Retail Hell Memories: Biker Bitch Loses


Carolanne 069

From SusieManyHats:

I worked at a horseback trail riding facility in a touristy area for several years, and oh boy, do I have some bad customer stories.  Here’s one that cracks me up to this day.  
We would take people on half day and full day rides.  All rides needed a reservation and a 50% non-refundable deposit if they cancelled less than 72 hours prior.   I worked mostly in the office, answering calls and booking rides, but I worked in all parts of the business as needed.   We were basically a working horse farm, and the profit margin was super low so everyone who worked there just did whatever needed done.   
Anyway, it was almost always just me in the office or rarely, one of the owners.   (They weren’t slacking off, just multitasking like one has to do on a farm.).  So I get this call from woman who wants to book a half day ride for her and her five friends who will all be visiting the area as part of their motorcycle club.   I book it and before I take her credit card information, I go over the fact that the deposit is absolutely non-refundable 72 hours prior to the ride.   I explained that we ride rain or shine, we never make exceptions for weather unless it’s dangerous to be out and in that case they would be contacted and we would refund.   She assures me that her and her friends are tough as nails bikers and they’ll be there.   So I take the deposit and schedule.   I reiterate the rules (ride rain or shine, they have to wear closed shoes, we have a weight limit, etc).  I follow this up with an email that outlines the same AND a letter snail mailed to the person who booked the trip.  This was standard procedure for all bookings.  
So the morning of the ride rolls around and the staff gathers and grooms about a three times as many horses as needed (we matched horses with riders experience and body size, so we needed options for this many folks).  It’s off and on drizzle, but warm, no lightening, mild winds.   And then they wait......
For the “tough as nails” biker ladies, who never show.   Staff informs me of their wasted morning, turn the horses back out and go back to farm work.  
Five or six days later, I get a phone call.   BB is biker bitch,  I’m me.   
Me:  Hello, riding facility, how can I help you?  
BB:  Yeah, I need to cancel a ride I had booked and get my deposit back.
Me:  (Not yet knowing this was BB). I’m happy to look into that for you, when is your ride booked for?
Carolanne 027BB:  oh it was last week.  
Me:   (Now I know damn well who it is).  I’m sorry, but as I explained over the phone, we can only refund deposits 72 hours prior to the ride.  You didn’t call or show up, so you forfeited your deposit.  
BB:   Oh, I didn’t talk to you.  The lady I talked to said if it was raining not to show up.
(Absolutely no one who works here said that.  NO ONE. )
Me:  I know you talked to me as I have everything documented.  And the staff informed me you were a no show that morning and I took your booking.   I cant refund your deposit.  I verbally informed you, emailed and snail mailed a letter to your house stating we ride rain or shine.   
BB:  well, I didn’t think that counted if it was REALLY raining!!  I need my deposit back, it’s a lot of money!  
Yeah, well so is keeping 40 horses year round, plus horseshoes, medication, feed, vet bills, payroll, taxes and a myriad of other things that we have to pay for.  Seriously, there is almost no profit margin in this business if you do it right.   I think this but don’t say it.   
Me:  (Getting fed up now, and more than a little annoyed). Ma’am, if you even would have called the morning of the ride, I would have tried to work with you.  But as it happened, you just didn’t show up and the staff did  We had to pay staff for a completely wasted morning.  I can’t refund your deposit six days after the fact.   
BB:  This is INEXCUSABLE!  And you are the RUDEST, WORST customer service person I have ever talked to!  I’m going to tell everyone I know never to do business with you.  
Me:  I’m sorry you feel that way.  
BB:  you know what, fuck you.  I’m going to call my credit card company and dispute the charge!    (Hangs up on me). 
And she did, so the credit card company contacted me.  Unfortunately for BB, I meticulously document things and was able to produce the email that proved she knew the rules.
We kept the deposit.  



Mistaken Identity: I don't work here, I'm just a (pretend) student!



From uglybug1,  I Don't Work Here Lady:

Last summer, my brother and I went to Universal Studios Hollywood, and let me tell you, when it comes to fandoms, I go pretty hard. I'm a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan, and I came to the park fully prepared. I had the whole uniform: pleated black skirt, black tights, button up shirt, and of course, Ravenclaw tie and robe (yeah, in the middle of a California summer, like I said, I go hard).

So my brother and I have been going through the single rider line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey for about an hour, just riding it as many times as we can. I've been getting compliments on my outfit all day long and I'm feeling pretty incredible being inside Hogwarts and all that. Suddenly, as I'm about to board the ride for the 6th time in a row, one of the workers (who are all also dressed like students) takes my arm and pulls me out of the way. I figured I'd accidentally boarded at the wrong time or something and he was just keeping me aside to board with a different group.

Him: "Hey, what are you supposed to be doing??"

Me: "Oh sorry! I thought this was the single rider line!"

Him: "Are you new here or something? Who sent you over here? Who's supervising you?"

I'm autistic so somebody I don't know touching me and speaking harshly at me is basically a nightmare. I go nonverbal in stressful situations so I was pretty much just staring at him silently for what felt like forever. I just wanted to get out of here and find my brother so I start stuttering some nonsense along the lines of "I don't know whats happening"

Him: "You don't KNOW???"

At this point I think he noticed I was wearing a skirt instead of pants like the rest of the female workers, and his face completely fell.

Him: "Oh my god, are you a guest?"

I just nod.

Him: "Oh my god I thought you worked here because your costume is so amazing. I am so sorry I yelled at you oh my god! Are you here with anyone?"

I told him I was here with my brother and he helped me find him and kept apologizing the whole time. I actually ended up being mistaken for a worker by 2 other guests by the end of the day so I guess my costume was really accurate!






Theme Park Ride Operator Memories: Unexpected Parent



From Tired Mom:

I was a ride operator at a local theme park in one of the kiddie areas in Ohio and I had rotated to the train. Normally I get parents yelling at me for not fitting into the car (like I can magically extend the leg room) had one 7 year old want to sit on the outside metal gate on the caboose. It had no seatbelt and I said no. She said that's stupid like she was the most entitled hellspawn in the world.

Anyway after that abuse in the half hour I was on the hour rotation and unbuckling seats. Next group comes in and I start checking buckles and didn't see a kid (he was about 3 or 4) run in front of the train. I had not locked the gates yet and the parent runs into the ride area, grabs her kid, and then yells at me.... talk to him! 

I was shocked and speechless...

Usually I'm the one getting told off for telling kids off, this was actually refreshing.

I told him if I would have taken him to see the logo on the front if he asked, and if I hadn't seen him he would have been hit.

Only parent ever to parent at the park. It made my day and showed me faith in humanity..

At least till the next shift...

--Tired Mom