Shutting Down The Showroomer: It Takes Two


Carolanne cigar 1From: Glitchkey

So, had a customer call in today asking about a product he bought a while ago, that we no longer carry. The phone call got dumped on me because I was the only one available on the sales floor to check anything for him, and it quickly became clear that this call was a waste of time.

The customer had a very old model of a product and was asking questions about replacing it, first inquiring if we somehow might still have this particular one (which was discontinued at least five years ago) and then asking questions about similar products we carry. At that point, I realized he was basically just trying to showroom, minus, you know, actually going to the store to view the product. So, I put him on hold and headed up to the front, where my manager was.

My manager asked me what had taking so long, and started to assign me a new task. I pointed out that the caller was still there on hold, and explained what was going on. So, my manager takes up, clearly expecting this to be quick and easy to deal with. I hop on register to help deal with a line, and then, three customers and two on-the-floor price checks later, I'm back at the register, and my manager is still talking to this guy.

I'm actually surprised it took my manager this long to realize what I had figured out, and by this point he has recommended several times that if the guy wants us to give him a proper recommendation on what to replace his old product with, he should come by the store. Clearly, the guy is insisting he get a recommendation over the phone.

Carolanne hat tipFinally, the best thing I've ever, ever seen this manager do happens. He realized this was going absolutely nowhere, that this customer wasn't going to buy any products from us, and that he was just wasting all of our time. And he started doing that almost brilliantly stereotypical dropped call routine you see in sitcoms. Did it for like a minute before hanging up on the guy.

A few minutes later, the same guy calls back and the call is forwarded to the same manager. This time, my manager didn't even pick up, just left him on hold until he gave up.

Bad customer service? Definitely. Worth it? Maybe. But this customer wasn't a good customer (if he was a customer at all) and we had more important things to deal with, like an ever increasing line of people waiting to be rung up at the registers and a lack of employees on the floor.

Also, for those who don't know, "showrooming" is when someone shops for something in a store, often with the help of sales associates, then walks out without making a purchase and buys it for cheaper online, usually from a retailer like Amazon.



Restaurant Hell: "You Can Lick My A******!"


Restaurant hellFrom: Notreallyawaitress84

So today our lunch rush effed our kitchen quite a bit, because we were unexpectedly short staffed (more on that in a moment).

We had the worst floor manager for this rush, so I felt like I was having to work extra hard to control seating flow. That and I'm the only hostess during the day on Tuesdays, so I'm alternating between taking names and seating, answering the phone, and trying not to kill unreasonable customers.

I got yelled at during this because I was supposed to be waiting between seating for the ok from my manager, and one of the senior servers mistakenly told me to seat another party. I was under the impression she got the ok. I got an apology after, but it still sucked.

Now, on to yesterday, and this post's title.

Apparently our Kitchen Manager, who has been getting more and more rude to our female staff got fired. If newbie servers make mistakes he's extra nasty about them correcting them. If our food runners try to ask him too many questions that are actually necessary he yells at them about it. Just rude all around and getting worse.

He's been saying terrible things to one of the female managers and they've been getting into arguments lately.

Yesterday things got so heated that he yelled this post's title at her. She walked out of the kitchen crying ( she's been dealing with a lot of personal issues that are stressing her out so she's been extra sensitive.) And called corporate. Yesterday was Kitchen Manager's last day.

I heard we're getting back the corporate trainer Kitchen Manager, which would be awesome. He was with us a few months last year when we got rid of our other Kitchen Manager. He handles the kitchen like a pro and is always super nice to everyone.



Gaining Firing Powers Through The Power Of An Employees Assholeism


Freddy not impressedFrom: ZshadeZ

When I was 18 I was AMing a small pizza place and had a 28 year old driver harassing 16 year old girl.

I told him to stop, and I'd told him to stop another day that same week.

He laughed and kept it up and said I was only defending her because I "wanted to fuck her too."

I told him to clock out and go home.

He said "No. What are you going to do, fire me?!" knowing AM didn't have the authority to fire someone.

I said "Yes, you're fired. Clock out and go home."

He cried that I couldn't do that, so I told him he could complain to the SM in the morning, but for the night I was running the store and he was out.

Not the best way to handle it, I know that now, but even then I knew that if I didn't tell him he was fired and get him out after he asked a question like that and refused to do what he was told I'd lose any respect/authority I had with anyone else.

DM called me in the next day and questioned it and he agreed that while it wasn't handled in the best way, my response and reasoning made sense and he'd stick with it.



Retail Balls Award: Business Owner Insults Customers And Coworkers Alike


Skullies xmasFrom: GuessWhatIdioth

So this all happened yesterday morning, about an hour after unlocking the doors.

I work for a small jewelry store located in the Southeastern US, and while I primarily design custom jewelry, the holidays have required my presence on the actual sales floor. No problem, I've worked retail and sold all manner of goods and services for years now. I'm confident, not cocky, and my clientele has always been very comfortable with me.

11am, in walks an older gentleman, around 70, and being the closest one to him, I walk up to and greet him.

Me: "Hey, what's up? How's it going?" (I'm extremely informal and relaxed, because fuck pretentious jewelry shops.) " What brings you in today?"

Man: "Well, my wife has had the same diamond ring since I asked her to marry me 43 years ago, and I figured this Christmas would be the perfect time for an upgrade for her."

Me: "Oh wow, good deal, that sounds awesome! Well, you and I stopped at the right spot, because here, we've got all our diamond fashion and engagement rings."

At this time, my boss, the owner of the store, had begun speaking to a woman about charm bracelets, about 10 feet away.

Me: "So, were you thinking like a true engagement ring upgrade? Or something more like a right-hand ring that will allow her to keep wearing her original one?"

Man: "Well, y'know son, I hadn't thought of that, actually. What do..."

Boss: "Excuse me, GuessWhatIdioth, I'm sorry, I just... would you mind... could you show this lady some charms? You know, you're just so much better with that than I am. Haha! I'll help this gentleman out, haha! Hello, how are you today?"

Asshat bossesI look at her, shocked. Are you kidding me? She had sprinted across the sales floor to steal my sale. I glance over at the lady, who apparently she cut off mid-sentence to interrupt me. She was incredulous, mouth hanging wide open. The man was incredibly uncomfortable, not saying a word and just shifting in his seat.

But of course, she's the owner of the shop, so...

Me: "Um...yyyyeah, sure... I'm sorry, sir. It was nice to speak with you, if only for a second..." I cut a look at my boss who refuses to acknowledge the extra little quip from me.

I go over to help the lady, and apologize for how rude my boss has just been. Turns out she was looking for Star Wars charms, which unfortunately we don't carry, so my time with her was short.

It stayed busy non-stop for about 3 hours after the "incident," but when the activity finally calmed down, I stepped in the back to confront my boss, but she started talking before I could.

Boss: "GuessWhatIdioth, you need to work on your timing for handing off the sale."

Me: "Actually, in the short time I was with him, he had already warmed up to me, sooooo that was not one I would have handed off."

The owner believes that everyone is there to set her up for the big sales. Despite the fact that she will calculate monthly and yearly goals for each salesperson, that doesn't stop her from butting into and stealing sales, and then fussing at everyone when their goals aren't met.

Boss: "Well, when I move over to you, you just need to make the transition smooth for me."

Me: "You know what, no. This has been happening for way too long. When you interviewed me, why did you hire me?"

Boss: " Because of your sales experience, but..."

Me: "And the last time this happened, and I told you I would like to focus my energies off the floor on custom design and marketing, what did you tell me?"

Boss: "I said 'absolutely not, because I need your skills on the sales floor.'"

Me: "Right. Every time you encroach upon my sales, you're basically telling me the complete opposite of that. That you don't trust me to do the job you hired me to do. However, in the past 3 hours, I've sold a $3000 emerald bracelet, $800 in charms, ordered 6 monogram necklaces, and a $2000 diamond solitaire pendant. Because you were either too busy with someone else to notice me, or you had already latched onto someone else."

Boss: "....."

XMAS BALLSMe: "Listen, this is your store, so you obviously can do whatever you want with it. And yes, there are times when I don't connect with a customer as well as you or someone else could, but I'm smart enough to feel it out and make that call myself, so please, until then, just let me handle my own sales from now on."

Boss: "Well, we'll see. I'm just doing what the analysts are telling me to do, so we'll just see, won't we?"

She's obviously not happy with me at all right now, but she's also not stupid enough to fire me during the busiest retail time of the year. I imagine I'll be back on the hunt for a job when New Year's rolls around, but for now, I get to awkwardly work alongside her for a few more weeks... but hey, some people need to hear the hard truths, even from an underling, so sorry, not sorry...

While my sales skills would certainly make it easy to move on to a new sales position elsewhere, I'm ashamed to say they're a little wasted on me, as I don't enjoy sales at all really. Most of the clients, sure, they're awesome. They usually make the job enjoyable, and networking is fantastic in this position. But a fatal flaw in my personality is that I simply do not care to be under any hierarchical system of management.

For lack of a better term, I...don't really respect authority all that much, especially when I feel very strongly that that authority is ill-gotten, corrupt, or just plain stupid...

For that very reason, I've been working for the past year to start my own business, one in which I am the only employee, and the only "boss" I ever have will be the clients who scout my talent, work with me for the duration of a project, pay me, and then move on. Because the combination of (1) the nature of my current job and (2) what I aspire to become is such a unique situation, I won't be divulging my career aspirations, but just know that I've taken great strides over the past year while in the meantime dealing with this sales position, and I am very close to realizing my dream.



Quitting Retail Hell: Letting The House Burn Down Behind You


Skullie trio 2From: StreicherSix

I left retail about 16 months ago. This is the story of my leaving, my manager's scumbaggery, and the employee revolt which ensued.

The day I put in my 2 weeks was the most glorious of them all. Shit management, shit scheduling, shit recognition for being the store leader in sales, which everyone below the Ast. Mgr. position knew. I believe at time of leaving, I had double the next highest sales total for a rolling 12 month period. Essentially, I carried this store in sales, and lower management knew it.

Day 1: Put in 2 weeks. Was asked what the new company is paying me - it's nearly double what I'm making. Manager seems depressed he can't bribe me to stay like he did his cashiers.

Days 2-3: Days off, looking for new apartment as new job is a relocation.

Day 4: Worked in receiving as 2 trucks came in and floor needed to be stocked. Had approval from OPS Supervisor.

Day 5: Reprimanded for not having sales on Day 4, accused of not doing anything because I'm leaving. Resist laughing in manager's face.

Day 6-7: Off for birthday/day after recovery. Coworkers throw party for me. Good times.

Day 8 (Where the fun begins): Meeting with SM/ASM concerning my lack of numbers.

Me to ASM: "Are you sure you want to do this right now? I don't think you've thought this through."

ASM: "What are you talking about?"

Carolanne tinsel 2Day 9: Sell three laptops (Normal store volume is 5 in a week across the entire staff) all with 3 year warranties on them (about triple the normal weekly output for a higher salesperson). SM sends email to DM bragging about his store's success. Gives no credit to me - lower management sees this.

Day 10-13: Off due to them not wanting to give me hours after Day 9. Spent laughing and packing.

Day 14: Email sent from SM to DM detailing how my numbers and ability to promote were poor, and that I was a cancer to the team. Lower management has been with me through multiple store transfers and has my back over ANYone in this situation. Details me her plan, I laugh and say I won't be mad if she doesn't hold to it because it's ballsy.

Day 14, as I leave: Our store carried a minimal "business books" section, as it was an office supply store. I leave unmarked copy of How to Work For an Idiot on SM's desk for him to find the next morning.

Two weeks later: Lower Manager texts me to inform me that her plan was a flawless success. I should mention she has another job lined up whenever she feels like it.

Turns out she convinced everyone below Ops Supervisor in the store to sell like shit for a week to arrange a DM visit.

The DM shows up: "Why are numbers so low?"

Walks around store interviewing employees randomly...Lower manager has them all give the same reason... "StreicherSix left."

DM: "Wut!?"

Employees: "Streicher left. He was the only one who really knew what he was doing with laptop and tech sales. SM/ASM wouldn't let him train us."


Apparently the response from DM was glorious - ASM transferred out in a week, SM in three months. Store did end up closing after 6 months.

Perhaps you shouldn't steal credit and then pin all the blame for your failings on the one who you stole it from.



Custy Throws Tantrum, Gets Removed


Carolanne stab a bitchFrom: iswearitsnotthatbad

I am one of five managers at a rather well known affordable clothing store here in the U.S. We are located in a mall and we get a ton of traffic. We sell clothing for the whole family.

As probably a lot of us know, back to school here in the U.S is either still ongoing or has just ended. It is finally the latter for us although weekends are still busy due to the people procrastinating and not being able to find the sizing that they need. While there is a ton of shopping around this area we are definitely one of the cheapest and we carry more of the clothing that is on 'trend' without the on trend price tag.

With all of that being said, we are so busy and unfortunately understaffed. There hasn't been a single day in the past two weeks where we have done under $30,000 and our daily traffic climbing up over 1,500 to 2500+ people. Our store is destroyed, especially in the children's sections. My staff is overworked and discouraged being back in a section for 4+ hours and not even feeling like they have made a dent can definitely crush ones spirits.

Customers around this time fall under one of two categories: Extremely sweet and apologetic towards us or I HATE YOU I HATE THIS STORE FUAEOGBAHGNVBSAUG!

My customer yesterday fell under the second category.

C: customer A:associate M:me

M: [fulfilling my managerial duties and making sure everyone is doing okay and on task]

A: [over the walkie] Manager to the front.

Naturally I abandon everything that I am doing in the moment and I walk up to the front to check on my cashier.

C: [arms crossed and glaring at the cashier and then to me as she sees me walk up]

[note that she does have a dog as this will be important later]

M: [I put myself right in between the customer and my cashier as I do not like how she is looking at them] What can I do for you today?

C: This store is disgusting and I can't find anything that I need! [as she has a pile of clothing on the register that has already been scanned and bagged]

M: I understand your frustration and I am so sorry. I have everyone working as hard as they possibly can to try and pick the store up. I'm sure you understand with back to school just passing that things here did get a little crazy. Was there anything that you were looking for specifically that I could help you find?

Bitch Encounters 1C: [ignores my offer of help and goes off] That isn't an f------ excuse! Your f------ lazy! Your employees are f------ lazy! This is disgusting! I will have you all fired and maybe they will hire some people who will actually be able to run this store!

M: [momentarily loses sanity] Well that's unfortunate you feel that way [turns around and tells A to go the break room and take a 15. I then proceed to take all of C's items out of the bag, cancel the transaction, throw her items behind me into the run bucket and walkie fitting room to come and collect the runs from the front] You're absolutely more than welcome to leave. In fact, I insist. *retail smile still plastered on my face but internally I am screaming asking myself why I just did that and contemplating my life after I get fired.*

C: [has absolutely no words. nothing but silent rage radiating off of her. She collects her purse and she leaves]

After I walk back and watch her leave I then call mall security. Remember her dog? Yeah, unless it is a service dog there are no animals allowed inside the mall. No exceptions. I stand and wait as my favorite security guard escorts this screaming woman out of the mall with her dog and I just have to smile.

I spoke with my general manager and luckily we are on very good terms and she is aware of the situation and will handle it and state that neither me nor my cashier were at fault since all store complaints go directly through her.

I swear, I really do love my job despite everything that happens.