When Bad Custys Act Up in This Hosiery Dept...


 This was one of the first reader photos to grace the Underground, sent in by Leyla in 2008.

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Fitting Room Signage for Piggy People



From Hiedi, June, 2010:

Here we have a "real" fitting room sign! (unlike the fantasy ones on RHU) Hiedi spotted this one:

I took my son out today to buy new pants (silly boy has grown 7 inches in like 3 months) and I saw this notice outside the fitting rooms.

I asked which retail slave came up with the sign. When the gal who posted this sign came forward, I said "As a former fitting room slave, can I hug you?" 

We did, and there was a level of understanding and respect between us only retail slaves forced to clean up bodily fluids from fitting rooms could understand.


and here is the fantasy fitting room sign Hiedi was mentioning...


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