Nasty Ass Thieves at Self Checkout: Well, You tired. Sort of.


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From OsoDePaulie, Tales From Retail:

As usual, I work at a grocery store.

Last night, a guy comes through the self checkout and is struggling a bit. He scans his first item, a small bottle of soda, but doesn’t set it down. So, the machine starts freaking out. He ignores it and continues to try to scan stuff. The machine starts asking him to “place you last scanned item in the bagging area.” He continues to try to scan his next item, a pack of steaks.
I walk over to help him, because it’s now getting painful to watch.

Me: Hey, you doing okay?

Guy: eh, it’s kinda being a problem.

Me: ok, let’s set the soda down over here so the machine will stop throwing a fit.

We set the soda down and he keeps trying to scan the steaks, but it’s not working. I offer to help and reach out for the steaks and the guy flinches. Weird, but he hands me the package anyways. I grab it with one hand and the problem becomes obvious. The barcode sticker isn’t even attached. I grab it with my other hand and it comes right off, revealing another barcode sticker underneath.

Guy: oh. Ha ha, that must be the issue.

Me: yeah. Sure.

I look at the tag in my hand and it says “pork chops. $5.05”. I look at the steaks, $27.35.

Guy: oh, man. That’s a big difference. Uh, uh, I was wondering why it was so cheap, haha.... eh, uh. I uh, I still want to get these steaks. Uh, could you maybe hold on to them while I get my uh, credit card out of my car? I’m just parked up front. My uh, my wife took my cash or I’d be able to buy these now. But I’ll be right back.

Me: Sure, yeah. I’ll have them right here.

The guy walks out in a hurry while I head over to the machine he was using. Hidden in a corner by the machine is a $30 pack of shrimp, wrapped in brown butcher paper. It’s still cold, and I remember seeing the guy walk up with them. I grab the steaks and the shrimp, hand them off to a bagger, and have them return them.

Shocker, the guy never came back.







Self Checkout Hell: You dragged your food through a puddle of yogurt. What did you expect to happen?



From Paksarra, Tales From Retail:

"This yogurt is leaking," the customer at self-checkout said. "I don't want it."

Understandable. I voided off the yogurt and noticed it had dripped all over the scanner.

"Let me go get a paper towel and spray, I'll be right back."

I went to my station to get cleaning supplies. Meanwhile, the customer kept scanning things, dragging them through the spilled yogurt.

"If you want," I offered, holding up my paper towel and spray bottle, "I can wipe off the scanner for you."

"No! I'm upset now, all my food has yogurt on it. I just want to pay."

I'm not sure what she expected to happen, since waiting twenty seconds for me to get paper towels and clean up the spill was apparently beyond her.

I just let her finish her order and wiped the register down after she left.








Self Checkout Hell: The largest balance I've ever seen at my store



From  dexidrone, Tales From Retail:

Wall of text incoming...

  • 12:30 AM - Normal looking guy is brings a bunch of stuff in his arms (he can barely carry it all) to the self checkout. He asks if he can leave the stuff there because he just needed a few more things. I say it's fine, so he leaves the items and goes back into the main part of the store.

  • 12:40 AM - Guy brings a bunch more stuff in his arms and is pulling a full sized cart loaded (toppling over) with random stuff. There are literally items from every department (including meat, deli, dairy, produce, frozen, pharmacy, floral, bakery, grocery, cleaning products, and seasonal). It's completely disorganized... So now I'm like, FML not this again.

  • 12:50 AM - After I've trained him on using the self checkout machine in the most efficient way, I just start pacing around waiting for an error to happen so I can fix it, and he can move on. I'm starting to think something is not quite right with this guy.

  • 12:55 AM - My co-workers on the night shift are starting to notice and each pull me aside to basically go "WTF is this!? You must be mad as hell!".

  • 1:05 AM - Guy looks to be about half way done with checking out, but there is an error with the machine so I go to clear it. At this time I notice the balance is over $800 (at a grocery store, at 1 in the morning). He mentioned that the register was getting really slow. I tell him the computer is probably running low on memory because it was such a large order. So then I suggested that he just pay this part of the order first, let the register reset, and buy the rest of the stuff on a separate transaction. He tells me if he does that the credit card provider might freeze the card because of multiple transactions.

All of the sudden I start to notice that he's been eating junk food the entire time, his eyes are black, he's grinding his teeth, and he is having difficulty staying focused... 0_0.

This is when the realization of what's happening manifests and the adrenaline kicks in... This man is blitzed out of his mind on meth, and his credit card was going to decline.

I've dealt with meth people before, so this immediately put me on edge. I didn't wan't this to end in a drug fueled rage when things didn't go his way. So now I'm doing everything I can to make this guy feel as if everything is completely okay. I pace, and I help, and then I pace, and then I help again... (I have severe anxiety and panic attacks btw so I'm feeling the pressure.) This continues until 1:30 AM when we are all (me and the night crew) ready for that special moment.

The credit card declines.

There was a bit of aftermath after this but eventually we got him to leave. He did manage to steal some cigarettes and of course he didn't pay for the food he was eating whilst shopping/checking out.

TL;DR - Some guy tweaked out on meth rings up 1,465 dollars worth of groceriesat the self checkout at 1:30 AM. Credit card declines.

-- dexidrone





Self Checkout Fun: The secret floor ninjas


Grocery hell 3

From  dman2life, Tales From Retail:

I work the self check out at [retail] I get a lot of crazy people, and a lot of sweet people. This is one of the good ones.

It had been a slow day so far, and I'm just as happy as can be. A mother and a little girl come into the self check out and she's got her hands full. The little girl is very excited and the mom had a lot of groceries.

Throughout the store, we have these little metal squares that I think cover wires and stuff. After asking her mother everything she could about everything else, the girl pointed to the square on the floor and asked ME what that was.

Me: That's where we keep our secret floor ninjas.

Oh boy that was the best thing she had ever heard. Her eyes got so wide and she began to ask me a million questions

Girl: Can I go in there?

Me: No, you have to be a secret ninja to go in there.

Girl: Why are they in there?

Me: That's where they live!

Girl: What so you mean?

Me: Well, just like you have a house you live in, the secret ninjas have a house too. It's in their secret ninja base below.

Girl: Ohhhh okay. Can I see them?

Me: If you see a ninja, then he's not a very good one! But if you do manage to see one, they'll make you a ninja too!

And so on. She was so delighted, and her mother was very thankful I took the time to talk to her. I had a lot of fun.

-- dman2life





Self Checkout Hell: "First of all, DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO! And I wasn't leaning on the scale!"



From  PmButtPics4ADrawing

I work with self-checkouts at a grocery store.

Yesterday we were extremely busy. I had customers at every register and lines wrapped around the store, and we were completely understaffed. I needed a manager override for two registers, and of course nobody is picking up the phone.

As I'm dialing various phones and paging different people just trying to get ahold of someone while also talking to two customers, I hear a guy yell "YO" from one of the farther registers for me. I look over and see a guy leaning on the produce scale/scanner, and the machine loudly telling him to remove everything from the scanner. This is something people do a hundred times a day: they lean on the scale, ignore the directions, and either get mad or confused when it won't let them continue with their order. So I hang up the phone and walk over to tell him this and he instantly gets hostile.

Me: "You can't lean on that, it's a scale"

Guy: "First of all, DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO! And I wasn't leaning on the scale!"

Me: "I just watched you lean on it."


Machine: "please remove all objects or items from the scanner!"

Me: "You're literally leaning on it right now."

This goes back and forth for a bit. Me telling him it won't let him start if he leans on the scale, him insisting he isn't leaning on the scale while leaning on it, with him proceeding to make a big show out of looking at my nametag and mispronouncing my (very common) name. He asks for a manager, so I go over and page someone for like the fifth time (by this point I've been trying to get ahold of somebody for over 10 minutes so I can help the customers I was already dealing with).

He keeps arguing with me and yelling for a manager while I try to tell him I've already called her, and then he drops this bomb on me.

"Are you really telling me that because I'm leaning on the scale is the reason I didn't get a receipt?!!?!"

I never told him that and until this moment he never mentioned anything about a receipt.

As the whole store was a mess and there were carts of both bagged and unbagged items scattered everywhere I didn't even know he had already paid.

Just as I finish processing that this is what I was supposed to gather from him loudly screaming "YO" at me from 20 feet away, the manager shows up. I go over to my computer and print out a receipt for the guy, while the manager checks the printer on his register. Turns out the roll of paper ran out and he starts screaming about how I KNEW it was out of paper because he used to work here (I've never seen him before).

Spoiler: When the roll runs out we literally have no way of knowing unless a customer tells us. There's no warning until the next print.

So as he's yelling about that I hand the manager the printed receipt because I don't even want to look at this guy. Finally the dude leaves, yelling at the manager the whole way out.

Oddly enough, the two customers that had actually politely made me aware of their problem and been waiting for 10-15 minutes were very patient and even told me I handled it well.

-- PmButtPics4ADrawing