floating question marks above his head about my "innocent" inquiry. He looks at the weekly, looks at the Daily, scratches his head and tells me to hang loose complete with hand gesture (he moved here from Hawaii, so his slang gives us all grins, usually) and calls the Boss.

He comes back, his expression awkward. He says the Boss fired me for a slew of No Call/No Shows (which didn't exist before this day). [Other manager] is confused and disbelieving because he works with me a lot and he's never even had a whisper of a rumor that I wasn't always on time. And since we works with me regularly, he's usually saying "Good morning" to me as I stand by the time clock.

I thank [Other manager], and walk out. The first time, I called a hotline for the company about what the manager did and does. This hotline is taken down by a third party, and employee complaints are then forwarded to the correct department. They did a lot of typing as I described the first incident.

Today, I call them again. I talk to the girl on the other end of the line and tell her it's an update to my previous incident, give her my name and cellphone number (which I had voluntarily divulged, both to identify my file and to allow someone to get in contact with me) and she opens the file that has already been made. I update her on what happened today. She thanks me for my call, promises my file is already marked Urgent, with a copy forwarded. My update will be appended and forwarded again, as soon as we're done, and to expect a phone call within the next couple of days.

I go to lunch and indulge in some not-good-for-me comfort food to calm my nerves, because I know the real reason why I've been fired, and I'm hacked off.

Freddy Holy CrapI get a call that same afternoon. It's a bigwig, and he's EXTREMELY concerned by my report, tells me he was in the middle of reading it when he got the ding announcing my update had arrived. He gives me this HR spiel about the company being a machine and that even the smaller gears need to be taken care of or the whole machine could seize. Blah blah blah yakkity shmackity. It's corporate sweet talk and pretty words. However, even though he doesn't say so, I get the distinct impression that he's halfway to panic mode and about to do some emergency damage control.

He asks me if I'm okay (emotionally and financially) and asks me if I would be willing to give him 48 hours minimum to look into the situation. He's flying into the area early tomorrow and is going to do a surprise inspection of any and all paperwork potentially created out of this... incident. He'll be in touch with me, one way or another, to either tell me he needs more time, or to tell me the verdict.

I give him the time. Information related to me by Bigwig and coworkers as follows...

Bigwig appeared on the scene and took command of the back room. Boss didn't work that day either. There he finds my employee file, with some no call/no show write ups crammed into it. He's suspicious within five minutes, as the "signatures" on the write ups don't even remotely match my signatures on other documents. I was neither shown these, nor did I sign them. Strike one.

He takes a closer look at the NC/NS papers and they're practically identical; copy/paste text with stuff like "first warning," "second warning," "as you have been warned before" tacked on. Very bare bones, and the company is a big fan of details and attempts via the company to accommodate the employee or otherwise expand upon what the management did to try to remove the problem. None of that happened. Strike two.

Finally, he checks the dates of my supposed write ups, and can't find any notations in the computer. Apparently there's a procedure of dotting I's and crossing T's once a schedule is made. A NC/NS, or a call out sick, or other alterations to a schedule once it's made are to be logged into the system so that there's a digital backup to physical paperwork. So the days I'm supposedly NC/NS aren't even mentioned on this system. It looks normal. One of the days, I was actually present, as seen by my sign in times. The other two were days I had off, as labor laws in my state decreed I was supposed to get. So even if I WAS supposedly slated to work that day, Boss would have been dinged with a labor law violation. I didn't show up because I wasn't SUPPOSED to show up. Strike three.

Carolanne computer 2(As related to me later by other female coworkers) Female coworkers on duty were called back and asked about how Boss handled the incursions of RFP, and their stories corroborated the security video... which Boss also failed to remember that our security cameras also just happen to pick up audio. And the Bigwig spent hours reviewing multiple incursions of the Religious Freak Pervert harassing female workers and grabbing his crotch while staring at them like a sheepdog stares at sheep. He got to see RFP making lewd gestures by positioning large instruments 'just so' and running his hands up and down their length.

(At this point I imagined the Bigwig screaming, "Oh my God burn that! Don't sell it after he touched it!" Wishful thinking, I know, but that went through MY mind when one of my coworkers relayed it to me during one of our RFP horror story times.)

He got to hear Boss admonishing female workers that if RFP didn't actually touch them, there's nothing anyone can do because all he's doing is talking, and cops don't do anything about what people SAY, only what they do, so they'll just have to ignore him. Of course, he was banking on employee ignorance and fear of being fired to keep them quiet.

Apparently the Bigwig gave a lot of horrified, wide eyed silences as their tales of woe came out. He gave up trying to look professional shortly after starting and just let his horrified expressions say how wrongity wrong wrong this shit was. When he left at the end of the 48 hours, he seemed to be contemplating a little nighttime visit to a disused rock quarry.

The verdict? In short, my job is back, with full time pay for the days I missed to be added to my upcoming paycheck. Boss is no longer with the company and his replacement has reviewed with everyone what to do if RFP, or anyone like him, dares to stick their nose through the front door of the shop.

I almost hope RFP comes back, because I want to see the lady who replaced Boss eat RFP alive. She has this dominatrix voice that she can turn on with the bat of an eye and I so VERY much want to see Religious Freak Pervert get Scary Dominatrix Lady instead of meek, intimidated, coworker lady.



Old People Hell: You Can Get Any Price As Long As You Complain Enough!


01 Old DressFrom CrazyCatLadyForLife, TalesFromRetail

Happy Saturday!

This happened yesterday. I work at a health food store. We have a good size department of vitamins. Also our sales this week are crazy good so it's been very busy. So this older lady (50s) comes up with her daughter (30s) with two vitamins. First one rings up fine, ring up the second one and that's when this starts.

OL- old lady M- me

OL: That's not right. It's suppose to be 9.99 (it rang up as 19.99)

M- Okay give me a moment. Let me go ask vitamins

OL- This happened last time too where it was a different price.

I knew vitamins was on break but I have no knowledge of the area and am not even sure where to look. Luckily when I go back to ask her she was coming back out anyway. We go look and she doesn't see the bottle in either places they normally would be. She comes to my lady and asks where they found it.

Her daughter goes with vitamins while I move their stuff to the side to start on the next person. After a few minutes her daughter comes back with it.

Daughter- It's not on sale, it was in the wrong place.

OL- That's not right you have to honor the price!

M- It was in the wrong place we can't do that.

OL- You have to honor the price! This happened last time!

I call vitiamins just to double check. She tells me no it was not an old sale sign, but that they were misplaced.

MorticiaM- I'm sorry ma'am we can't do anything.

OL- This happened last time too. You have to honor the price that was there.

M- Yes, if it was a sale tag we could because that would be our mistake. But we can't help if customers put stuff on the wrong spot.

OL- I want to speak to your manager.

M- Okay but he's going to say the same thing.

My manager comes up and I tell him what happened. He takes their stuff to the side and goes to take care of them. He goes to talk to the vitamin person and comes back saying he'll take 10% off. (Which is nice considering they don't deserve it) but she keeps throwing a fit. He goes in the office for a few minutes (guessing calling our main manager) and comes back and gives it to her for the price she said.

The moral of the story is you can claim any price you want and get it at my store with enough complaining!



Safety Issues: Sir, We Don't Allow People To Stick Their Hand In A Glove Steamer


Safety2From isu1857, TalesFromRetail

Now, before I begin, let me just tell all of you my biggest pet peeves when it comes to just society in general. Basically, if you're going to flaunt how much you make and/or spend, you've lost my respect. I do not see the need to put a number on yourself, as it makes it seem that you need to be higher than me. /Rant over.

Today, I'm over by the basketball shoes trying to figure out what needs to be displayed. At my store, we all have headsets to communicate since it's a large store. I love having this because we get to share what we're observing of crazy/weird/funny customers and not have to worry about who's hearing it (of course, you must do this out of earshot of customers. I usually head to my backstock). As I'm working on stuff, I hear tons of chattering on the radio and I turn it up. It's a conversation between an coworker on the Sales Floor, one on the Register, and my Store Manager (SF, R, and SM, respectively).

R: "I already yelled across from my register to get his hand out of the glove steamer, but can you go over to tell this man to stop. I don't think he's listening to me"

SF: "Yeah, I'll go over."

SM: "SF, make sure that he gets away from the machine. I'm not filling out any incident reports today".

A while later...

SF: "Hey SM, this guy is being ridiculous. He said he wants to test the steamer with his hand. I just told him to stop or leave."

SM: "Whatever gets him to stop. If he has a glove that he wants steamed, he can pay for it. Other than that, you're right."

Dumbass 4A couple other coworkers keep talking back and forth on how they can't believe how rude this guy was being. I turn down the volume again, since I have some customers who are talking to me, and frankly, I can't concentrate on low-talking customers when someone's chattering in my ear.

Later, I go to print something in the department next to me, and make it two steps back into my department before I see this man, demanding to know whether I worked in footwear. I didn't know this at the time, but it was Hand Steaming Man, and henceforth shall be named as such.

Me: "Yes, I'm sorry sir, I had to step out for just one short moment to get something printed. What can I help you with?"

HSM: "I need shoes."

Me: "Okay, can you show me which one and I can help you find a size."

HSM: "Are you the manager?"

Me: "No, I'm just a footwear associate."

HSM: "Well after we get shoes I need to talk to a manager."

Me: "I can do that sir, can I ask the reason regarding this inquiry?"

HSM does not respond. For whatever reason it still didn't click that he was that customer from earlier. I thought I was getting in trouble for leaving my department for what had to be one minute.

After he gets the shoes, he demands to speak to the manager. I inform him that we have three managers and if he would like to speak to one in particular, and he said "the most powerful one."


DumbcustyaSo I call the store manager over. I anticipate the exchange, and find some meaningless task nearby to snoop.

I'll just paraphrase the conversation since he literally said over and over the same thing.

Basically, he started off with saying that he spends thousands of dollars at our store. (Immediately lost credibility with me.) He said that he wanted to test out our new machine to make sure it was alright, and was screamed at by someone at the register. He then proceeded to explain on how rude the Sales floor associate was to him and how he should be fired.

My manager stays cool, and explains that we are looking out for him to make sure no one gets hurt. To add, he noted to the customer that only trained employees are allowed to touch the machine, so a customer is definitely not the exception.

The man is not satisfied that my manager is not commenting on how the employee acted towards him and threatens to call corporate and tell them how terrible we are here.

My manager still maintains his cool and says that he will address the issue.

My Store manager says over the radio, "Man that guy was messed up. Don't worry, SF, you can't reason with stupid."



Management Hell: When Corporate Transfers a Lying Bitch To Your Store



From Eric From Ohio:

As a suffering retail manager; I try to treat my employees better than I remember being treated when I was in their place.  This dumb bitch was transfered from another store to mine via request of that store's manager.  The manager warned she whined, cried and was valued as being little more than a warm body to get the job done (which she came nowhere close to doing anyway).  I felt bad for her.  So she begins working at my store.  1st thing is, dumb bitch cries at the drop of a hat.  Boo fucking hoo missy!  This is R-E-T-A-I-L!  Where we are DOOMED to a life in RETAIL HELL!  Secondly, my other employees and those from other stores believe her to be a junkie (frequent trips to the restroom with a wallet not large enough to hold a tampon).  Last Monday night, dumb bitch calls me, her manager, as I'm finally having dinner with my parents (retail hours y'all).  She begins WAILING, wretchedly whining that she has been back and forth to the restroom throwing up all night long.  Keep in mind, I left the store at 3pm and it is now 7:30.  I told her she needed to tell the Assistant Manager (who she was working with) if she felt that she needed to go home.  She said she would do that and I didn't hear from her again that night.  The next day, the Assistant Manager told me she worked her entire shift and was quite 'bubbly' when 3rd shift arrived at 10:30.  Today, Tuesday, everyone in the company sees the following on her Facebook.  DUMB BITCH!


 --Eric From Ohio