Retail Hell Memories: "I didn't serve 11 years not to be called sir!"


Jason 001

From Kambz22, Tales From Retail:

I worked retail for a 2nd rate sporting goods store in a bad town. We got all sorts of characters in there. I was used to it.

One day we were busy and I was running around like mad. And older guy came up to me with a pair of shoes:

Guy: Can I get some help?

Me: Sure, what size do you need? (Assuming that's what he was looking for)

Guy: How dare you not call me sir!? I served 11 years in the military and deserve respect!

Now, sure I respect everyone, even military. But you can't just go around yelling at people like that. I usually try to throw in sir/mam when talking, but it was a mad house and I going nuts trying to serve everyone, I didn't think of it.

I just stood there for a second. Confused.

Me: What size did you say? (Making sure not to say sir)

I get his shoe and he's trying it on. During this, he starts talking to me about life, what I'll be doing in the future, etc. I think he realized how irrational he was being by yelling at me. He seemed like a nice guy when the dust settled. After the small talk and he gets his size:

Me: Have a good day, SIR.

He just smiles and says you too and walks away.

He started frequenting to the store, and I always made sure to say sir to him, and provided him with good service.

Respect is a 2 way street, and screaming at me is not respectful, no matter your occupation or what you have done.






Dumbass Discount Rats: Sporting Goods Store Customers Can't Seem To Read Signs Correctly



From  FoUfCfK, Tales From Retail:

I work at a used sporting goods store that sells used weights (plates or dumbbells). There are clearly marked signs that tell you that used weight is $.70 per pound. Each weight also has a tag on it that reads "Used Dumbbell $.70/ lb". If that's too confusing for you we have also printed multiple signs that tell you how much each increment of weight will be in dollars ($7 for a 10lb dumbbell).

This should be pretty straight forward, and for most people it is. At least once a day though we get some genius that has never been to a produce aisle that brings up a hundred pounds of weight, says sarcastically with a big chuckle "I'm getting away cheap today!" Thinking their total is going to be something like $2.80 for their 4 dumbbells and then I tell them it's $70 plus tax and they look at me dumbfounded. Some people even have the balls to tell me the sign is misleading, when in fact it's that they just aren't reading.

I'm sure most grocery store employees have dealt with this phenomenon before. But do people really think a 50lb dumbbell is the same price as a 5lb one?





Dumbass Custy Hell: Gloves According To Shoe Size


Carolanne Shoot MeFrom skinneejeans, TalesFromRetail

I work at a large sporting goods store in the Midwest selling coats, gloves etc. during the winter and bikes during the summer. Tonight while I was chatting with my coworker an older woman came up to us and asked if we could help her find some gloves I told her no problem and asked what she was looking for.

Lady: "Does WellKnownHighEndOuterwearBrand make any gloves?"

Me: "Yep! Right over here."

I show her where they are while asking myself how she even questioned that that company didn't make gloves. I then asked if she wanted an everyday glove or heavy outdoor use glove.

She responded with "an everyday heavy glove," which doesn't make sense in itself but after a few more questions I figured out she wants a glove for scooping snow and such. So I get her a good pair and have her try them on. I can tell right away they're a good fit and she then asks me the most confusing question I've ever gotten.

Lady: "So what sizes do these come in? I mean I know it comes in small, medium, large but don't you normally buy gloves according to your shoe size?"

I hope my face didn't show the look of confusion that I felt. That's like buying a type of hat according to the day of the week it is. I paused and then responded "Uhhhhhh no... normally you just get whatever fits your hand best."

She then said, "Ahhhh whatever fits best. I see, I see."

She tried the next size up and then a different style and decided on the first pair I handed her. I thanked her walked straight to the back room to tell my coworkers what I just experienced and they all were equally as confused. We laughed, I made some commission, it was great. She was a sweet and hip old lady but just asked the dumbest thing I've ever heard.