Retail Hell Memories: "It's Your Fault I'm Missing Items That I Bought!"



From  GoldMidnight, Tales From Retail:

Hey TFR! Got another one from $Home Improvement store. This happened on a Saturday a few months back, I think sometime in the late morning, while I was on self check out. Since it was the weekend, we were pretty busy and of course all the registers had lines. An older couple (OL for Old Lady and OM for OM) came up to self check with a bunch of little items, I think like a screw driver and some nails and stuff, pretty generic things at a home improvement store.

OL: "Hi! Can we check out with you?"

Me: "This is self-check, but I can definitely help you."

I ended up ringing up all their stuff and bagging the smallest items for them. They were both pleasant enough, no problem whatsoever. As they were getting ready to pay, the security alarms by the door went off, which is pretty standard since there are so many security devices in so many items, and we tend to miss a few, especially when people are going through self-check.

I hurried off to grab the person who had set off the alarm and deactivate their items, and when I returned the older couple had gone.

OL returned about twenty minutes later, with a much different attitude.

OL: "You forgot to put our bag in our cart! We're missing generic tiny cheap item."

Me: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!"

I checked to make sure there wasn't a random bag lying around self-check, and then called customer service to see if anyone had turned in a bag. No one had. The whole time, the lady bitched me out about how it was my responsibility to put her bag in her cart for her. Keep in mind, this was self-check, and she and her husband had willingly come up instead of waiting in the lines at the regular registers.

I checked her receipt to double check what item it was, and then called my head cashier, who told me to just send her off to grab the item and she'd be in the clear. OL hurried off and returned a couple minutes later, showing me the item and her receipt once more so I could verify it. I apologized about the issue once more.

OL: "Well, it's your fault, you should have put my bag in my cart for me."

I bit my tongue, told her to have a good day, and hoped I'd never see her again. To this day, I wonder if she really lost the item, or if she was just trying to get a free one. And I also wonder why she couldn't have put her own damn bag in her own cart. What I do remember is that the item was tiny (like a tube of glue or something) so not something that would kill anyone's back.

TL;DR: I ring up an older couple at self-check, and then have to go help someone else. The lady comes back and claims I forgot to put her bag in her cart for her, so now she's missing an item.

-- GoldMidnight







Crustys: The Cashier Is Sick So Let's Yell At Her!



From  GoldMidnight, Tales From Retail:

I'm a cashier at $Home Improvement store, and this morning I was watching self-check. Only the contractor's register was open, halfway down the store. I've been sick with a cold, and I hurt my ankle recently and it's still bothering me, so I admittedly wasn't in the best of moods this morning. I was also doing my best not to touch anyone's items because I didn't want to get anyone sick. Now, I had no trouble ringing people's items in if they were bigger, because I know it's a pain to trudge all the way down to the only open register when you're parked at the front of the store. But our self-checks are not hard to work, and I just wasn't in the mood to deal with any crap.

This guy (G) came up to me with an armful of small items.

G: Looking around "I don't like these self-check out machines, I need some help."

Me: "Okay, no problem." I lead him over to one of the registers. "I can walk you through it."

G: "No. I don't come here so that I can ring up my own stuff."

Me: "Okay. So you know, I'm sick, so do you still want me touching your stuff?"

It's worth noting that I looked sick and I sounded sick. I'd taken some DayQuil so it wasn't amazingly noticeable, but it was still enough for everyone else to be super nice and sweet to me. Not this guy, though.

G: Slammed his stuff on the little counter at the self-check register "I'm going to competitor's store! This is ridiculous! Thanks for wasting my time!"

As he stormed off, I called after him, "You're welcome! Glad I didn't get you sick!"

Our bookkeeper was passing by and asked what happened. I filled her in and she just rolled her eyes. Also, the closest competitor's store is about a half hour away. I probably came off a bit snarky when I told him I was sick and it wasn't intentional, but sure, let's yell at the sick cashier because she's sick and trying not to get you sick. Okay. Good thinking.

-- GoldMidnight





Dumbass Customers: No patrick, push start



From  en256, Tales From Retail:

I work at self-checkout. 90% of the time if you just follow the instructions on the screen you'll be fine, but most people don't do this so I often end up having to walk them through it.

This is what happened today just a couple hours ago, I'm going to describe it pretty much word for word.

Woman: I don't know what to do

Me: Okay no problem. First push "start"

W: stares at screen, currently a mostly white background with our store name and a button the size of your fist saying "start"

Me: Just push start

W: ...

Me: Push start

W: ...

Me: Push start

W: *pulls out her rewards card*

DumcustyMe: You have to push start first

W: *starts trying to shove her rewards card in the cash slot* Here?

Me: *pointing at start button* Push the button that says "start"

W: *pushes start*

Me: *pointing to scanner* Okay now you can scan your card here

W: Where?

Me: Here

W: scans card

Me: Okay now scan the blueberries (her only item)

W: scans blueberries and bags them somehow without any issues

Me: Now hit "pay for my order"

W: starts trying to put cash in the cash slot

Me: Hit the big red button on the screen

W: pushes "pay for my order"

Now the machine asks her to scan any coupons. There are two buttons on the screen, one saying "done" and the other saying "coupon problem". Hitting "done" takes you to the payment screen, and hitting "coupon problem" prompts you to give any coupons to me. It also locks up the register until I reset it from my terminal.

Dumbass18Me: Okay now push "done"

W: *keeps trying to put money in the cash slot* Why isn't it taking it?

Me: Push done

W: stares at screen

Me: Push done

W: ...

Me: Push done

W: ...

Me: Push done (about four or five more times)

W: presses "coupon problem"

Register: freezes up

W: Oh "done"!

So at this point I just can't do this anymore so I go to my terminal, clear her machine, and then go over to just do it for her. I push "done" and then "cash" and then point as close as possible, literally touching it, at the cash slot saying "okay now put your cash in here."

So finally she paid and left, leaving me to wonder how people like this even manage to get to our store.

-- en256




Self-Checkout Hell: None of them are taking cash but you can pay me


Jason 016

From  PmButtPics4ADrawing, Tales From Retail:

I man the self-checkouts where I work. If the machines run out of money inside them, they won't be able to give out change, so they won't accept cash. However, I have a till with money in it so customers can give me their cash and I'll give them the change. It seems simple but so many people have a hard time with this.

So on this particular day, all eight of our self checkout machines weren't accepting cash because reasons. An older couple comes up to one of the registers and pushes "start". A message pops up saying it doesn't take cash and asks if they want to proceed, and they hit "no" so it's safe to assume they're paying cash.

I call out to them saying "none of the registers are taking cash right now but you can just give your cash to me".

The lady turns around and says they'll just use a different register. So I repeat myself:

Me: "None of them are taking cash but you can pay me."

OL: "What about this one?" points to different register

Me: "None of them are taking cash but you can pay me."

OL: "not even this one?" points to register with the light off and "LANE CLOSED" in big red letters on the screen

Me: "None of them are taking cash but you can pay me."

OL: "So I can just pay you?"

Me: "Yes."

OL: "Oh okay"

cue self-inflicted gunshot

-- PmButtPics4ADrawing





Self Checkout Hell with a Dumbass Customer: "How come you didn't tell me that this wasn't working!?"



From FUNKYIMPACT, Tales From Retail:

I was on self checkout a few days ago.

One of the lanes had a bill jam the moment I opened it up, and after trying to get management to fix it, it just wouldn't work, so it's been closed all day.

I had a sign covering half the screen. Your typical "This lane is temporarily out of order" sign, with big bold letters.

The light was off. Smaller light was red. No people were using it. Even the screen wasn't on your usual start screen-- where instead it was the error screen.

Cue this lady. This one. Fucking. Lady.

She walked right up to it, set all her crap on the side, pressed the button... and the lane made a triple beep noise. When she realized it wasn't working, she turned to me and snipped "How come you didn't tell me that this wasn't working!?"

I... honestly, was stunned. I didn't say anything to her when she stormed off.

You know, I'm not obliged to tell you that it's not working. The signs were enough to do that for most customers. BUT I GUESS NOT.

She even called me a dumbass out loud ( ??????? ) but thankfully another customer witnessed what had happened, and immediately called out this old bitch and told her that she was rude.

Some people, my dudes.



Self Checkout Hell: Custy Says She Should Get a Discount For Doing It All Herself



From deena5, Tales From Retail:

So, I was working U-Scan at a pretty well known East coast grocery store. Now this lady comes into uscan with a cart full of groceries and they're mostly produce which means she needs to know the codes for them to ring it up.

After a while of her looking through the spindle for the codes she gets frustrated looking for the banana code. (LOL even the old people know it's 4011) anyways I'm just like "ma'am I'll do it for you if you just leave it on the scale."

She gives me the worst side eye, I'm thinking whatever she's probably new to the store.

Then after she's done ringing up her cucumbers she's all like "I should get a discount for doing it all by myself since you guys are SO understaffed."

I'm baffled. This lady is literally at U-SCAN with a cart full of produce and she needs a discount? As in U-scan yourself. I mean I don't mind helping people out but to demand a discount for doing something she should do by herself is just comical.

I don't even reply to her I just give her the usual retail smile and handed her the receipt.