Sexism In The Workplace: The Truth Behind 'Men's Body Wash' And 'Women's Body Wash'


Growing up, it was always blue toys for boys and pink toys for girls. Never mind that some girls like blue and there's no reason a boy shouldn't wear pink ... but I digress. Thankfully, after middle school, "boy stuff" and "girl stuff" isn't such a big deal, right? Ummm that's a big nope. I can't decide what's worse: that brands are making money off these tired gender stereotypes or that we keep buying into them.

 --The Checkout


Sexism In The Workplace: Imaginary Sexism


Sexism 1From Danceswithyorkies, TalesFromRetail

(From my days as a pet store cashier)

Customer: "Are all your dog groomers female?"

Me: "At this store, yes."

Customer: "I can't believe you people are so sexist forcing those poor women to work around dog hair all day."

Me: "They want to work in there, dog groomers make great money."

Customer: "If the money was so great it would be full of men! They must make nothing poor darlings, I bet they don't even get lunch breaks."

Customer leaves, almost in tears over imaginary sexism.

The groomers made more than some managers and got an hour lunch. The only reason there's no men is because none apply. Your average guy doesn't want to spend his day fluffing up poodles and tying bows on yorkie ponytails I guess.



Auto and sexist hell: Wonder why those fuses keep blowing?


Carolanne 010aa

From Happiny:

 I work at an auto parts store, where we get our share of customers who refuse to believe that a little old lady (me) could possibly know anything about car parts. 
Among the most common items that DIYers buy are automotive light bulbs, and we carry a good selection of them. Some bulbs that look identical have different wattages and should not be interchanged. That's why the POS terminal provides a lookup by year/make/model/sub-model/etc. to pinpoint the exact item that each customer needs. 
Custy comes in with a bayonet-mount taillight bulb. He showed me that the bulb looked slightly blackened, even though the filaments didn't seem to be broken. "I might as well replace the bulb, because the fuse keeps blowing."
I offered to look up the correct taillight bulb for his vehicle, but he declined any assistance. Instead, he picked out a 2-pack of bulbs, based solely on similarity of appearance, and brought it to my till.
Me: "Are you sure that this is the right wattage? Would you like me to look it up just to make sure?"
Customer: "No, this is just a standard taillight bulb. It should work. No need to look it up."
Me: "..."





Sexism In The Workplace: I Want My Batteries To Be Changed By A Man


Sexism 4From Shadowglove, TalesFromRetail

I work in a store that sells everything from home appliances, office materials to heavier tools and such. Just about everything. And my coworkers is 50/50 males and females.

A woman came up to me yesterday. She needed help with changing a battery. But she was clearly not happy with my service, ohoo no, she asked if there wasn't a man there that could help her. A MAN. Because obviously this woman was still living in the 40's. Nope, she wanted a MAN instead of me because a WOMAN was clearly not competent enough to change a goddamn battery.

And she doesn't give up! No, twice, twice, she asks me if there isn't a MAN that could do this. Why does she need a MAN to change her damn batteries!? This pisses me off.

When I'm approached with sexism like this I get insulted. I don't care how grumpy or mad or annoying you are, if you have the nerves to insult me by doubting my services because I don't own a DICK I will personally classify you as the biggest asshole customer ever.

It's like if you're a guy and you work as a chef and the customer doesn't want your food because you're not a woman!

People are fucking incredible sometimes.



Sexism In The Workplace: You Don't Know What Sexism Is, Son, Now STFU


Sexism 3From confusionhysterical, TalesFromRetail

I used to work as an assistant manager for a well known international clothing store. Some of our locations carry all departments and some smaller locations only carry women's clothing. My old store had been one of them up until fairly recently when we had a very small men's section installed.

After the very tiny men's department debuted many men would ask me why we didn't have the whole men's line. My go to answer was that we didn't have a large enough location and that hopefully we would be renovating and expanding soon. Most men were okay with this answer.

However, one evening this young entitled jerk (from here on in to be known as YEJ) decided to have it out with me because we didn't carry the whole men's line. The exchange went something like this:

(Young entitled jerk is approximately 17-19 years old and looks and sounds like he could be a Jersey Shore cast member. The scent of Axe body spray trailed him wherever he went. His hair had so much gel in it it should have been registered as a deadly weapon. For the full effect, his part is best read in a thick Jersey accent.)

YEJ: I don't get why you don't got all the men's stuff.

Me: (in my most cordial and understanding tone) I'm sorry sir, we're simply not a big enough store to carry all of our men's merchandise. But if you would like you can find our complete men's line at our other locations. (I listed our three closest locations for him and provided the addresses.)

Freddy Fuck youYEJ: Yeah, well, I think this is outrageous!

Me: Again, I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience this caused you.

(He walks away and goes back to the men's section. A few minutes later he is at my register and I am ringing him up for a t shirt.)

YEJ: You know, it's really awful you don't got all the men's stuff.

(By this time my patience is wearing incredibly thin.)

Me: I already apologized. There is really nothing I can do about that though. The items we are allocated is decided by people higher up than I am.

YEJ: It's sexist!

(Now, I am a feminist and I lack a filter, especially when it comes to persistent idiots. The latter is one of the myriad reasons I can not work with the public anymore and now work with animals.)

Me: Sir, when your reproductive rights are debated on a daily basis, then you can come talk to me about sexism. But they're not. So for now, you can take your t-shirt and leave. And if you want to see our full men's collection you can go to our other locations.

(Young Entitled Jerk just stands there, mouth agape. He has no quick come back for me.)

Me: Have a great night! (I smiled, handed him his bag, and waved him off.)



Sexism In The Workplace: Gender Discrimination And A Wrongful Write Up


Sexism 2From RedHeadedBug, TalesFromRetail

I very rarely get complaints on me and it has been more than two years since someone was so unsatisfied with my help that they actually called corporate on me but that all changed last week.

I had been going around the dog food section of the store facing the cans and smaller bags when an older man, maybe in his 60's, walked up and asked if he could get someone to help him get a 30lb bag of dog food up to the front. He did not have a cart with him so I told him that I would be happy to help.

I grabbed his chosen bag and walked up to the front with him. Nothing really seemed amiss. I made small talk, asked about what kind of dog he had, chatted about the weather (because anything below 70 in Florida is worth talking about). I helped him out to his car, thanked him for his patronage to our store and went about my day. All seemed well.

Yesterday, however, I get called into the office where my GM is waiting to speak to me. She tells me we have a huge complaint on me and that it has gone up to our DM and that I am to receive a write-up as per his orders.

Apparently I was expected to have gone and gotten one of our male associates to help this guy. I "insulted and humiliated" this customer by grabbing the bag myself. He said in his complaint that it was totally unacceptable for a "little girl" to lift those bags and that I was obviously trying to make him look like a weak old man in front of other customers.

I was so mad about this because I got the write up (which I refused to sign because all I was doing was my job) and had to have a "counseling session" with our GM and ASM about how to properly respect our customers.

When I was hired I had to prove that I could lift and carry 50lbs if I wanted to work on the floor for this exact reason. Floor associates have to be able to help customers with bags and boxes that they would not be able to lift themselves.

I was never once rude to this man, never once mentioned anything about how he needed help with the bag. I did my utmost to provide the best customer service to him and followed the store's stupid ass "GUEST+" model of customer service. I did everything right and I was still getting in trouble over it. And my GM and ASM never once said that it was a shit complaint. They just kept going over and over how I need to be more aware of customer sensitivities and how it really is reasonable that an older man would not want lifting help from a 5 foot tall "little girl".

Carolanne bookSo sorry, sir, that I did my damned job and even helped you out to your car.

I then made a call to my HR department. The moment the phrase "gender discrimination" and "sexism" came into the conversation I was transferred to a "supervisor". They seemed very sympathetic and more than a little bit worried about legal trouble over this. I have gotten a copy of the write up that I now have at home.

Today, or I suppose yesterday as it is well past midnight now, I got a call back into the office to speak with our DM on the phone.

What had apparently happened, and was misinterpreted by my GM, was that the complaint was forwarded to him and he just forwarded it to our store. He had never actually read what the complaint was outside of "customer was humiliated and insulted" so he wanted immediate action taken. Still really shitty response but it is what it is.

He apologized to me profusely for several minutes before telling me that the write-up was to be rescinded and that no disciplinary action would be on my employment file for this. I have to say I am still feeling all warm and fuzzy several hours after listening to him eat crow over this. He is normally such a jerk. It was lovely.

I did make a point to tell the DM that my managers shouldn't be punished for following his direction. This was me unashamedly covering of my own ass. I need this job and I won't have them thinking I was trying to get them in trouble despite the fact that if it hadn't been handled the way it was, I would have done my best to crucify them. I will fully recognize and acknowledge that it was an act to mollify my managers.

My ASM and GM have both apologized to me as well. HR must have jumped right on this because I really wasn't expecting to hear anything about it for a few weeks yet. I did tell them that I understood their need to write me up after a direct e-mail from the DM but that I was hurt that I was chastised for going my job.

JUSTICE SERVED 2ASM told me that she understood how I felt and that she would feel the same way, though the GM didn't seem to have much to say about it at all outside of being sorry that all this happened. I still think they should have told me it was a shit complaint when they talked to me the first time but it has happened so I'm letting it go.

I will give my own apology to those who likely wanted me to fight this harder than I did and for leaving it at this. I got the outcome I really wanted. An admission of wrongdoing and an apology. I have a two year old who is growing faster than I can keep clothes on her and I need to be able to support her. As much as I hate my company, I need this job and I really can't afford to piss off the people who make my schedule.

They have back tracked so quickly and I am feeling some serious righteous vindication. This had actually turned out so much better than I thought it would. Thank you again to all of you.