Retail Hell Memories: Perfecting The Teacher Voice



From  EllieD0113, Tales From Retail:

Back in late September, a customer came into the store, wanting to know if we could fix his bracelet. He had tried sizing it down himself and had lost a few key pieces, but we told him we’d see what we could do and he left.

After trying my hand at it, my manager and I decided it couldn’t be done, and because that particular bracelet was no longer in stock, the customer agreed to come back and choose another one.

Well, fast forward one month, then two, then four, and six, and finally seven months and here we are - late April, this past Thursday. We’ve texted this guy, we’ve left him multiple voicemails, all to no avail. Finally, I decide I’m going to call him again and if another month goes by, I’m getting rid of the bracelet.

So I call him and it goes to voicemail. I leave a message, and after hanging up, my co-worker responds, “Wow, you sounded really stern.”

“That’s my teacher voice,” I replied. “Gotta perfect it since I’ll be teaching in the fall.”

Guess who finally showed up yesterday to take care of his order.

-- EllieD0113






Crazy Coworkers: Teach Silently!


2 Coworker HellFrom rhetoricjamsAskReddit

I taught in a "common area" class which had offices stemming from it. It was an ESoL (English Speakers of Other Languages) class. It involved a lot of participation, discussion, scripts, and repeating after the teacher. I would bring my guitar and we would practice singing songs they chose.

There was a teacher who taught a small computer class in the opposite corner of the area. He was in a computer lab which was separate/in its own room. He repeatedly asked our class to be quiet, which I tried my best, but his class had headphone access and it seemed more so that we were annoying him than his students. I tried to be cordial. He verbally attacked me in front of my class and barked that we be more quiet.

I approached him privately and said if we're doing something specific, please approach me after or before class about it. I said that I wouldn't do the same thing to him while he was teaching/moderating computer access. I informed my boss after the 2nd or 3rd incident.

He was let go from the job after exploding in a public email to every worker. He insulted the boss and used pretty foul language.

After he was fired, he threatened to come to the school and harm his superiors/coworkers. We were on lockdown/heightened security for about a week following it. I believe he had some sort of issues and I hope he's gotten better, but he never did follow through with that threat and we continued to sing our songs as a class.