Server Hell: Assault Becomes Justice Served


Carolanne Imma punch your assFrom: fhqwhgads41185

My story requires a little bit of a prelude to know how things work in the restaurant I work at.

I work at a Mongolian Grill all you can eat buffet. There is a huge buffet of raw vegetables, meats, and sauces. You throw what you want in a bowl and bring it up to the grill. We fit about 14 meals on the grill at a time, and everyone stands in line waiting for their meal to be cooked. When it is almost done we go to the first meal on the grill and offer teriyaki to the first person in line, and then the second, and so on.

Fairly regularly people decide not to stand in line, and then fail to correct us if we are pointing at a meal that doesn't belong to them and ask if they want teriyaki on said meal. So, mistakes happen. Enter Mega-Bitch.

Mega-Bitch is here with her family. All their meals are on the grill, but she does not stay in order, but switches with her son. Her son wants teriyaki, she does not. But, being switched, she gets it.

She points out the mistake and the cook (fortunately I was not cooking at this time, while normally I would be) apologizes profusely and offers her another bowl.

She refuses the bowl and proceeds to curse about what a fucking moron he is, doing so loudly so the whole restaurant can hear. She refuses to eat, although her family sits down to eat. She complains loudly the entire meal. When they go to pay she complains to the hostess, and she offered to comp their drinks. The woman demanded that their food be free because of the terrible service they received.

The hostess tells her, "The cook offered you another bowl, they tried to fix the problem, no one treated you horribly."

The woman retorts something like, "I'm going to get online and write a terrible review of this place!"

The hostess smiles at her and says "Good. You do that," probably holding back laughter at the woman by this point.

And then, out of nowhere, and right over her son, she punched the hostess square in the face.

Server hellThen she and her family left. One of the waitresses ran outside and got the license plate number. Not only that, they paid with a Groupon! So it was easy to track her down.

The police arrested her, the hostess pressed charges, and everything is on video. Here's the delightful justice part, which the hostess shared with us.

The police went to her house to arrest her. Twice. She wasn't home either time. They wound up arresting her at her workplace, so everyone saw. But wait! There's more! And it gets better!

What's really great is that a few months before, that hostess had been in a car accident that fucked up her neck, and it wasn't healed yet. That punch, which normally one could take quite well, sent her physical therapy back to stage 1, which made it count as a new injury. It ramped up the assault charge, and that punch being thrown over her child counted as child endangerment.

The best part... She was a special needs teacher! And with a felony charge you can't work with kids, so as a result she also lost her job! So, no job and will likely have to pay a good amount of money. The lawsuit is likely to take a long time, I'm told, but I really want it to be over because I want to know just how fucked this woman's life is.

In the end though, I'm shocked anyone could be that aggressive. More so that such a person worked with kids.