A Poem About Working in a Shoe Store



From u/CrossBreedP  Tales From Retail:

Lowly Retail Worker
$8.00 an hour
Lady wants a shoe
Display pair is the only pair left

She wants a discount for the display
She YELLS at the
Lowly Retail Worker
$8.00 an hour
For not giving her a coupon

She tries on the shoes without socks
Black insoles
She has dry feet
Like the Sahara desert
And Flaky
Like delicate disgusting pastry
She takes the shoe off her foot
Sounds like velcro
$8.00 an hour

The shoes are dirty now with her foot dandruff
She wants a discount for dirty shoes
She YELLS at the
Lowly Retail Worker
$8.00 an hour
For not giving her a coupon

She demands the inside of the shoes be cleaned
So Lowly Retail Worker does
Bitch ass Lowly Retail Worker
8 motherfucking dollars an HOUR
Does what it is told

She didn't buy the shoes.





Bitch Encounter at a Shoe Store



From mrs_hallowed, Tales From Retail:

This lady comes in to my store looking for a pair of Alegria shoes. The ones she wants are on sale in store because we don't want to carry that print/style anymore.

So I tell her how much they would be after 25% off the clearance price. Find out we don't have her size in store, and I told her we can order them, but they would be regular price because online was not trying to get rid of them, they're only the sale price if you get them of our shelf in the store.

She proceeds to act like a 3 year old (mind you, she's probably in her mid to late 40s), and says that her friend came in and got some for the sale price. She probably got them from the store.

I got tired of going back and forth her so I said, "fine, I'll do it."

Tell her the price again and she says okay and walks out of the store, gets in her car and drives away.

Bye bitch.








Easter Tales: My internet at home isn't working!!!


Jason2 035

From christina_waitforit, Tales From Retail:

I started working in retail about two months ago and had my first encounter with someone rude. Let's call him Angy old man (=AOM)

The shop I work in sells mostly hiking clothes. It's a casual Friday when AOM storms in to the store.

Me: "Welcome, can I help you?"

AOM: "I want to speak to Mrs. Manager! She never called me about the hiking pants!!!"

Me: "I'm sorry about that, but Mrs. Manager isn't here today. Is there anything I can help you with?"


Me: "Sorry, but there wasn't any note about that in our system. Let me show you what zipp off pants we have."

This goes back and forth. He is unhappy that not all of our hiking pants are zipp off pants and tells me that this is not acceptable. He still wants a pair, but has a voucher at home he forgot to bring. He tells me he will come back another time.

Me: "Just a little reminder, we have an Easter-special today and tomorrow, and I could give you a 15%-Discount if you come back tomorrow."

AOM (now really angry): "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT????!!!!"

Me: "There are signs in our store and if you signed up for our newsletter, you also got this information via email."


After that he stormed off. Unfortunately he came back today, asking where my manager was. She's on vacation, so I told him this. His answer was "Why didn't you tell me this yesterday?????" Ah maybe because you didn't ask?






Monstrous Customers: Sole Destroying...



From  alicemelinda, Tales From Retail:

I’m a senior supervisor in a popular ‘adventure wear’ store in the UK. Most of our customers are reasonable humans, few are not. Monday afternoon my manager and I were finishing off a new display at the front of the store when a lady in her mid 60’s came in and approached us. She started the conversation saying “I’m not happy”, which we all know is going to turn out great... She explains she bought a pair of walking trainers from us at the beginning of last summer and that she wore them almost every day with no problem but now (almost 10 months after purchasing) the sole was peeling away from the front part of the shoe.

As my manager inspected the shoe I asked a few simple questions regarding the care of the shoe- ie how was she drying them if they got wet (if wet shoes are placed in an airing cupboard or under a radiator it can damage the glue- always best to dry naturally) to which she said they didn’t get wet. Sure. My manager explained to the lady that the shoes were ‘very well worn’ and that was apparent due to the tread on the bottom of the shoes being nearly worn flat. Because of this there wouldn’t be anything we could do as the shoes had obviously been worn out, simple as that.

The customer said this was “RIDICULOUS” so I said I would fetch a display pair of the same shoe to show her the comparison... At this point the lady declared very loudly “THIS IS APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN” and “THIS WILL GO DOWN WELL ON SOCIAL MEDIA” Er, yeah bye then!!

Who really thinks they can wear things for 10 months then bring them back?!

-- alicemelinda





Shoe Store Hell: People are awake now



From  notakhaleesi, Tales From Retail:

So today this happened; We have some shoes from the winter collection that are on discount. So this lady calls me to ask the price. She will be C, I will me ME.

C: Hello, I'd like to ask how much is this black high heel shoe from your winter collection. I saw it online 85€ and I want to ask for your price

Me: Hello ma'am, the black one with the spikes? That would be 140€

C: But I saw online it is 85. Such a shame, you should be more careful. People are awake now and they buy online. Why such a difference?

Me: Each store carries its own policies. Of course you should buy online if it's your best interest. Have a nice day.

I check online for this very pair of shoes. Of course, I find nothing since it is out of stock. I only came up with the same, but in green color. She wanted black, but from the photo, you couldn't tell it's green and not black.

So now, I hope she sits in her living room, with her green shoes on her lap, thinking about all her life mistakes.

TL;DR Customer being upset over a price of a shoe we carried, that she thought she found online much cheaper, but was different color from ours, eventually.

-- notakhaleesi