Toxic Managers: Manager makes me grovel on the phone



You might remember me from this post quite awhile ago.

Since I never thought I'd have to deal with the same problem again for formality's sake just call me Zeckney. Considering the way things are going this might become a daily occurrence.

Where I work schedules are posted the week of, for that week alone. So scheduling conflicts are a common occurrence. As well as changes to the schedule without notification leading to a lot of no-call no-shows. Leading to calls on the other employees days off to pick up the extra hours. It's a lax environment so no one ever gets fired, but that has lead to people abusing the system.

Didn't have this problem before with the old management. Where they would give us our schedule three weeks in advance, but that's a different story

Backtrack to the beginning of the week, and I'm swapping days with another employee so i can attend an appointment that was set up prior. Manager signs off, and I thought it was all good. Should have known better considering who I was switching shifts with.

Not to get too descriptive, but picture the typical feminist stereotype. Size of a whale, multicolor hair, disgusting BO. customers complain about the them all the time for their stench. Yet nothing has been done. Lets call her Deodorant, because they've probably never used it in their entire life.  

Deodorant decides to go home early, because of an upset stomach.

Manager #4 lets them leave. They count out their drawer. I cover up front, and snag some extra hours. No problem.

Deodorant clocks out. Doesn't go home. Buys three bags of potato chips, and eats them in her car before driving home. That should have been my red flag.

Speed foreword to some time after my appointment. I get a phone call. It's manager #2. They want to know why i wasn't at work. Explain that i traded shifts with Deodorant. They take another look at the schedule, realize their mistake, and apologize. No big deal manager #2 is nice about. End of problem.

Foreword to next day. Here's when their short sightedness about scheduling leads to problems. So i call to get my schedule, since it takes me over an hour to get to the store. As well as complications from my appointment leaving me physically unable to traverse at the time.

Deodorant picks up. I ask for a manager. Hands the phone over to them. It's manager #4. They sound really annoyed.

Me - Hello this 'Zeckney'. I'm calling to ask about my schedule. I just want to know when my next scheduled day is?

Manager #4 - angry Say please!

Are you kidding me? She really wants me to beg for my schedule?

Me - Hesitantly and confused Please?

I really didn't know how to react to that.

Manager #4 - Why can't you just come in, and get it!?

At this point I'm just dumbfounded.  Then proceeds to drop the attitude, and give me my schedule. Spouting it off so fast that when I asked if they could repeat the last day they snapped at me. Giving it to me with a snobbish flare in their voice. After repeating it even faster than before she hung up on me.

I don't know if they were busy or anything, but even then that's no excuses to act that way on the phone with another employee.









Toxic Managers: Oh so you can call in, but I can't?



From  tattooedAngel21, Tales From Retail:

Working retail is stressful, annoying and tiring, but it's a job I chose so those are the consequences to it.

I've been working at my job for about 4 months, I've called in once due to being sick. I take other peoples shifts all the time, come in earlier than my scheduled shift (5 hours earlier) and I come in on my days off. One, because of money and 2) because I don't want them to be understaffed. I do them favors and you know what I don't expect to be guilt tripped when I call in. Yesterday I felt so emotionally and mentally drained because I hadn't had a day off and I was exhausted. Playing factors is that I have depression too, I'm medicated but sometimes I just can't deal. So knowing I felt sick, exhausted and everything in between I told my manager I might not be able to make it in tomorrow, but I would try to get someone to cover me, but if not I couldn't make it in. My manager said, "no you can't do that." Like excuse me?? I dedicate my days off and come in earlier to help you guys out and you're telling me I can't??

This manager calls in all the time for medical excuses. And honestly my disorders are considered that too, PLUS my store manager knows about my depression and said I can "call in if I'm not well." I literally gave them a day notice and she has the nerve to tell me I'm not allowed too??? I hate the double standards with my managers and it's not fair. Just because I'm reliable doesn't mean to treat me like don't have a life outside of work and sometimes I'm not well enough to go in.

-- tattooedAngel21





Scheduling Hell: I have a family and a life too



From Former Mchell Manager:

I am so very, very, very, VERY frustrated right now. Frustrated, sad, and lonely. I may get a bit of flack for this, but I am quite honestly done with people who have kids getting priority over me. I am childless. But that does not mean I do not have a family or a life. 

I have worked in the Fast Food industry for years. Too many years to admit. And time and time again, I see people who have kids get priority over people who do not. Now, I am not talking about "Oh, you have to work Halloween because Suzy needs to take her kids out for Halloween". I'm talking about people who have fairly older kids and go "I need to be out by X time and can't work weekends because of my child" and then jumps on Facebook every weekend and posts about how they dump their child onto a supposed non-existent babysitter and goes out camping/partying. 

I'm talking about the Assistant Manager who never works a closing shift because she has kids, though her oldest is 12 years old, but "I want to be home to see them and to eat dinner with them!" That manager rarely works a closing shift. Last month, she had no closing shifts at all. If she does work a closing shift, it's maybe twice a month.

Meanwhile, I am stuck with half of a months worth of closing shifts (Another manager, who is not the Assistant I just mentioned, takes the other half). Does me being childless automatically mean that I get the shit end of the stick? And it's not like this is something just at my current job. My old job was like this too. 

I have a husband. I have a life (Or so, I wish I did). My husband has a job where he works Mon-Fri 8-430 (the bastard), so when I close (330pm-1am on the weekdays, 5-3am on the weekends), I don't get to see him at all. This week, I saw him on Monday and I will have a few hours with him on Friday evening and then I won't see him all day Saturday because I work a mid shift. I saw him for 7 hours on Monday, I get to see him for 7 hours on Friday, and then I'll see him for 5 hours on Saturday. So I get to see my husband for a grand total of 19 hours in the course of 6 days. All because my uterus has not graced us with a child (3 years and counting of trying).

But heaven forbid if I bring this up at work. Then I'll be looked at like I am the devil because I just want some equality when it comes to scheduling closing shifts. I'm sorry if this doesn't make too much sense. I'm currently crying because I fucking miss my husband. I miss my friends, who I haven't seen in fucking months because "My uterus allowed me to have children" gets priority over the barren one. 

--Former McHell Manager









Toxic Managers: I almost got fired because a manager was rude to me



From an RHUer:

I've been following this blog for years, but I thought I'd never have a story that would reach the level of retail hell.

The store I work for is the usual 9 to 9 affair. However very briefly we were allotted overnight hours to get some stocking done. Since our back room was overflowing, and not ordering a truck was out of the question. Typical corporate mentality. So I agreed to pick up as many night shifts as possible, because there would be shift differential(being poor also helps). Only on the clause that I wouldn't have to open the store, or work morning shifts.

Fast forward it's my third overnight shift. Just got home from work, plum dead tired, been asleep for a little more than an hour.

Phone call from my store. Wakes up everyone in my house(we all work night shift). It's my store manager asking me if I can come in at that very second. I give them the whole spiel about working the night before, and remind them about my availability. My manager apologies for waking me up, is very polite, and understands my point of view. End of story right?

Wrong! A couple hours latter different manager from a different store calls. This time the caller ID listed it as unknown number so my roommate picked it up thinking it was their place of work this time. I don't know what this manager said to my roommate, but my roommate still insists on referring to that manager as the rudest person on earth.

I get handed the phone, and am insulted for not picking it up. Before I could get a word in edgewise I'm  rudely screamed at to come into work at that very second. Now I was in the middle of washing my work uniform so I couldn't come in even if I wanted to. I try to explain this to them, but they doesn't listen. Even to the point where they accuse me of lying.

Carolanne 034aAgain I say no, and I get hit by a whirlwind of screaming. Followed by a guilt trip that they'll have to close the store if I don't come in. I was the first person they called, and free hours go fast so i doubt that would have been the case. Not wanting to get cussed at, or berated anymore i hung up. Since my patience was very thin from being woken up before. I figured not getting involved in a screaming match was the safest bet. 

A week later I hear through the corporate grape vine that I almost lost my job, because the manager complained that I was rude to them. When their phone etiquette was akin to a screeching monkey. With the only reason i still have my job was the first manager who called me. Who put their foot down, and brought up the fact that they had called me earlier. Basically the second manager was out of line for making arrangements for other stores.

She tried to claim that she was calling a different employee from her store. With some shlock that the numbers were similar, but that doesn't make up for the fact that they used my name in conversation. Being I'm the only person who has that name whose currently employed with the company in that state.

They did find another employee to fill in the hours that day, but as punishment everyone's hours got cut. Now there even more empty spots in the schedule, and they've been calling more often for people to come in on their days off. It's gotten so bad there are literally days when we are open where nobody is scheduled to work. Plus on top of that everyone who works there is quitting. With people either getting two days a week, or getting scheduled 1 day every two weeks.

Gotta love corporate logic. Having a problem that's not really an issue. Let's make it worse, and then wonder how it got so bad.






Toxic Managers: The Incompetent And The Power Trip


Misty MeanorForget the Mountain Dew and give me a harmonica instead. Misty Meanor has got a bad case of the blues.

Why, you ask? Because my patience with my current manager is starting to run out rapidly. He's been with us for five years, and in all those years, he's been nothing but totally incompetent! He doesn't do a good job, especially with the scheduling, and because of his shortcomings, he tends to micromanage us and put us under more stress than we need. It's almost like he seems to know he's not good for the job yet he doesn't want to let go of it so he's just dumping the work onto his subordinates.

But let's get back to scheduling, shall we?

Ever since I've worked here, we've always had VERY flexible scheduling. I've been through two managers and they've ALWAYS been very flexible and accommodating with the schedules, meaning I never know what to expect the next week. But this guy, he seems to have a thing about mixing things up, instead assigning EVERYONE to the same schedule every single week. I wouldn't mind this, but he's always got me working on the weekends, meaning that I never get to have any fun with my friends unless I request it off in advance. Ever since I've worked at the store, my understanding of the rules has always been that if you need to take time off, you give a minimum of two weeks' notice so they can plan in advance to get someone to cover you. That's how it's always been, right?

Well, with this guy, he seems to think that me asking for time off is asking him to do me a huge favor. Because he's always telling me things like, "I give you time off when you ask for it, now don't you think you should do something for me?"

Usually when he wants me to stay later or cover someone who called out. But whenever he talks to me about an issue or something he brings that up, almost like it's a constant issue for him. Uh, hello, it wouldn't be such an issue if you didn't put me on EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY! That's why I have to ask for time off! But he thinks I'm asking him to jump through a flaming hoop or something!

Honestly, between the fact that he's not a good manager and the fact that his scheduling is so strict is starting to give me a bad case of the blues. It's getting so bad that I might actually consider resignation. Which brings me to my other point, in that him treating my asking for time off like I'm asking him for a huge favor that he expects me to return. Just because he has a thing about preset schedules every week doesn't mean it's the end of the world. That's why you give two weeks' notice so they can plan in advance and find someone to cover you! People have lives outside of the store, you know!

Managerfromhell2And now, another thing that's pissing me off.

There's this one guy there who recently became a supervisor. Unfortunately, that may have been a very bad mistake, because the moment he became a supervisor, the power rushed to his head. Whenever he's on, he's always being strict about how things are done, when they get done, and so forth. He claims he doesn't want to get spoken to by the manager for not doing things, but the reality is I believe he's just got too much power in his head.

Another thing he does is watch the clock when I or certain other co-workers go on our breaks. The moment it hits fifteen minutes, whether or not it actually has been, he pages us up to the front. Um, hello, it's a fifteen-minute BREAK. I'm supposed to rest for fifteen minutes, and then when it's done, I return to the front. It's not about taking a moment to have a snack and then get back up there within fifteen minutes! The fact he only does this to certain people makes me suspect he's being a bully.

There's also the issue of him not giving me a chance to plead my case. When he comes up and sees that the trash isn't emptied or the bags aren't refilled, he asks me why I didn't do it. When I try to tell him I had customers, he accuses me of talking over him and sometimes threatens to go to the manager about it. Nothing ever becomes of that, though.

But what really grinds my gears is the way he has no problem with reprimanding me in front of customers. In one instance, I was in a rush so I quickly paged backup for the front. The moment he got up there, the first thing he did was, instead of getting on a register, came right up to stand beside me and tell me, 'You do that again and nobody's coming up. You need to learn control on the intercom.' I tried telling him I was in a rush due to the customers, and he said I didn't need to be in a rush.

There are three problems here:

1. He stood very close to me, getting into my personal space.
2. He spoke to me in a very threatening manner, saying that he would ignore my call for backup.
3. He reprimanded me in front of the very customer I was trying to ring out.

GodfireNaturally, I reported this to the manager. I later learned that the manager spoke to the supervisor, and when this happened, the supervisor was very angry. Typical of narcissists to get angry when they're called out on their misconduct. Thankfully, the last time I worked with him, he seemed to be OK, but I'm still keeping an eye on him.

And why do I think he's a narcissist? Well, aside from his attitude of, 'I'm the supervisor, you gotta do what I tell you!' which he not only boasts but also says that a lot of the time, but he also believes that he's a high candidate for being a store manager. Never mind the fact you need four years of experience to be considered for that, with an attitude like that, I don't see that happening at all... I hope.

Another thing that happened was that he reprimanded someone openly... for reporting an emergency! Basically, there was an older man having breathing problems, so the cashier on duty called 911.

When the supervisor found out about it, he got upset and reprimanded the cashier, telling her that she should have told him about because it was HIS job to determine whether or not to call 911, and that the manager would be upset with him because that happened.

Uh, no, he just wants the credit all to himself and is making excuses for this! I'm sure the list can go on and on the more I work with him...

For now, may all your managers be fair and understanding and not narcissistic!

--Misty Meanor


Scheduling Hell: "So You're Saying I Don't Get A Lunch Break?"


Uniform JasonFrom: TwistedCaltrop

I used to work over the noon rush alone quite often when I was in retail hell.

The routine went as such: I would microwave my lunch at anywhere between 11:30 and noon. No matter how long it took to heat up and no matter how dead it was leading up to lunch time, as soon as the microwave went DING!, the mad rush was on. I would be swamped until my food was cold again.

Then the store would die. No one. Re-heat my food. DING! Swamped again. Dammit.

This process would repeat four or five times a day until about quarter to one at which point my food was pretty much mush.

I finally gave up trying to get it timed right. I printed a sign: "At lunch. Back at 1PM". At 12:30 I would roll down the gate and stick the sign up.

Now, this would lead to an interesting sequence of events. From the desk in the back room, I could watch the camera feed of the sales floor. Invariably, someone would approach the gate. They would look at the gate. At the sign. At their watch. Back at the sign. Once or twice a genius would shake the gate. Try to lift it.


Jason Book

After looking at their watch again, they would walk to the front doors of the mall and stand there looking into the parking lot.

Sometimes the phone would ring; I would look and sure enough, there was someone standing in front of the store on their cell phone, calling the store. It was quite remarkable, seeing a person dial their phone and having the phone on the desk ring. Talk about interactive TV!

It must have been really annoying to them when I wouldn't answer.

This went on for about a month and a half. Sometimes when I wanted peace and quiet, I would eat my lunch across the hall with the hot optician. We would sit in her office and watch people shake the gate and make their phone calls while she would read me dirty jokes from her email.

It finally came to a head when the District Manager called and told me I couldn't close the store for lunch.

Me: "So you're telling me that on days where I'm working alone, I don't get a break for lunch?"

District Manager: "..."

Me: "Can I get that in writing?"

District Manager: "..."

District Manager: "Just don't take longer than a half hour for lunch."

I count that as a win.

As an added bonus, the DM started to impress upon the store manager the importance of having two people working during the lunch hours.