The Dumbest Question: Coupon Dilemma


Customer: "It's a coupon for a cheeseburger! Why won't you accept it?!"

Me: "Because this is a gas station, and you are trying to use a Burger King coupon. Those don't cover our shitty gas station burgers."




The Dumbest Question: Thigh Ankles

From heatherledge

I used to manage a shoe store and had a notoriously irritating customer come in on the regular.

She tried on a pair of thigh high boots and asked, "Do these cover my ankles?"

I asked, "Your ankles?"

She responded "Ya! My thigh ankles!"

Me: "...Your knees?"


The Dumbest Question: Driving School Doctor




From Konaya:

A mother with child came in once with a battle-ready look about her. You know, that look a customer gets when they know they are in the wrong but decide to have a go anyway.

She argued that she shouldn't need to pay the $10 fee for missing her doctor's appointment, because she didn't know the rules. (The appointments are free, but making one and then not showing up will cost you because you are wasting everyone's time and generally being a massive fucknut.)

I told her a) to stop being a massive fucknut, b) that this is a driving school, as evidenced by all the posters on driving and the total lack of hospital decor, c) that the doctor's office is next-door, and d) might I also suggest the optician the next floor down?




The Dumbest Question: Unisexual Bathrooms

From LordConvarius

Standing next to HUGE bathroom sign, restocking silverware Woman in mid 30's enters the establishment.

Woman: Sir, where is the bathroom?

Me: Down that hallway, ma'am. Points to the direction the sign is pointing

Woman: No, it isn't.

Me: Err, what?

Woman: That's a couple's restroom, see? Man AND woman.

Me: Chuckles Oh, no. That's a unisex bathroom, you can use it.

Woman: I'm not a unisexual. I'll just run over to Applebees. Leaves