Mistaken Identity: I didn't know Uber Drivers got uniforms



From JaeS26, I Don't Work Here Lady:

This story took place last weekend on Sunday morning. I got a graveyard shift job at a gas station after I graduated College since I needed the money really bad.

So I just clocked out of work and got into my car and was about to leave the lot went suddenly a randomly lady walk in front of my car. The lady stood in front of my car and looked at me for a few second then she ran to my passenger side of my car and tried opening the door. This was the conversation between me and the Random Lady

Me: Yo what the fuck you doing, get the fuck away from my car. Random Lady: Excuse me Mr, that not a way you suppose to talk to a customer. Me beyond confuse because I just clocked 5 minutes ago so I'm not working right now Me: Customer? Lady I'm not working right now. And get the fuck away from the door. * Lady clearly wasn't taking that answer* Random Lady: YES I am your customer! You are suppose to drive me to this location. Me: Do I look like your Uber or something! Why da fuck should I give a ride to you. Random Lady: YES YOU ARE MY UBER DRIVER! It says on my phone. I actually look at her phone, now her "driver" has a full blown beard that looks like he haven't shaved since the beginning of November Me: Lady do I look like I got a fucking forest on my face and drive a Prius??? (her driver's car is a Prius ) Lady looks at me and her phone several time Random Lady: Well you are wearing their uniform I got confused. Me: What the fuck are you saying? My uniform in bright orange says "76 gas station" Random Lady: Well you should give a lady a ride its very cold and wet out here.

After she said that, without saying anything I got back into my car, reverse my car and left in a different entrance. I wasn't in the mood to waste more of my time to random nobody.

TLDR; lady assume I'm her Uber driver because my uniform and try to get a free ride to her destination because she doesn't have the patience to wait for her Uber driver.




Slow Moving Swan Hilariously Holds Up Commuter Train


From Tastefully Offensive:

While waiting for his train at the Kingston railway station in London, England, YouTube user Arracara filmed this amusing video of a cheeky swan singlehandedly bringing traffic to a stop when the stubborn bird decided to take a morning stroll on the tracks
"Despite attempts to shoo it away, the bugger was receiving statutory protection from the Queen herself and took full advantage of this fact. 45 minutes of strutting, screaming and smirking later, the trains finally started moving again!"
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