RHU Tales From The Custy Side: Not Their Proudest Moment At Bullseye


Carolanne 003From RHUer

I'm not sure if I sinned or not in the past, RHU. I'll leave the verdict in your hands.

I was in a Bullseye, and the one thing they tended to be really rabid about is pushing their 22% interest store credit card. I don't want it. I don't need it. And it's 2008 when every-fucking-body is broke in the recession and market housing crash. Not that Bullseye cares.

But when I'm rung up, guess what pops up on the screen? Yup, the prompt to offer the credit card.

Cashier: "Would you like to sign up for our store card?"

Me: "No thank you."

Cashier: "You get blah blah percent off, even if you aren't accepted."

Me: "I'm not interested, thank you." I start gathering my bags.

Cashier: "Would you like a pamphlet to tell you more about it?"

(Okay, I've been patient, but now I'm getting rude. I know it's not the slave's fault, and I know their manager is likely hounding them, but I've already refused twice now.)

Me: "No. I don't want your card, and I don't want your damn pamphlet. I just want my receipt and my purchase."

Cashier: "Okay, I'll just put this in your bag in case you change your mind."

Freddy2 027And he shoves it into my bag before I can bat an eye.

Aaaand this is where I snap.

I reach into the bag, yank the pamphlet out and rip it into quarters in front of him, God and about four customers in line. I raise my voice and yell.


I crumpled the remnants into paper balls and left them.

I complained to the manager, who basically spent ten minutes trying to explain why I didn't have the right or privilege to say 'no' to a credit card, because even though I had refused, there was still a hint of a glimmer of a possibility that I would change my mind.

I told the manager, in some rather rude language, that if he treated women the way he treated customers, that it was a wonder why he wasn't in jail for rape. (Not... not the best comparison, thinking back on it, especially in today's climate. I'm not proud of myself for that outburst. *cringe*)

I ended up filing a complaint with corporate that I didn't appreciate their employees trying to force me to take a credit card application after telling them 'no' several times. I refused their limp noodle apologies in the form of coupons and other mealy mouthed excuses and told them that if their store cannot take "no" for an answer, I was going to take my business elsewhere. (Urgh, I hate that line, and do my best to avoid it, but I think my filter had, by then, thoroughly popped off and it slipped out anyway.)

On one hand, I understand that Bullseye will fire you if you don't get enough sign ups. On the other, I didn't want it, I made it clear I didn't want it, and that employee and the manager basically tried to force the issue by shoving it on me anyway and then tried to justify it.

Retail sin?



Captain Ham's Mother's Day Shopping Hell Turns Into a Trip to Retail Heaven



 From Captain Ham:

I don't know what aligned ever so perfectly to lead to my shopping trip this afternoon but I would like to shake hands with the puppeteer of good circumstances.

Bit of backstory before I start this tale of what feels like ridiculous good fortune: I go to conventions and have been tearing my hair out trying to find one last item that will pull everything together. It's commonly sold in fall and had I known my friend group was going to do this costume set in fall I would have gotten it then. Unfortunately I did not know until maybe a month and a half ago. I also have really bad anxiety at times and today has been a rough day for that and the angry rude self depreciating thoughts that come with it.

So, despite feeling like shit and having a bit of a breakdown during a drive and coming home to shake for a while, I went out to the favoured zombie apocalypse setting- the town mall. I really need this item for this costume, Mother's Day is coming up, and I had a few other errands I've been putting off and just hit the point of "augh screw it let's just get it over with".

Before I left I thought I should call around to see if any stores besides the Big Blue Old Lady Store have what I want to get for my mom, because BBOLS has crap fabric designs for plus size. I called them first on the off chance I might learn something new. That was a headache and a half with an inaudible loud or infuriatingly quiet automated system that just drones on for ages designed to eat up your minutes. Eventually got to a human- though she seemed as done with everything as I was and kept trying to explain things I wasn't asking- I know I said heaven and this is hell so far.

Jason 004I give up and call another "Airy", more hip store to ask them. Crystal clear automated menu, beyond helpful associate who informed me of their sales relevant to my situation and nothing more, and upon realizing their store had nothing that would fit the need she gave me a TON of helpful advice and different places to try and told me about a new unaffiliated store that I didn't know had opened.

I called around to her suggestions and met most of the same answers, the associate at "La Lady" store (looking for a gift card for a hard working mom with no budget for herself and very few of those things) was very helpful as well and super apologetic they didn't have anything either. She was very sympathetic after she asked what I was looking for as I gave my best mess of an explanation. It was basically: "Uh. Bras. But for a size X. Um thats the shirt size. I don't know more than that. I was just getting a gift card but want to make sure she can find something here"

Phone tag wears out and I figure I should get walking before I fully crashed for the day. I ended up going to BBOLS because it was the only place I could get to reasonably.

They had gift cards available and brands available that would work for my mom after a very awkward quick sweep. And- wouldn't you know it- in a nearby section they had exactly one of the things I needed for this costume! But oh no- it's a few inches too short. The color, the fabric type- everything but the length was perfect.

Jason 023A very nice BBOLS associate was helping me out as well looking for it, and she deserves to be blessed by any gods she believes in or to be showered in puppies and kitties- she saw how excited I got and then how defeated I was as I tried to puzzle out 'well if I cut this thing I have at home I can maybe get it long enough, or I could stretch it, or-' she said if I thought I could make it work she could give it to me for 30% off- and my broken heart nearly 'sploded out of thankfulness. I almost teared up. She explained since it was the last of that stock and since I was so desperate for something like it with such a short timeframe considering the modification and detailing work (very intricate designing to add to it by hand still) that it was no problem for her to do that for me.

My day did a complete 180, it was just so much kindness after kindness and help after help. Meanwhile I'm standing there holding in all this dread and terrible feelings and trying to keep smiling and be kind myself- it was literally a 2 hour trip to heaven I think.

On the way out as well I found a store my grandmother loved was having a sale and popped in to pick her up a little something- and again the associate just going above and beyond for me. She asked if it was for mother's day and showed me all the nostalgic and throw-back scented items since I mentioned my grandmother loved their products. She helped me find a really good one and then showed me a similar one (actually an even softer scent and more enjoyable) that was on sale as well.

She even made sure to wrap it in a cute little bit of paper and to carefully attach the gift receipt, just in case. And I know stores like that do that sort of thing but it was just really really sweet to me. She was very careful and made sure it was wrapped with enough to keep it safe and a surprise instead of the 'one sheet crumple and go' kind of thing.

Little (or.... rather long ooops) slice of retail heaven for a change. Even though worker and coworkers can be asshats and a pain, there's good people out there too being diamonds in the rough shining bright to help ya out.

Now I'm off to send some feedback about some really great employees who need a bit of recognition.

--Captain Ham


Customer Kindness: It Pays To Be Nice, Even in Fast Food


Carolanne 006

From an RHUer:

A little story of how being polite got my mother little goodies. She was in McD and getting a late supper for us, after an eye appointment. Pretty hectic there, typical evening rush and she was at the register manned by the manager.

Takes a few minutes to get the stuff together. Manager apologizes for the wait and she says, “It’s okay. I’ve worked here 34 years ago myself, I know how busy it can get.” Manager goes back to finishing the order and brings the two shakes. My mother looks at the non-strawberry one and asks if it’s chocolate as she ordered. Nope, he accidentally gave her a vanilla one. The manager offers to make a new one, but mom tells him to not mind. She has a bus to catch.

And the manager was apparently so grateful that my mom did not yell at him and was, frankly, just a decent human, he put some of those little packages of children’s candy into the takeaway bag. Not being a bitch got my mom some little dessert as a reward.



Misunderstood Game Name Causes Giggles


Carolanne and jason laughFrom: Late Night Geek

I've got a crazy customer story involving Starscream and myself. We may have seemed crazy to the poor cashier, I assure you we weren't crusties.

A couple years ago, we decided to go to the Red Box Store. It was payday and the day after a holiday. We were hoping to score some half price candy and decorations.

We passed the electronics sections. I noticed a few marked down games for a system I bought the year before. One grabbed my interest and my eyes went for the price marker in the slot it was sitting in. (It was outside the locked cabinets.) I'm not going to post what it exactly said, but let's say it said "Purple Monster Fck." I felt my eyes bug out of my head. I looked around frantically, rechecking the sign a few times before I realized it was missing a vowel.

I sighed and called Starscream over. Her reaction was very similar to mine. We had a good laugh about it.

We did mention it in whispers to our cashier that she should have someone change it so a crusty didn't flip out on a poor cashier. I realize years later that we probably needed to grab the shift supervisor. I wonder if it was ever caught.

May all your customers be sane!

--Late Night Geek


Retail Line Hell: Rush at College Bookstore Going Out of Business Creates Two Hour Wait



From an RHUer:

My college just announced that it was closing its doors in August. In a mad rush, all of the students stormed the very small bookstore. In between the two racks of sweatshirts you can barely make out the wood of the registers. the line was two hours long, because of the volume of people and the fact that people were buy $200+ of merchandise at a time on very old registers. Despite all this, everyone in line was awesome and the ladies who run the bookshop, while haggard and just realized they lost their jobs, were very sweet.