Entitled Customers: How dare you help someone else after I leave the store!



From submissiveswiss, Tales From Retail:

I'd been helping a customer pick out a few products. When she was ready to check out I brought her to the registers and began ringing her items up.

Lady: so, what's my total? Me: $105 Lady: okay I just have to hit the ATM. Me: unfortunately the one in this store is temporarily out of service, however you can use the one in the store next to us! (It's the same owner of both stores, just different products sold) Lady: okay I'll be right back!

Meanwhile, other customers that were browsing are ready to be rung up. I set the lady's items to the side and began helping a couple other people.

As I'm helping the second customer in line, the lady comes back in and actually walks in front of the line of people waiting, stands next to the customer I'm helping, and interrupts me mid sentence: okay I'm ready.

Me: if you'll just hang on one moment I have a few customers in front of you. Lady: I was here first. I had to go to the ATM! Me: well since you left the store, technically I need to help these people first. It won't be long, and I've kept your items here next to me for when I'm ready to help you again. Lady: fuck it, you people are horrible, I'm out.

And with that, she left. I hope she doesn't come back.








Sales Associate Hell: "I Want Them All"


Freddy2 081a

From  DragonDeadite, Tales From Retail:

Part of my job in selling appliance parts is that I sell to tech companies who go out and fix other people's machines. One such customer calls me up one day and ask me how many of a control board I have.

Me: "I've got 4 in stock here, and 10 more in my warehouse."

C: "I want them all."

Me: "Say what now?"

C: "Yeah, I want your four, and those ten."

Me: "You realize those are $100 each, right?"

C: "Yeah, it doesn't matter. I'm just going to hold them for a few days then return them."

Me: "Again... say what now?"

C: "One of our customers doesn't want to buy the part from us so we're going to buy all the ones you have so they HAVE to buy it from us. Then after he buys it from us we'll return the rest of them to you. Just do the ticket."

Me: "HA! No way, man. Not a chance in the world."

C: "What? WHY?"

Me: "I'm not going to help you screw over not only YOUR customer, but also any of MY customers that might need that board while you're playing your games. You want one, you can have one, but I'm not allocating all of them to you. So do you want one or not?"

C: "NO!" -click-

-- DragonDeadite







Retail Hell Memories: "You are personally going to deliver this to me, or else"



Here's a Tile Store Hell memory worthy of a Retail Balls Award:

 wezzer. Tales From Retail:

I'm a tile salesman, this occurred a little while ago.

In our back aisle we had a display of patterned tiles. There were six tiles making up the display. Each tile had a slightly different assortment of squares/triangles/circles on it. When you purchase this tile you will get a random assortment of patterned tiles in each box. This is relevant to the story, trust me!

Our tale begins on a sunny Saturday morning. A couple arrive to collect 30 or so boxes of these patterned tiles. I load them up without a hitch and the customers goes on their way.

About an hour after loading the order I get a phone call and it's the woman from earlier and she is not happy. She'll be Angry Lady (AL) and I'll be Me.

(AL) 'Hi, we collected tiles an hour ago and you gave us the wrong ones'

(Me) 'Hello there, can I start off by getting your order number to check what tiles you ordered?'

(AL) 'It's 1234'.

(Me) 'Okay, so you should have received 30 boxes of 'patterned tile' - I actually loaded the order myself and you've definitely received the tiles that are on your docket. Was there perhaps a mix-up when you ordered the tiles and the sales-rep confused the tile you'd chosen?'

(AL) 'No, it's these tiles but we wanted all of this particular pattern'

(Me) 'I see, well, unfortunately that tile is sold as it is on display - meaning you get a random assortment of patterned tiles in each box'

(AL) 'No that's wrong, when I bought them I was told I could get all the one tile'

(Me) 'Ma'am, the sales-rep you dealt with would never have told you that as he is fully aware of the way that particular tile is sold - I think there may have been some miscommunication between yourselves and the sales-rep you dealt with. If you'd like, you can bring the tiles back and we'll swap them for something else?'


(Me) 'I'm sorry but that's simply impossible - we'd have to open every box and pick out the particular tile you want from hundreds of boxes - and we'd then be unable to sell on the rest of the stock as all the boxes would be open'


At this point I'm getting pretty fed up at being yelled at so I inform the lady that I'll contact my manager and see what can be done. The Manager is off on Saturdays so it took me a little while to get a hold of him. While I was trying this woman's husband called and proceeded to abuse another sales-rep over the telephone. He told us that the display in question was in fact all one tile and that we must have changed the display after his wife called. We told him that this had certainly not happened and that the display had been the same for the past month at least.

Jason 026I finally get through to my manager who tells me that I can exchange the tiles if the customer brings them back - but I can under no circumstances go through all the boxes to give these people the 300 tiles with one particular pattern that they want.

I call the lady back to inform her of this. And she tells me...


At this point I feel that I've endured enough of this lady and I've informed her of what I can reasonably do for her - bearing in mind we didn't even have to offer an exchange for these tiles. I decide to carry on with my work day as normal.

10 minutes later I get a phone call. It's Angry Ladies husband. (ALH)

(ALH) 'You said you'd call us when our tiles were on their way?'

(Me) 'No Sir, I'm afraid I gave you the option of returning the tiles and exchanging them for something else - barring that there is nothing else I can offer you'


It is at this point I lost my temper.

(Me) 'I have told you what your options are - we are not at fault because you made an assumption during your purchase of tiles - Goodbye'.

I slammed the phone down and it felt incredibly good. Not 10 seconds later the phone rings again and the other sales-rep answers it and I can hear this man screaming over the phone. He passes the phone to me and I hear 'WHAT KIND OF MAN HANGS UP ON SOMEONE' - right as I hang up again.

We never heard back from them, strangely enough.




Retail Hell Memories: Having a "Teacher Voice" Helps in Retail


Carolanne 021

From Soninuva, Tales From Retail:

Back when I worked at a toy store in a mall, I was also a substitute teacher (I'm now a special ed paraprofessional) and actually started both jobs within a month of each other. As one might imagine, working with school aged children, I quickly developed an authoritative manner of speaking and tone for quickly getting students back on task.

One day I happened to come to the mall, either to buy something, or just to look around (but not to work, I was off that day) and decided to stop by the store I worked at as I was about to walk by. One of my supervisors, M, was the manager on duty. It was somewhat busy, so I didn't intend on talking to him till he got a moment free, but when he saw me, he waved me over. He told me that whomever was supposed to come in at that shift hadn't (I can't remember why they didn't show). Normally there's supposed to be one manager and one regular team member on duty at all times (except for brief periods where there's only a manager, but those are only on slow days, and usually for only an hour or two), and it was busy, so it's understandable that he was a bit worried. He asked if I could come in that day and cover the person's shift.

I wasn't really doing much that day, and more hours means a bigger paycheck, so of course I said that I could, except that I didn't have my uniform, and it would take me about 45 minutes round trip to go get it. He didn't want to wait that long, nor me to have to waste the gas, and so told me to just click in and get working and to just another name tag (it was from somebody that wasn't working there any longer) with what I was wearing.

The day continued. After a while, he said that he'd keep me till we closed, so I'd need to take a lunch break at some point. I did, and as I usually would, headed over to the food court, then walked back to our store to eat in the back, leaving the name tag at the counter (even though our name tags say the name of the store I work at very clearly, people would always assume I worked at whatever place I happened to be getting food from at the food court - I haven't the faintest clue why, hence my leaving the name tag behind).

When I walked into the store with my food, I saw some girls (they looked to be about 15) running up and down the aisles. I called out in my teacher voice, "Girls! Walking, not running!" Immediately I thought I was going to have to deal with them either ignoring me, or challenging me, or a parent getting mad at me due to them not being able to identify me as an employee with my regular clothes. To my surprise, they both stopped, and one even said, "Sorry, sir," and looked chastised. This was kind of funny, considering that from their perspective, I had literally no authority, yet they heeded my directions anyway. It became even more amusing later, when my manager said that he had yelled at them to stop running previously, and they didn't, and he couldn't do anything about it as he was in the middle of a transaction and couldn't leave the register.

I've found myself doing that in public a lot, especially at the mall, both when I was working there, and after, both in and out of uniform. I'd say 90% of the time, they actually listen. I've even had parents thank me.



Retail Hell Memories: Do You Accept Gold Bullion?



From _Pebcak_, Tales From Retail:

While going to college, I got seasonal job in my local mall at a clothing/music store. After a couple of years I'd managed to work my way up to manager, so I can say with 100% confidence I knew almost everything there was to know about my store.

An old lady comes in with a couple of younger kids. The whole time she's looking around with complete disgust and disdain, despite the fact that I'd truly been nothing but nice to her; greeting her when she came in, telling her briefly about sales, if she needed help just ask - basic stuff.

After about 10 minutes of her standing there, GLARING at me as I helped other customers and folded shirts and whatever, she asks if we accept Discover cards. (Yes.) Did I know where there was a good steak restaurant to eat at. (No, and there were none around the mall, either. Just fast food.) Do we accept gold bullion as payment? I had no idea what that was, so I asked if that was a type of credit card. She proceeded to flip out that I was rude, and she left with the kids in tow.

I only know what "gold bullion" is b/c I later Googled it when I got home. Like, what?




Call Center Hell with a Discount Rat Veteran: "I lost a leg for you in Vietnam! Give me my discount!!"



From pierogituxedo, Tales From Retail:

This happened a few weeks ago. I work for a company who does a lot of work for veterans outside of giving discounts. We build homes, support wounded warrior initiatives, employ countless newly minted civilians, etc.

One day, I had a nice man who called in asking about our military discount policy. Our policy is very clear: We DO offer a military discount in our stores with valid military ID or DD214. This discount is ONLY available in stores on IN-STORE merchandise.

In the online department, where I work, we have no real way of verifying military service and are not to give the discount under any circumstance, due to the rampant surge in "Stolen Valor."

I was speaking with the nice veteran, who I'll call GrandpaVet, because during the conversation, he told me all about his grandchildren and how much fun they'll have with the product he was getting. (It was a really cool swing set, slide combo!)

Me: OK GrandpaVet, I got you all set here, Lemme just get your credit card and we'll have your grandkids running and playing in no time!

GV: (Chuckling) Oh thank you, Pierogi, My kiddos are gonna love this thing. Hey, one more question. I'm a vietnam vet, and disabled, and a senior. (chuckles) Usually when I go to the store, I get a military discount. Can you apply that for me?

Me: Ah! Thank you so much for your service, GrandpaVet!

GV: Thank you for yours! Helping me get this and all!

Me: Well, I can't honor the military discount on an online purchase due to the fact that our policy only allows for the discount to be applied in the store on store purchases. I can--

GV: Hang on now, If I go into the store after I purchase this and show them my ID, can they apply it there?

CallMe: No sir, because it would still be an online purchase. It only extends to sto--

GV: OK, I got ya. How about if I go into the store to make the purchase there? Will they give me my discount then?

I could feel him getting a little tense...The happy grandpa I had been talking to was slowly going away.

Me: No sir, It's only for in-store-

GV: Now I've been mighty nice throughout this whole ordeal ordering this product from you, Pierogi, and I like you a whole lot, but there's gotta be a way to apply this discount. I'm on a fixed income and can't spend too much money on extra things like this.

Me: I totally understand GV, trust me I do, but my company poli-

GV: I lost a leg for you and your company in Vietnam! All that Agent Orange is still in my lungs! You give me that discount or you get me a manager, simple as that!

With that, I stopped and stated:

Me: Alright, let me get you a manager sir, It's been my pleasure to serve you. One moment.

I transferred to my manager, a former Navy Commander with 23 years of service.

EDIT: Asked Manager how it went. Customer did not get discount, and ended up hanging up on the manager.