Department Store Hell: Helping Is Not Helping



From biffybeefa, Tales From Retail:

I work in a very busy department store, usually folding but sometimes on tills. I'm usually in the boys department but this day I was changed to the dress section, which I don't know at all.

So yesterday it was manic busy and every time I was on the floor I was asked to check for clothes in the stock room, where it is usually impossible to find things. I had just gotten back when this woman started shouting "excuse me" from behind me. I turned round and she looked pissed.

Her "I found this dress, I want to know where it is."

Me "I'm not usually in this section but I can find somebody that is, or I can give a quick look in the back for you."

She stares at me and then sighs, "It is so difficult to get an employee to help find things in this shop."

I again asked her if she wanted me to give a quick look round the shop for where it could be.

Her "Look, this dress says it's reduced, I just want to know where it is".

Me "Ok, well if it's reduced it'll be in the reduction section."

Her "I want it in a 6, go check in the back."

At this stage I've lost patience repeating myself.

Me "Ok if it is reduced there is no more in the stock room, I'll show you the reduced section."

Her "How am I supposed to know where the reduced section is?!"

Me "...I'm going to show you."

I bring her over to the reduced section where there is no sign of the dress. I show her dresses that look just like it but aren't reduced. She rhymes on about wanting that dress and why can't I find it. I eventually just left her giving out as she tried find other stuff in the reduced section.

Tl:Dr: offer to help customer, she complains people don't help in the shop and then ignores everything I say.





Discount Rats: “Call the owner because the customer is always right!”



From soliloquii, Tales From Retail:

I work in a small retail store from hell in a high end mall.

We carry many brands of bags, one brand we will call “T”

Mind you, in this mall, there is also the main store for the brand “T” where they carry more products from that brand. They are our competition since they are the main store.

On Sundays we close at 6:00 PM. This loud woman (LW) and her husband walk in at 5:50. Guess who is going home late again...

She grabs a backpack.

LW: How much is this T backpack? I want to buy it for my husband.

Me: Well it is usually [price] however the store is offering a small 10% discount because of Mother’s Day.”

LW: Only 10% off? That’s it? well the store T is offering more than that! They are doing a 15% off!”

Me: That’s not possible since we carry the same exact brand and we have the same prices. Plus the brand notifies us whenever there will be a sale”

LW: (changes her story) Actually no, not T store, I saw this same exact backpack in another store downtown! The lady offered me 15% off !!

ME: .... what store is it?


Me: .... ok ...maybe it’s a different model.. I scan the bag and add our 10% discount

Me: ok so it will be [price] plus tax.

LW: You’re not going to give me a discount??

Me: Sorry, the discount offered is 10%

LW: But the lady downtown offered me a 15% off! Can’t you call the owner so he can give me an additional 5%? Call him. Call him because the customer is always right! (Calling the owner is a no since he hates to be called over things we already know)

Me: I can’t call the owner. He let us know yesterday that we are allowed to give a 10% off discount maximum in any store item. No more than that.

LW: But the woman downtown showed me in her screen that the system lets her give her a 15%! Can’t you do that?

Me: You’re right, I can put in whatever discount in the system. I can put in 15% or even a 20% but the owner strictly said 10% only...’T’ store isn’t even doing any discount at all.

LW: Well the owner should offer more than that..

Me: .... (I choose not to respond and ignore her at this point to avoid escalating the situation)

LW’s husband then tells me it’s fine and that he’ll pay for the bag

He hands me his card and then he politely asks me to monogram the bag. I monogram it. LW just pulls out her phone and tries to find the bag cheaper I assumed however she didn’t find anything. The husband is happy with his bag and thanks me. They both exit the store.

I ended up leaving at 6:30.. however, we are commissioned and it was an expensive bag he purchased so it’s whatever..






Sale Hell: That's False Advertising!



From 15tybalt2, Tales From Retail:

I work in the home goods section of a big department store, and I had a customer ask if I had a kitchen appliance that was in our ad.

Lady will be "CB" for "cranky butt" and I'll be "me".

CB: "Excuse me, where are the [blankity blank]" shows me the ad

I can't even remember what she asked for but I remember it was something that went fast because it was on a good sale.

Me: "Oh I'm sorry, I've sold out of that item."

CB: "What do you mean you don't have it!? It was in the ad! That's false advertising!"

Me: completely bewildered by her thought process "I... I'm sorry, but it was a popular item and I sold out fast. I can check another store for you"

CB: "No! If it's in the ad you should have it! This is false advertising and I will be calling corporate about this!"

Me: "Um, ok. If you still want it I can help you order it online?"

She refused my help again and went on and on about how it was false advertising and that she was going to be calling corporate. I realized that I couldn't help her any further, apologized again, and told her to have a nice day.

Seriously!? No where in that ad did it say that my specific store was going to have them in stock the day you come in. Other people exist and want to buy things too.

Tldr; lady gets angry when I sold out of an item in the ad and calls it false advertising.






Retail Hell Memories: My favorite customer while being a hawker



From datsquachguy, Tales From Retail:

I had a kind of summer job where I worked in a football stadium going up and down the stands selling popcorn. The official name for people who sell stuff going around the stands of a stadium is a Hawker. I have a number of short stories about working about 7 games, but will mabey compile them later. LTL FTP mobile etc.

I was going up across the bottom row and someone bought a box of popcorn, nothing unusual. I sold out my bag and went to refill it. When I got back in the stands I saw 2 other popcorn hawkers go across the first row. This means that anybody that wanted popcorn already bought it. I start going across pretty fast not expecting any sales.

I run past the guy I mentioned earlier and heard him call out. I go back and he says something like 'there's the popcorn guy' really excited then buys 2 boxes. I'll also say that I don't often get tips tips and when we do it's usually only about a dollar. 2 boxes equals 6 dollars and I tell him as much. He gives me a ten and tells me to keep the change. I'm pretty happy and express my thanks. Best part of the exchange is where I accidentally say "thank you ma'am" rather than thank you man. It made my day, and when your walking up and down stands for like 4 hours it's nice to be able to smile.

TL;DR guy ignores 2 people with same product to buy from me, tips generously and made me smile








Easter Tales: My internet at home isn't working!!!


Jason2 035

From christina_waitforit, Tales From Retail:

I started working in retail about two months ago and had my first encounter with someone rude. Let's call him Angy old man (=AOM)

The shop I work in sells mostly hiking clothes. It's a casual Friday when AOM storms in to the store.

Me: "Welcome, can I help you?"

AOM: "I want to speak to Mrs. Manager! She never called me about the hiking pants!!!"

Me: "I'm sorry about that, but Mrs. Manager isn't here today. Is there anything I can help you with?"


Me: "Sorry, but there wasn't any note about that in our system. Let me show you what zipp off pants we have."

This goes back and forth. He is unhappy that not all of our hiking pants are zipp off pants and tells me that this is not acceptable. He still wants a pair, but has a voucher at home he forgot to bring. He tells me he will come back another time.

Me: "Just a little reminder, we have an Easter-special today and tomorrow, and I could give you a 15%-Discount if you come back tomorrow."

AOM (now really angry): "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT????!!!!"

Me: "There are signs in our store and if you signed up for our newsletter, you also got this information via email."


After that he stormed off. Unfortunately he came back today, asking where my manager was. She's on vacation, so I told him this. His answer was "Why didn't you tell me this yesterday?????" Ah maybe because you didn't ask?






Jewelry Store Hell: Bracelet Lady




From  Ainrana, Tales From Retail:

I was chatting with my coworker behind the counter and we were minding our own business. All of the sudden, I see a lady throw down two bracelets on my coworker's counter and she runs off almost as quickly as she came in. My coworker and I are a bit startled, as though we actually saw a ghost messing around with the merchandise.

So I pick both the bracelets up and take them back. As I'm putting them away, the Bracelet Lady approaches me and screams, "What are you doing?! I told you to hold those for me!"

I was confused, because if she said anything, she didn't even make eye contact with either of us or try to get our attention before doing that. I explained that the store's policy states we cannot hold items for customers, but she was welcome to take a basket.

She stared at me wide-eyed for a moment, but then said, "Well, you should have told me I couldn't hold any items when I put them on the counter! You are so, so rude!"

I blinked. I said okay and I gave the bracelets back to her.

I went behind the register again and shrugged at my coworker. It's too rainy to put much thought into it. However, maybe ten seconds after I returned, the Bracelet Lady comes up to us again, and this time even goes back behind the counter with us. She jabs a finger at us and says, "You two should have told me that I couldn't hold items, okay? You two said nothing even as I walked away." She was trembling and her voice was kind of cracking (keep in mind these are cheapass rope bracelets and there was like fifty of them).

I stared at her as though she was melting into the floor. My coworker, now realizing that I wasn't going to say anything to her, smiled a Retail Smile and said she was sorry about our 'behavior'.

Bracelet Lady didn't like this response from either of us, so she went back to the store and ran over to the designer jewelry counter, where two of my other coworkers are chatting, also minding their own business. They told me later that Bracelet Lady asked if either of them were managers. Neither of them are, but the customer service woman lied and said that she was in fact the manger and asked what the problem was. Bracelet Lady tells them the whole story, and how rude my coworker and I were to her, and how we need to be disciplined.

However, the coworker behind the jewelry counter just blinked, and asked, " do you want to check out now, or...?"

That's when Bracelet Lady snarled and screamed, "No, I'm not spending my goddamn money here!" She threw down the two bracelets and then walked out of the store, not purchasing anything at all.

She should have told us she wasn't going to buy anything.

-- Ainrana