Old People Hell: “Can’t you just look it up with my social?!”


Carolanne 034

From u/asap4ever Tales From Retail:

I work at one of the large home improvement stores, usually at the return desk. The way our system is set up, we can look up a purchase if the customer has the receipt (obvi), if they don’t have the receipt we can look it up with the credit or debit card they paid with, their checking acct number if it was a check, their phone number if they gave it to the cashier at the time of purchase, or their member card if it was scanned at the time of purchase. I’ll be me (duh) & she’s old lady (OL)

Me: Hey, how can I help you?

OL: I need to return these bulbs

Me: ok, do you have your receipt?

OL: annoyed no, I don’t have my receipt

Me: ..ok, how long have you had them?

OL: I don’t know!

Me: Do you have a member card?

OL: more annoyed No I don’t!

Me: dying inside well how did you pay for them?

OL: I don’t remember! shoves bulbs further across counter can’t you just look it up with my social?!

o_O ...where would we have even gotten your social from? 😭 I mean do you just causally give your social out at every store you go to? 😂🤦🏾‍♀️







Retail Hell Memories: "Just Do The Return!"



From  u/CappuccinoBreve  Tales From Retail:

I lost it with a "serial returner" once. I'm typically very calm and friendly, which is why I'm often called to handle difficult customers.

This customer was making a scene with one of our new cashiers about returning a bunch of plants, no receipt, most in pots with labels showing they weren't purchased at our store.

Serial Returner: "Just do the return! It's fine! It is not a problem! Just do the return!"

When I got to the register the cashier had started to cry so I sent her to the break room to calm down and told her I would handle it.

I asked if she had a receipt.

Serial Returner: "No but it is fine! Just do the return!"

Me: "Ma'am I'm sorry these plants weren't purchased here."

SR: "No it is OK! Do the return! It's OK! "

Me: "No it's not, the labels says you bought them at BigBoxStore"

SR: "OK fine! "

She then pulls the plants out of their pots and slams them on the counter sending dirt everywhere!

SR: "There, now it's fine! Just do the return! "

I lost it! I raised my voice...

Me: "No it is not fine!"

I stuffed her plants back in their pots, brushed all the dirt I could off the counter towards her. She jumped back.

SR: "Oh! Why are you so upset!"

Me: "Because you made our cashier cry and very disrespectfully dumped dirt all over my counter! Now I will return these two plants over here with our label on them for store credit only, you need to take these other plants back with you!"

SR: "Oh... well ok."

I gave her her store credit and sent her on her way.

My coworkers were wide-eyed because I really never lose my cool like that in front of a customer.

Serial Returner has yet to darken our doorstep again.




Retail Hell Memories: "You mean I have to WAIT IN LINE?"



From u/sjlwood, Tales From Retail:

Working the return counter one day. The end of the counter faced the entrance to the store, so sometimes customers would come right up to the counter and not see the line. Once informed they would gladly go get in line, usually.

Guest comes in and there is a particular long return line that day. She comes right up to me with her return.

Me: "Hi! If you go ahead and get in the return line right there we'll be with you as soon as possible."

Guest: "WHAT? I just want to return these items."

Me: "That's fine, this is the right spot! We'll be with you as soon as we've helped the other guests."

Guest: "You mean I have to WAIT IN LINE TO RETURN SOMETHING???"

I honestly didn't even respond.





Bad Returners: An Attempt to return an item bought in a different century



From u/Daisthecat, Tales From Retail:

"I would like to return this pasta roller please" "Ok, I don't recognise the box as one we sell, do you have the receipt?"

Lady produces a receipt, I notice it has the name of our shop on the top (we've been open in the same premises since the 1970's), but it is an old style receipt, looking closer I see the date on the receipt is from 1996.

"you bought this 22 years ago?" "I did, but I've only used it a couple of times and I have the receipt here, I want a refund because I just don't use it enough"

I looked at her and simply boggled. Then explained that any guarantee or consumer rights coverage was long, long expired and that I simply couldn't give her a refund - even if it had grown a head and become sentient; this pasta roller was hers.







Cashier Hell: Bad Doughnut



From u/BravoNZ Tales From Retail:

Just relaying a story from a girl who is currently working as a cashier in a gourmet food shop as her first job, she is a very good friend of my daughter and she was telling all of us this story earlier today.

Lady customer (L) walks in store with a receipt in hand only and beelines for this cashier girl (G).

L: I need a refund. G: Ok, what item you want to return?

L: The doughnut, this one here (points to the receipt line with the culprit doughnut listed)

G: No problem, what is wrong with it, can you please show it to me?

L: Can't, I ate it, but it made me feel fat because it was very filling and I want a refund.

G: Uh... (signing to the floor manager).

She didn't get a refund.

What is really frightening is this girl is saying this is not the weirdest one and she has customers like this almost every day. She kind of lost her trust in the human race.








Bad Returners: "Your just being mean!"



From  u/HausDeKittehs Tales From Retail:

So I am a manager at a retail chain that sells clothes, accessories, shoes, and stuff for the home at discount prices. The supervisor at the register called me over to help decline a return. Now usually I will make exceptions to the return policy, even if I have to mark something out of stock. My company makes millions, and it isn't worth losing a customer over 20 bucks.

However, this lady was trying to return a 100.00 bag with a 3-month-old receipt from another location. The bag had food stains and was all banged up. It had a mirror inside that had fallen off, but could easily be reattached.

I let the customer know that I couldn't accept the return at my store, but she could try at the store in was purchased in. Oh, my God. She turned from a nice middle-aged lady to a toddler.

"No, you are going to take it back. I bought it from your company and it is returnable here. I don't need to be inconvenienced. It isn't my fault!(referring to the mirror)."

Me: I'm very sorry about the inconvenience. I can't take back a used item in this condition with no tag attached. My other option is to provide you with the customer service number.

Her: Is there someone else I can speak with?

Me: No, I am the manager here.

Her: Is there a different manager?

Me: No, I am the only manager here.

Her: well, then you are the one who can make an exception! Managers can make exceptions!

Me: I'm sorry, I can't do that. Would you like the customer service number?

Her: I'm not leaving without my store credit? Why don't you just let me return it for a store credit and I will use it to buy something else?

Me: Mam, I can't take that return back here.

Her: It doesn't say that anywhere! Show me where it says that!

Me: points to receipt "30 days and restrictions may apply"

Her: I know you could make the exception. You're just being mean!!! (omg I started to feel guilty) I want your name! I am going to call and complain about you!

I wrote my name and the customer service number and told her I am sorry for the inconvenience again.

I was actually feeling bad at the end. I really am a nice person and I love to make people happy, but come on.

You can't just buy a summer bag, use it to death for the season, then exchange it for a new one once you're done with it.

Make me feel not guilty fellow retail people!