Piggy People: Teens Pee On Merchandise, "But They Good Kids! You Ain't Sending Them To Juvie!"


PIGGY-SHOPPER2From: PardayTarday

A couple of days ago, I was pulling a double shift (9 AM-close) and it was serene - four or five customers, six associates in the store, just another Tuesday in retail. We're across the street from a mixed-income neighborhood, so a lot of our customers come from there. Lot of nice people, some non-English speakers, but people who are super nice and make the job fun.

Around 8:15 PM, three teenage boys started to ride around the parking lot in their bikes. We don't think much of this - it's a large parking lot, filled with many stores (such as Sprawl Mart). We start picking up the carts from the parking lots as the three boys walk into the store, playing with the laptops and tablets, then the cameras. Fine, whatever we thought, we're almost closed, so be it.

Then they entered the small electronics department and started to knock things over - throwing down iPad cases on the floor, putting the music on loud and cursing at each other, running around the television area and putting terrible things on the smart TV's (websites with pornographic images, loud music - NOTE: We never blocked websites on the smart TV's, but now we do, we never thought this would happen.)

My manager comes over, talks to them, but as he does, they start calling him names - "Old Man McGee" (our boss' last name is McGee) - as well as attempting to push around the vacuums and knocking things over.

Our manager, a patient man who we never heard raise his voice, yelled; "LEARN SOME GODDAMNED MANNERS AND GET OUT!"

Hag 1The boys laughed and gave up, and walked out the store as we cleaned up the mess they left us. (Especially one in the furniture area, who peed on the recliners!!) At close, as we were removing the recliners and marking "Defective Merchandise - Move to Atlanta" on each of them, a woman banged on our doors (they were locked) and screams "OPEN YOUR DOORS!"

My manager walked up to the door and pointed to his watch, "We're closed ma'am. We'll be open at 10 AM tomorrow for your shopping convenience."

But then we see those three boys as well around her, banging on the doors. The manager opened the doors slowly, and as the woman tried to push herself in, our manager blocked her entrance. "Ma'am, we're closed. And your boys left us a mess, so even if we were open, we wouldn't let you in. One of your boys peed on the recliners, which is going to lose us money on each one. We have to order new ones and tell corporate what happened to each one."


Our manager, in a smug voice, says, "Sure ma'am, call corporate, but we have so much evidence against your boys..."


Jason victimNext morning, we open up at 10 AM, and who's the first customer - Mama Crazy! The store is quiet, a lot of us had just pulled doubles, and so everyone is tired and just waiting for the day to end. The same manager from the night before is there, and she walks up to him, huffing and puffing. "LEMME SEE THOSE RECLINERS. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. YALL TRYING TO PUT MY BOYS IN JUVIE AND THEY ALL I HAVE."

My manager walks the woman to the warehouse, and we follow. He shows her the photos of what her boys have done, and then showed her the recliners, lined up, marked defective.


Our manager walks her out, and as she leaves, he says, "We are pressing charges ma'am. We have every camera, every photo, and six associates who saw what happened. We'll see you in court."

As of today - the police arrested the three boys, they pleaded not guilty, and we're going to court.




Crazy People Hell: Of Course I Threatened Her. What's Your Problem?


Crazy custysFrom: Garden Girl

I agree with what some others said, about violence just getting more attention; that's what propaganda is all about, after all. But I do feel also that people are becoming, at the very least, less 'nice.'

This can lead to violence, especially with the economy and so many other problems we're facing worldwide nowadays.

I work at what you would think is a nice, quiet place, but even we've had issues recently with potentially violent customers.

Someone came in and threatened our front desk associate a couple weeks ago because he wanted to buy a membership but didn't want to show his receipt from paying admission that day (we take the cost of admission off for the same day if you purchase a year membership).

He left on his own before security could call the police, but when he agreed to come in and meet with one of our directors, he played the race card and demanded lifetime free entry and that the associate who had 'helped' him be fired.

When he was confronted about threatening her, he had absolutely no problem with how he had reacted. Whatever is causing these changes is very frightening.

--Garden Girl



Crazy People Hell: "So What If Someone Got Murdered?!"


Crazy custysFrom: Admissions Whore

There's a KFC not too far away from my house and someone used a shot gun and killed a lady going through the drive thru.

Another woman comes up a couple hours later and ends up getting arrested for disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer.


She broke through the police tape, saying; "The dumb bitch is dead! Now let me get my God damned chicken!"

The world is a sad and scary place. :(

--Admissions Whore



Confessions of a Drive-Thru Manager



From Dayniellex:

I have thought many times, about writing something like this. And after a long stressful day at work, I decided to actually sit down and do it. Let me start off by listing my qualifications to make these statements. My name is Daynielle, and if you didn't know that, then you're either stupid or blind cause I'm pretty sure my name is at the top of this. I have worked in the fast food industry for over 8 years now, specifically DD/BR and have managed two stores during that time. Both locations I have managed have done great business, and had a very busy drive thru. Below, I will list several things that may have been unknown to you, the customer, until now.

1) Every Drive Thru is being TIMED. Yes, Timed. For DD/BR locations, we have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to move you from where you place your order, to about 7 feet from the pick up window. We are not only being timed, but we are being graded based on those times. My management skills are judged based on my ability to move that line. While I care that your kids don't starve to death, they are not my kids, and you need to wait to feed them until you get the fuck out of my line.

2) You are not my only customer. I know, it's hard to grasp that you are not the center of my world, or even of my employment. You are one, of thousands of customers I will serve in one day. While me and my staff all do our best to give each customer 110%, please keep in mind that we are also worrying about the 3 cars in front of you, and the countless cars behind you. Cut us some slack.

3) If I sound like I am rushing you, I'm not. If I sound like I am rushing you, I'm not rushing you, I'm just rushing. While taking your order, I am showing one employee where she can find more taster spoons for Baskin, I am watching the cashier in the front charge someone for something they didn't ask for, Watching to make sure the cashier is giving out the right product at the window, and of course - watching to make sure my timer hasn't gone into the red. Do I want you to hurry up? Yes. Do I mean to rush you? No. Even if the employee is not management, they are dealing with the stress of their manager watching them while preparing the orders in front of you and subsequently taking your order as well.

4) A Drive Thru, is not a restaurant. Drive Thru locations were invented to create quick and easy service to those who are on the go. If you are ordering 40$ worth of food, or 4 milkshakes in 4 different flavors, PLEASE come inside the store where I can better serve you. If you can't possibly do that, then if I ask you to pull to the side and wait for your order there, please do it. No good will come of my staff running around trying to get you 20 minutes worth of product in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. My store will end up in shambles, and the majority of your order will be wrong or cold, because they were rushing. It's a lose lose situation. Rest assured, it will get done just as fast than if you didn't move. It will simply free the line for those who don't wish to be 20 minutes late to work because you're ordering breakfast for your flock of children.

Cwindow5) They don't pay me enough to deal with your nasty attitude. As the store manager, I get paid the most in the store. Even I don't get paid enough to deal with the attitude and stress of whatever happened to you before you got here. So certainly, my mostly minimum wage staff does not make enough to deal with you. Please, keep your nasty attitude for someone who has vowed to love you unconditionally forever like your mother or your husband. I, for one, do not love you, I don't even know you, and I just think you are being a douche.

6) If you don't want something, don't say it. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, Do not ask me for a LARGE COFFEE MILK NO SUGAR. Trust me, if you just say milk, I will know you don't want sugar. I will not take the extra 10 seconds needed to mark sugar on your cup and dispense the sugar, when you didn't want it. All you do by telling me you didn't want it, is say sugar. While I may have heard you say NO SUGAR, the girl making your coffee may have only heard SUGAR. And guess what? Now you got sugar.

7) If you ask for a second, Take just that. Please do not ask for a second, and then proceed to sit there for 3 minutes calling all of your co-workers to see if they want something. If you cared about them enough to want to buy them coffee, asking them BEFORE you pulled up the store, probably would have been ideal. I will give you 30 seconds, before I ask for your order again.

8) You don't sound cute, and even if you do - We don't care. This goes out mostly to the ladies, please stop making your voice higher and carrying out the endings to words. We know you don't talk like that in real life, We are probably making fun of you as you order, and you don't sound even 10% as cute as you think you do. "CAN I HAVE A MEDIUM ICEDD CAR-AH-MEL LATTE-AYYY WITH SKIM MILKKKKKKK?" NO, YOU MAY FUCKING NOT.

Carolanne 0349) You are probably ordering wrong. Yes, You. You might think that you are, but you most likely are not actually ordering the way you should be. A LatteLite at DD, consists of sugar free caramel flavor, skim milk, and splenda. Ordering an Iced Latte Lite, with caramel swirl, one sugar, and whole milk .. is just going to make things confusing. Chocolate glazed, and chocolate frosted are two different donuts. A plain stick, is not called a cruller. A coffee roll is not a donut. We don't sell one munchkin. You can't have a half decaf latte. I could go on and on and on. I take the time, because I want to please you, to attempt to get the bottom of what you want. Alas, I am not a mind reader and may not be able to give you exactly what you thought you ordered. But please have patience, believe me - it is much more frustrating for me, than it is for you.

10) If we say no, it's because the answer is no. Especially at DD, and I have to assume at most places, the number one priority is you, the customer. Why? Because to us, you are dollar signs. More dollars to my boss, eventually means more dollars to me, So I want to take as much of your money as possible. Simple economics. So trust me, If I tell you I don't have it or I can't do it - It's because I can't. While I would like to sell you 5 Tuna Sandwiches cut in half, I can't because I am not allowed to slice tuna for health reasons. While I would love to take your half empty cup into the window and throw it out, I can't because the car behind you doesn't want to be served their order with the same hands I just handled your garbage with. Don't ask me three more times, or question me if I am sure. I wouldn't have said it, if I wasn't sure.

11) TIP YOUR BARISTA. I take thousands of customers a day, and you are but one of those people. While I may not know your name, or even have ever seen your face, I will remember your order if you are a regular. Sitting here now, at 6:16 at night, I can tell you what my first three orders of the day tomorrow will be. TIPPING regulars will always get the freshest pot, the quickest service, the hook ups, the discounts, etc. NON TIPPING regulars will wait in line like everyone else, receive the bottom of the pot if thats what I have, and will pay full price all the time. It's that simple. If you aren't a regular, leave the 9 cents change. It's going to end up on the floor of your car, and it will seriously just make our day because it really is the thought that counts.

Carolanne 075z12) Do not say "Hello?!". This is a drive thru, Not a telephone. Do not say hello. Just fucking don't. The store didn't fall apart between the car in front of you, and now. We are here, and we CAN hear you. If I am not taking your order, it's because I'm not ready. Do you really want me to take your order if I am not ready to do so? I can promise you, you don't.

13) Have your money ready. Why, you mean, you need me to pay for this ... Now? Forgive me if I am wrong, but when you go to get food, you generally go there knowing you have to pay for that food. Please have your wallet out. When I say "2.10, drive up to the window for me!" that does not mean to try to beat that last level of Candy Crush, text your side piece, and fix your mascara. That means HAVE TWO DOLLARS AND TEN CENTS OUT WHEN YOU GET TO THE DAMN WINDOW.

14) I can ruin your whole day, without breaking any laws. I learned a long time ago, not to argue with customers. You wanted caffeine in your coffee? Shouldn't have been a bitch! Oops, did I just press FRENCH VANILLA and BOX by accident? Oh well. Oh, She wanted 2 Splenda? I thought she said TEN. Oops! Are you sure you didn't want didn't want a half full cup of burnt decaf coffee with ten times the regular amount of flavor in it? Cause that's what you just got. While DD employees mostly know better than to argue or be nasty to a customer, we have adapted to giving you exactly what you asked for, in the worst way possible. Don't piss off your barista - We'll just smile and give you decaf! :)

Carolanne 010aa15) Know where you are. Contrary to popular belief, I don't know everything there is to know about coffee. I know everything there is know about DUNKIN DONUTS. Please do not ask me for an Iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte. I have Vanilla Chai. It comes hot, medium, and it's not a latte. I can't tell you how many times I received an attitude after not knowing what the Dunkin Donut's equivalent of Starbucks beverage is. We don't have McMuffins, Crossandwichs, McGriddles .. and no, I don't have anything "like that sandwich from ______". Half of the time, I genuinely don't know what the hell you are talking about and the other half of the time, I'm playing stupid because I think you're an ass. Either way, it's a lose lose. I don't know how to make an Americano, I don't have Lemonade to put into your Iced Green Tea, and no one even knows what the hell a frappe is!

16) Don't just take the time to reach out when it's negative. Most fast food restaurants include a survey on the bottom of your receipt to leave your comments about your experience at my store. PLEASE feel free to take the survey when you received good service, when your coffee was so perfect you took a picture, when my crew goes above and beyond for you. People rarely take the time out to give feedback when their experience was extraordinary but are quick to belittle every visit they've ever had at my location based on one bad experience. Corporate really does get them. So does my stores owner. As well as myself. And we take them seriously. If you have a legitimate complaint, please do, I want to fix it. But I also want to reward my staff for the hundreds of customers a day that they don't piss off. Please allow me to do that.

Anyone and everyone who has worked in the drive thru at DD, or anywhere for that matter, knows that what I am saying is very real. If you as the customer, did your part, to simply have some drive thru etiquette - we will both have a better day. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, even us. Please give us the benefit of the doubt the same way you would yourself. No sense in coming to get your meal, getting pissed off, pissing someone else off, and paying for burnt decaf coffee after a night of the baby crying and the alarm went off an hour too early. We know, your rushing to work, you had a bad night, your husband is a dick .. but we don't fucking care. And we just wanna do our job!






Bitchy Custys: Memorable, Disturbing And Nightmare Fuel


BARHELLFrom: Patrick

I'll try to make this short and sweet...but good luck to me.

1. My first experience was as a bar back at a dark lounge in Austin.

A guy started slamming his crying girlfriend against the bar and against the wall to the bar. I jumped over and grabbed the woman and pulled her behind the bar as he started slapping her.

At that point the HUGE dude grabbed me and started throwing blows. As I looked up the only thing I could see was the trail of cocaine going down his nostrils.

Sadly she started hitting me too while crying hysterically.

Luckily my bartenders jumped over the bar and it took all three of us to move him to the door. At which point he told myself and another that he'd be back at close to kill us. I stayed in bar till five am staring out the windows slats.


2. Same bar, I had a guy come out of the bathroom completely naked and started screaming, "Everyone, lets fuck!!"

The bartenders laughed and told me it was my job to escort him out since I was the barback. So I grabbed the doorman and we went to confront naked guy. He stood spinning in circles and tried to explain all he wanted to do was, "start an orgy cause there's lots of beautiful people."

When we asked him to leave he punched the doorman in the face. Needless to say... we beat up a naked guy. When the police came they asked us why we took off his clothes. Then they told us we had to dress him.

Our response was an emphatic, "Nope!"


Jason Argh3. Extremely busy sports dive bar in Manhattan Union Square area.

An enforcer for the Greek mafia (?!) loved me, and would come in to tell me jokes for a few hours about once a month.

He was HUGE.. biggest man I've ever seen. Well over 7' tall, and so ripped he'd have to turn sideways to enter the door. Needless to say people climbed all over him like he was a gym. A... little did they know he was an enforcer for the mafia, and B, little did they know he would occasionally go outside to smoke meth in his car.

He'd put down about eight burgers or cheese steaks in the course of a few hours, and about five liters of diet coke (he didn't drink, just smoked meth.. and profusely sweated).

Last time I saw him he went to the restroom and locked the door. About an hour later he finally came out. A smell of poo hit the bar. Turns out he went to the restroom to drop a deuce, and fell asleep.

He didn't make the toilet, instead he shat on the floor and then fell asleep in it. He sat at the bar a few more hours covered in his own poop. He was so big and well... frightening because of his job, we couldn't get him to leave.

He wanted to stay and tell me jokes.


Freddy bald4. Same bar, a guy got upset I cut off his cousin who started a fight.

Cousin was bounced from the bar, but the remaining cousin pulled me over the bar and said "he would own me" and that they could do whatever the fuck they wanted.

I told him not a chance, and that this was my bar and my rules.

So he launched a glass tumbler at my head (video evidence shows I somehow Matrix'd my body out of the way).

The bouncer and I got a hold of him, and we got him out the door. But not before his wife jumped on my back and started ripping out my hair.

They kept coming back to the bar that night (and yes, we had alerted and had police standing outside) demanding my arrest for assault and battery, and theft. They claimed I stole their wallets before we "jumped them." Kicker was, they left their CC and their ID at the bar.

It took everything in me not to order tens of thousands of dollars worth of dildos and send it to their apartment. Instead, I cut up the card and ID.


Carolanne say what4. Same bar... I also broke up a sword fight.

Four kids came to the bar, found a smoker outside, and proceeded to CHOP him up. No joke... an Oriental sword.

As I went outside with my friends to help the kid, they brought the blade down across his face. His face split open like a fish tail.

Many stitches were had that night.


5. Same bar... I had a drunk guy kick down the female bathroom door while it was occupied. He had a crew of about twelve, and they all said it was my fault cause he had to pee.

It was a holiday... I had no bouncer, no barback, no servers, no kitchen... just me.


6. Wasn't my customer, but my ex's.

Visiting her, I watched a guy leap on the bar, and proceed to grab a beer and start a beer enema. Yep.

I watched a guy get hit in the face with a skateboard there, lots of teeth lost there. I also witnessed a guy go outside to smoke a cig. As he did, he got jumped by another customer who suffered from multiple personality disorder. This guy was drunk and thought he was a werewolf, so he started to bite and take chunks out of the poor fellow's face.

As we got the 'werewolf' off, both guys ran off... one screaming hysterically and the other howling at the moon with blood dripping down his face.

That wasn't short at all... I'll stop now before I type for days.




Fifty Shades of Grey Library Hell: Book Gets Returned with Herpes Virus and Cocaine Found On It



From Huff Po:

Next time you find yourself drawn to a best-selling erotic novel, you might want to buy your own copy rather than borrowing it from your local library. Or if you're strapped for cash, make sure you wear protection.

The reason behind our warning? Herpes. Yes, you read that right - traces of the virus have been found on a library copy of EL James 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'.


The discovery was made by bacteriology and toxicology experts, who examined the ten most borrowed books at Antwerp library.

But herpes (which was also found on a copy of Pieter Aspe's 'Tango') wasn't the only gem they uncovered - all ten of the books tested positive for cocaine.

"The levels found won't have a pharmacological effect. Your consciousness or behaviour won't change as a result of reading the tomes,"says Toxicologist Prof Jan Tytgat in a statement. But, she says, those who had read the book would test positive for cocaine.

"Today's testing methods are so sensitive that traces of the drug originating from a contaminated book will be found in your hair, blood and urine," explained Prof Tytgat.

Study authors were quick to reassure readers that the traces of the herpes virus found on the books were so small they pose no immediate health risk.

'Fifty Shades Of Grey', which was recently revealed to be Amazon's biggest-selling novel of all time, tells the story of young student Anastacia Steele who falls for a troubled billionaire Christian Grey.

The first book charts their sex life and relationship, namely Christian's predilection for sado-masochism.

via www.huffingtonpost.co.uk