Top Phrases Sexist Assholes Say to a Woman Working at a Home Improvement Store


Carolanne 054a

From Depot Demon, March 2009:

I get all kinds of custys at a certain home improvement store who loves the color orange, including the most sexist assholes you can think of.

I work in Lumber and Building materials, which involves lifting some heavy shit. If I can't lift it, I can't work in that department. However, male customers love trying to get the other male associates in the department instead of me.

Here are some examples of shit that has been said to me and some I've heard from other women:

"You shouldn't be working here, why aren't you cashiering like women should be? Leave it to the guys."Carolanne 052a

"You know, women shouldn't be working. You should be at home making your man dinner." (That one made me go WTF.)

"I got a bad back. Why don't you get one of the guys to lift this for me?"

"I'll go to the other store down the street. I don't want a girl to help me."

"Let me get a guy over here. You women don't really know what you're talking about"

"You know what? Let me get that guy to help me. He should know what he's talking about better than you."

"They must be desperate, if they're hiring girls"

This kind of thing happens all the time.

I love it when I'm the only one there, and I get to watch them suffer, or the look on their face when I lift something for them. It's like their world gets turned upside down! Muhaha!





Sexism In The Workplace: "You Can't Wear That!"


SexismFrom RHUer

I'm a woman, working in construction. Normally, if I was at a construction site, I would wear sturdy jeans and be totally covered.

One day, I just had to pick something up from the office trailer and didn't have to worry about getting messy, so I wore black jeans and a shirt with a very loose cut — it had a deep v-neck but didn't expose any cleavage. It was shaped in a way that implied that I had a feminine body, but I would not call it sexy.

I was working on something in the office trailer, and the construction manager in charge of the project said to me, "You can't wear that here. You shouldn't be wearing that here."

I said, "Yes, I should because it's what I wore. If I chose to wear it, then I should be wearing it. What I wear has nothing to do with my ability to do my job."

There was another female inspector in the office trailer at that time and she said, "Damn straight, you sexist pig!"

He was dumbfounded.

I guess it's easy to forget that I have a V instead of a D if I wear shapeless work clothes.



Pet Store Hell: I Trust A Man Over A Woman!


Pethell3From dumbpetstorecustomersjustpetstorethings

Male Customer: Can you show me where the calci sand is?

Me, a girl: Sure! But first can I ask what you’re going to keep on it?

Customer: a bearded dragon.

Me: Alright, unfortunately calci sand, and other loose substrates, have a history of causing impaction in reptiles. 

Customer: ?? What’s that??? 

Me: You know how when sand gets wet it clumps together? Imagine that happening inside your babies tummy! Then he can’t pass anything, and there’s a high risk of them dying. How about I show you some other substrate options? 

Customer: No, that’s wrong. The guy at the other petstore said calci sand was the best!

Me: … uh he might have been confused. I have a few reptiles at home and have done lots of research on this. I can recommend you to some forums, if you would like?

Customer: No! The man at the other store said this was a good option, and I trust him



Pet Store Hell: Casual Sexism Trips Them Up Every Time


Pethell2From dumbpetstorecustomersjustpetstorethings

I love when I ask customers in reptiles if they need any help and they begin to ask me a question, only for a male employee to walk behind me.

I get to watch the customer trip over themselves to get my male coworker’s attention and then ignore me to ask them for help instead.

It’s so funny listening to my coworker give a shaky explanation, followed by quickly looking to me and asking, “Does that sound right? You’re the reptile person.”

The look on the customer’s face is always the most beautiful mix of shame and regret. They never make eye contact again. 



Medical Screening Hell: "You must be her boss"


Carolanne 010aa

From crippled_bastard, Tales From Retail:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was a young soldier. I loved the army. I wanted to make it my career. I did it for a long time.

I got injured. I couldn't do the job I was trained on anymore. So I got out and looked for other jobs.

I do medical screening now. I'm older than everyone but two people in the entire building.

On to the story.

My immediate supervisor is 24. She's fairly young.

A person didn't like her vitals and insisted that my boss did them wrong. There was absolutely no way her blood pressure was that high. You don't know what you're doing.

That kind of horse shit.

I came back from a break and this woman points at me and goes "I want your boss doing it. Him! You! Show her how to do this".

I said, "Lady, she's my boss"

She goes "I don't have time for this. Read my vitals and deal with her after".

My boss kind of smiled and I took her seat. I ran vitals again, and got the same result. I said "Well, I got the same result. Unfortunately, I need a supervisor to sign off on a correction(Sort of true, but not really). Let me get my boss".

I stood up, and turned to her and said, "Hey, when you get a chance, can you confirm these corrections?"

She said "Yeah, I'm going to take a 10 minute break, but as soon as I get back, I'll knock that out."

"Sorry, Ma'am. I can't overrule my boss.





The Best of Workplace Harassment


 From Found Footage Fest: We've found a lot of sexual harassment awareness videos at thrift stores over the years and we've realized one thing: workplace harassment is no joke but community theater-level reenactments of workplace harassment are hilarious. Here's the best of what not to do.